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Judy And Larry In The Caribbean
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Judy And Larry In The Caribbean



Pictures of our trips to Jamaica and the Dominican republic.

Pictures of our trips to Jamaica and the Dominican republic.



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    Judy And Larry In The Caribbean Judy And Larry In The Caribbean Presentation Transcript

    • Judy and Larry in the Caribbean
    • Larry: Sandals Inn Montego Bay, Jamaica 2003
    • Our first bartender in Jamaica. Couple in background not too happy – going home tomorrow
    • This and the next picture are portions of Dunn’s River Falls Dunn’s Falls
    • This and the following picture are of us in two of the small pools while climbing up the falls- which takes about an hour and a half
    • Judy on the beach
    • Larry waiting for the ski boat
    • Made it up out of the water
    • Convenient swim-up bar
    • Some unhappy people on their way back home
    • Judy getting Jamaica braids to show off back in St. Louis
    • Couples Resorts Negril, Jamaica 2005
    • Main dining room at Couples
    • The birds come looking for scraps after the diners have left
    • Larry singing “ Pretty Woman” with a Reggae band
    • We spent a lot of time at this bar on the beach
    • View from the balcony of our room
    • Beach grill where we ate most of our lunches rather than going to the main dining room
    • Rather neat looking sunset right before supper on the beach.
    • Swedish couple we met at the piano bar
    • Swedish man getting a little frisky with his wife
    • Swedish woman with us
    • Who do you think he looks like
    • Great view. Wonder what the girls are looking at
    • Fairly typical scene in towns along the roads
    • Yes, they drive on the wrong side of the road in Jamaica
    • Some of the souvenir shops you see wherever you go. I think they have about ten craftsmen in Jamaica. Everywhere you go you see the exact same souvenirs.
    • Point Village Negril, Jamaica 2006 & 2007
    • Sunrise at 30,000 feet
    • Entrance to Point Village
    • This and the next 9 pictures are of the grounds at Point Village and some of the buildings where rooms are located
    • Foreground is the beach that the children are allowed on. We didn’t spend any time at this beach . Background is the bar and grill where we spent much of our time when not on the other beach
    • View from the bar and grill of the beach where children are allowed
    • Pool, where we also didn’t spend any time
    • The clothing optional beach where we spent most of our time
    • Dining room
    • Weird growing tree
    • Some stump carving art
    • More stump carving and Ann from England
    • Rock pool where the water flows in from, and back out to the Caribbean sea
    • Another rock pool
    • Small cave by the rock pools
    • This, and next few slides are some examples of watermelon carving art
    • Italian couple we met
    • Italian woman and Judy
    • People going out on glass bottom boat
    • Seaside bar and grill as seen from glass bottom boat
    • Fish feeding on food thrown from glass bottom boat
    • This is called Brain Coral This and next 2 pictures taken through bottom of boat
    • Picture of people sailing
    • Picture of stingray about ten feet off shore
    • Another (less colorful) stingray about 2 feet away
    • Father and son?
    • Judy ordering drink at bar & grill. Don’t know who the gal in green bathing suit is
    • Judy says this crab is red because it is about to lose its present shell and start growing a new one .
    • A couple parasailing
    • Picture Judy took of Larry taking pictures while we were parasailing. Next 6 pictures were taken while we were parasailing.
    • Picture of Point Village from parasail Beach we didn’t spend any time at Seaside bar and grill Clothing optional beach Dining room
    • Dining under the stars on the beach
    • Couple from England (Ann and Steve) we spent a lot of time with
    • Us
    • View from Rick’s Cafe, where we went to watch the sun set
    • Diver about 30 feet above us
    • Same diver going in water about 30 feet below us
    • Everybody waiting for the sunset
    • Beginning of sunset
    • 2 seconds before sunset
    • 2 seconds after sunset
    • Punta Cana Princess Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2008
    • Punta Cana Airport Baggage Claim Welcome Band “ Buses” To Resort Looking For Buses
    • Pictures taken in lobby and lobby bar Registration desk Some artwork on the lobby bar wall Couple from Ukraine Couple from Canada
    • Our Room View Of Room From Door View Of Room From Patio View Of Pool From Patio View of Our Patio From Pool
    • Grounds of resort Buildings where rooms are Duh! Pool Souvenir shops
    • Judy sitting in one of the various statues scattered around the resort grounds
    • More statues
    • Still more statues
    • Beach scenes
    • Judy on a beach bed
    • More beach scenes
    • Wedding 0n the beach
    • Dominican man climbing tree to pick some coconuts
    • Judy Relaxing On Patio After Shower
    • Us at the La Cava restaurant we ate at one night
    • Judy bowling with coconut as ball and pineapples as pins
    • Underwater stools in the pool to sit on at the swim-up bar
    • This was the only patch of blue sky we saw on this day
    • Our last full day we went on a Jeep safari. This picture (taken outside of a cigar factory we stopped at) and the remaining pictures were taken on that day.
    • Cigars for sale inside the cigar factory
    • How About This Fancy Carport
    • We stopped at this ranch for lunch Sugar cane fields Couple from New Jersey
    • Larry with his boa constrictor necklaces
    • Rings On Palm Trees Represent A Year In The Age Of The Tree
    • Farm house we visited New paint job Kitchen Coffee bean pod Roasting coffee beans
    • That’s All Folks