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Cit, p&s, sm albany   you are your brand - 071712
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Cit, p&s, sm albany you are your brand - 071712


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. YOU Are Your BrandsmAlbany 2012Small Business Expo Dr. Thomas J. Denham © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 2. Advice90% of what you hear today will be lost in30 days, therefore please TAKE NOTES.Please Ask Questions! Careers In Transition LLC © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 3. What is a brand?Creates an image or mental picture forsomeone when they think about you orsomething associated with youWhat comes to mind when someone sees orhears your name, product, service or logoPublic imageHow you’re perceived and rememberedDeveloped anytime someone has aninteraction with youEssential to your success © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 4. Recognizable Brands © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 5. “Your good reputation, once createdis invaluable. Once damaged, it cansometimes be repaired. But onceruined, it is irretrievable. Yourreputation is all you have, my motheruse to say. Your reputation is whatpeople think of you.” - Jan Smith, Principal of Castle Rock Ranch © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 6. What Comes to MindWhen You Think of Them? © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 7. When it comes to yourprofessional image, what do people think of YOU? © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 8. CEO of YOUWhat messages are you sending out by how you are running your “company?”You convey an image – what do you stand for, what do want people to believe about you and what message do you want to send to others? © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 9. Stop and Ask Yourself“What things do I do way better than otherpeople?”“In what area do I want to be known as a SME?”Match your V.I.P.S. to the future you wantValues, Interests, Personality Traits and Skills“What is my brand now?” © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 10. How to Build Your BrandReal Networking – High Touch Who do I know? Who knows me? Do they know what I do? Do they know what I want? Givers Get © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 11. How to Build Your BrandSocial Networking – High TechYour online reputation IS your reputation!Create It, Build It, Promote It and Protect ItLinkedIn, Facebook and TwitterNot a FadRide the Wave or Get Crushed By It © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 12. Discussion What are some ways tocreate, build, promote and protect your brand? © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 13. TOMAGoal: Create Top Of Mind AwarenessWhen your audience thinks of your areaof expertise, you are the very first personthey think ofBrand management never stopsHold yourself accountable: “What am I going to do TODAY to build my brand?” © Careers In Transition LLC
  • 14. Thank You!!!Dr.