Malicious Mobile Apps

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#smallbiz #SMB on #technology #security #liberteks …

#smallbiz #SMB on #technology #security #liberteks

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  • 1. Malicious Mobile Apps A Growing Threat in 2013 and Beyond The workplace technology landscape has changed dramatically over the past five years, and the security threats have changed along with it. Here are the growing factors that IT professionals can't afford to ignore: More mobile devices are accessing networks than ever before of SMBs support tablets and/or smartphones for their company The types of mobile devices accessing networks vary 66% 54% BYOD Personal/guest mobile devices 92% 83% 51% 51% iOS Android BlackBerry Windows 76% The number believe of Mobile Devices They Support will INCREASE 12 MONTHS in the next Malicious Mobile Apps (MMAs) are reaching critical mass 2012 58% in mobile malware families increased to account for 59% of all mobile malware What does mobile malware do? 32% 15% steal information 13% track user 8% send content reconfigure device RESEARCH HAS FOUND THAT: 12% of all Android apps are truly malicious, & free apps are a target. 79% of the top 50 free iOS & Android apps are associated with risky behaviors or privacy issues. 73% 24% of IT pros are not notified when a mobile device has been rooted. of mobile phones on corporate networks are jailbroken. MMAs are also found through legitimate app stores like IT PROS 73% 25% of IT pros believe their security solution is not very or not at all effective at protecting against MMAs of IT pros believe MMAs are not a very big or not a threat at all to their company 28% ? 30% x of IT pros are not very or not at all familiar with MMAs of IT pros believe there will be more mobile threats to their network in the next 12 months Find out the truth behind MMAs and how to protect your network from mobile app threats. View the ATTACk of the mobile apps webinar from webroot Sources: Voice of IT Survey on Malicious Mobile Apps (Spiceworks, May, 2013) Internet Security Threat Report - 2013 (Symantec, April 2013) February App Reputation Report – (Appthority, February 2013) Webroot Research View now!