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Larkin Community Hospital introduction
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Larkin Community Hospital introduction


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Larkin Community Hospital is a 146 Bed Acute Care Teaching Hospital located in South Miami, Florida. This slide show provides a glimpse into this hospital system highlighting graduate medical …

Larkin Community Hospital is a 146 Bed Acute Care Teaching Hospital located in South Miami, Florida. This slide show provides a glimpse into this hospital system highlighting graduate medical education.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1.
    7031 S.W. 62nd Ave. South Miami, Florida 33143 • 305.284.7500
  • 3. Larkin Community Hospital
    • A 146-bed acute care Medical, Surgical, Psychiatric and Teaching Hospital.
    • 4. Outpatient multiple programs, Family Medicine Center, PHP and ambulatory clinics.
    • 5. JCAHO Accredited.
    • 6. Actively Participates in the American Hospital Association’s Hospital Quality Alliance.
    • 7. Only Hospital in Miami-Dade County to participate in project RED (re-engineered discharge
    to prevent readmissions).
    • Designated as a hospital in an Area of Critical Need by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
    • 8. Designated as a National Health Services Corps site by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
    • 9. Founding member of FIU College of Medicine.
    • 10. Member of the Consortium of Excellence in Medical Education, NSU College of Medicine.
    • 11. Designated Baker Act receiving facility.
    • 12. Telemedicine services.
    • 13. Neuroscience Center (including Gamma Knife) opening on January 2012.
    • 14. Full service Laboratory and Pathology departments
    • 15. Full service Imaging Center including Angiography, MRI and PET CT Scan.
  • Larkin Hospital Campus
    Surface Parking Lot, Expansion Site
    Several Units for Resident’s Rental
    Home Health Agency
    Parking Lot,
    Parking Lot,
    Outpatient Center
    Family Medicine Center
    5 Story Main Hospital Bldg 146 Beds, CCU, Lab,
    Imaging Center, Pharmacy, Operating Room Suites.
    Neuroscience Center - Gamma Knife, PET/CT,
    MRI, Dr . Aizik Wolf, M.D.
    Graduate Medical Education Bldg, Family Medicine Center &
    Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research.
    5 Story Executive Office Bldg: Administration,
    Performance Improvement, Risk Management,
    Education, Finance, Human Resources.
    Partial Hospitalization Program, IOP, TCM
  • 16. Emergency Department
    • ER Level 2.
    • 17. 11 beds.
    • 18. Short waiting times (single digits).
    • 19. Self-registration system.
    • 20. Behavioral Health.
    • 21. Baker Act Receiving Facility.
    • 22. Highly trained staff of Physicians, RNs, LPNs, and EMTs.
  • Critical Care Department
    • Currently in expansion to 16 beds
    • 23. 2 Fully equipped Isolation rooms.
    • 24. Dedicated Chair of Department, Certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine, nurse practitioner and critical care nurses.
    • 25. Ratio of 2 patients to 1 RN.
    • 26. Rapid response and Code Blue team (ACLS certified staff).
    • 27. Top CCU diagnoses:
    • 28. Acute respiratory failure
    • 29. Gastro-intestinal disorders
    • 30. Overdose
    • 31. Shock
    • 32. Renal failure
    • 33. Severe COPD
    • 34. Post-surgical patients
  • OR Department
    State of the art service
    in a customer friendly environment.
    • 5 surgical suites.
    • 35. 2 fluoroscopes (C-Arms).
    • 36. General and Laparoscopic Surgery.
    • 37. Bariatric – Equipped with Hi-Definition Cameras by STORZ.
    • 38. Vascular Surgery.
    • 39. Pacemakers and implantable defibrillators.
    • 40. Thoracic and diagnostic thoracic procedures:
    Lung resections, pericardial windows, and thoracotomies.
    • Orthopedic – arthroscopic procedures, hip and knee replacements.
    • 41. Neurosurgery: cranial and lumbar/cervical procedures, the latest LEICA neurosurgery
    microscope, and a full armamentarium for these procedures.
    • Pain management program: blocks, implantable nerve stimulators and pain pumps.
    • 42. Urology: fully equipped for cystoscopies as well as open procedures.
    • 43. Gynecology: D&C, diagnostic laparoscopies, bladder suspensions, abdominal
    and vaginal hysterectomies.
    • Full endoscopy and Bronchoscopy services.
    Services Provided
  • 44. Medical-Surgical and Telemetry Departments
    Inpatient services to treat diseases such as:
    cardiac monitoring and/or
    therapeutic intervention.
  • 58. Wound Care Services
    Outpatient and Inpatient Services.Podiatry services as well as general wound care.Transportation is provided to our patients. We specialize in skin grafts, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, and non-healing wounds.
  • 59. Larkin Neuroscience Center
    Specialized in Gamma Knife
    • Non-invasive neurosurgical procedure.
    • 60. Increased accuracy.
    • 61. Reduced side effects.
    • 62. Rapid recovery.
    • 63. Used to treat diseased brain tissue.
    • 64. Surrounding tissue intact.
    • 65. This technology allows physicians to operate on brain lesions often considered inoperable.
    • 66. Non-invasive alternative for many patients for whom traditional brain surgery is not an option.
    • 67. New hope for patients with brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders.
  • Dr. Aizik Wolf
    Larkin Neuroscience Center Director
    Dr. Aizik L. Wolf earned his medical degree with cum laude honors from Yale Medical School and completed his internship and residency at the University of Minnesota Hospitals.
    He completed his training in Gamma Knife radiosurgery with Professor Chirster Lindquist at Brown University in Rhode Island. He was formerly Chief of the Epilepsy, Gamma Knife and Skull Base Surgery Unit at the University of Maryland, where he also served as Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery.
    Dr. Wolf has treated over 5,000 patients with the Gamma Knife and authored more than 75 scientific publications.
    He is Board Certified in both adult and pediatric neurosurgery.
  • 68. PET/CT
    • PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CT (Computed Tomography).
    • 69. The PET scan images the biology of disorders at the molecular level.
    • 70. CT provides a detailed picture of the body.
    • 71. The two images together provides a state of the art technology where physicians can more accurately diagnose, localize and monitor cancer, heart disease and certain brain disorders.
    PET Scans can be performed separately or with the CT Scan
    • PET image skull – thigh 
    • 72. PET image full body
    • 73. PET image with CT skull-thigh
    • 74. PET image with CT full body   
  • MRI
    • Combination of magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves.
    • 75. Cross-sectional image.
    • 76. The image may be viewed in a number of anatomical planes; axial, coronal and sagittal planes.
    • 77. Deal modality for soft tissue, ligaments, tendons and bone.
  • Angiography Suite
     Diagnostic Angiography
    • X-ray exam of the arteries of the human body.
    • 78. To diagnose blockages or other abnormalities of the blood vessels.
    • 79. To define the site and extent of the abnormality to determine the best treatment options.
    • 80. The physician inserts a catheter through a small nick in the skin into an artery, usually the femoral artery, guides the catheter into the artery by manipulating it while watching under fluoroscopy.
    • 81. A contrast material is injected through the catheter while the x-rays are taken to visualize blood vessels.
    • 82. Alternative to surgical treatment of many conditions which results in significant reductions in the risk, pain, and recovery time compared to traditional surgical treatments.
    • 83. Less invasive procedure, safer, cost effective and faster than surgery.
  • 84. Laboratory Department
    Comprehensive laboratory services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    To provide the highest quality care with outstanding values and superior customer service.
    • Under the direction of a board-certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology physician.
    • 85. The department is staffed by medical laboratory technologists and technicians who are licensed by the State of Florida, Board of Professional Regulation, phlebotomists and support staff.
    • 86. Accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by CLIA.
    • 87. Specialties: Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Blood Bank and Microbiology.
  • Cardiopulmonary Department
    • Complete Pulmonary Function Test
    • 88. Arterial Blood Gases
    • 89. Pulmonary screening
    (FVL with/without bronchodilator)
    • Side Arm Nebulizers and IPPB
    • 90. Bronchoscopy
    • 91. Stress Testing
    • 92. Ventilatory Support
    • Pulse Oximetry
    • 93. Holter Monitoring
  • Physical Therapy Services
    The physical therapy department provides the following services:
    • Occupational / Physical Therapy
    • 94. Speech Therapy
    • 95. Specialization in osteoarthritis, pain management, status post surgeries, bariatric and neurosurgical patients
  • Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Clinic
    • Larkin/Stein Institute of Non-Surgical Orthopedics.
    • 96. Comprehensive approach incorporates all aspects of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular rehabilitation to achieve optimum outcomes and avoid complications of premature surgical alternatives.
    • 97. Physicians Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. This highly experienced team uses state of the art technology and applies both conventional and alternative treatments to care for their patients.
    • 98. Outpatient and Inpatient consultation available (shown to reduce the Length of hospital stay).
  • Mental Health Services
    Multidisciplinary approach to treatment in a medically
    supervised, open and caring environment.
    • Inpatient services, Forensic unit
    • 99. Two Outpatient locations(South Miami and Blue Lagoon)
    • 100. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).
    • 101. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).
    • 102. Targeted Case Management Program (TCM).
    • 103. Rainbow program:
    Mental health and recovery for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
    Transgender people
    Goals of the programs:
    • Assist adults experiencing a deterioration in their daily functioning.
    • 104. Decrease risk for re-hospitalization.
    • 105. Provide assistance with reintegrating into the community.
    Each patient is provided with individualized treatment, in a group therapy setting, and given one to one specialized intervention.
    We offer an experienced treatment team with an expertise in psychiatric disorders, addictions, psychopharmacology and medical issues.
  • 106. Healthcare Reform
    • Committed to achieving the three-part aim of better for individuals, better health for populations and reduced expenditures for health care services.
    • 107. Participation in Project RED (Re-engineered Discharge) to reduce unnecessary readmissions.
    • 108. Current applicant for the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Pioneer Model launched by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. Pioneer ACO’s must commit t entering into outcomes-based contracts with other purchasers such that the majority of the ACO’s total revenues will be derived from such arrangements by the end of the second performance period in December 2013.
    • 109. Launching a Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research
    • 110. Use of Atypical Antipsychotics
    • 111. Choice of first line agents to treat uncomplicated hypertension
    • 112. Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders (ACOVE )
  • Community Outreach
    • ALF411 Initiative: Provide educational activities and a forum for Assisted
    Living Facility owners and employees.
    • Partnering with Federally Qualified Centers (FQHC): Borinquen Health
    Care Center, Miami Beach Community Health Center and Helen B.
    Bentley Community Health Center including:
    • EMR integration utilizing the Health Choice Network EMR platform
    (part of EHR Regional Extension Center).
    • Partners in Pioneer ACO Model.
    • 113. FQHC’s as continuity of care clinics for our Post Graduate Medical
    • 114. Education programs.
    • 115. Assisting FQHC’s in providing specialty care on-site.
    • 116. Developing Urgent Care Centers at selected FQHC’s.
    • 117. Partnering with the Miami-Dade County School Board, the University of Miami
    School of Medicine and the John T. Macdonald Foundation to launch school
    based wellness clinics in selected underserved schools to provide Medical and
    Psychiatric Services to the students, their siblings and their families.
    • Doctor at Home Program.
    • 118. Comprehensive Medical Access Clinics (CMA).
  • CMA
    • Established in 1999.
    • 119. 5 Clinics:
    • 120. 8000 Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL 33138
    • 121. 11865 SW 26th St. Suite G-10. Miami, FL 33175
    • 122. 6840 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
    • 123. 7206 N. Armenia Ave. Tampa, FL 33603
    • 124. 1609 E. Vine St. Kissimmee, FL 34744
    • 125. All 5 clinics are ACCESS Florida Sites (Department of Children and
    Families), working closely with State and local Department of health.
    • Primary care services at affordable prices to uninsured individuals.
    • 126. Focused on prevention and evidence based medical practice.
    • 127. Specialty Services, Optometry and Dental services also available.
    • 128. Discounted pricing for outpatient procedures and services.
    • 129. 24 hour customer service hotline.
    • 130. Extended hours and Saturday and Sunday hours available.
  • Graduate Medical Education
    We are committed to provide high quality Graduate Medical Education, combining teaching, clinical service, compassionate and safe patient care, and clinical research.
    By Teaching
    We Learn
  • 131. Graduate Medical Education
    Larkin Community Hospital
    Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education
    In Partnership With The
    Consortium for Excellence In Medical Education
    Affiliated to
    Nova Southeastern University
    College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Founding Member of FIU School of Medicine
    • 132. Ross University School of Medicine
    We are committed to provide high quality Graduate Medical Education, combining teaching, clinical service, compassionate patient care, and clinical research.
    Larkin is hereby committed to provide leadership, organizational structure, and the proper resources to ensure that formal quality-assurance residency programs must be conducted at our institution in compliance with the Accreditation Council Requirements.
  • 133. To Teach
    Is To Touch A Life Forever
    Graduate Medical Education
    Multi-facility Training System
    • Miami Children’s Hospital
    • 134. Hialeah Hospital
    • 135. University of Miami – SOM
    • 136. JMH Holtz Children’s Hospital
    • 137. Beraja Medical Institute
    • 138. Vitas Hospice and Palliative Care System
    • 139. Moffitt Cancer & Research Institute
    • 140. Others Institutions
    Affiliated to Federal Detention Centers, Immigration and Correctional Facilities.
    Miami VA Healthcare System
    Continuity of Care
    Addiction Psychiatry
    (Affiliation in process)
    Federally Qualified Health Centers
    • Family Practice and Family Practice/Neuromuscular Medicine
    • 141. General Psychiatry
    • 142. Internal Medicine (Ambulatory Track at Borinquen Health Center)
    • 143. Borinquen Health Centers
    • 144. Miami Beach Community Health Center
    • 145. Jessie Trice Community Health Center
    • 146. Community Health of South Florida (CHI)
    • 147. Helen B. Bentley Family Health Center
    Wellness Centers
    In partnership with the Miami Dade County School System & the Children’s Trust
    Delivering comprehensive healthcare to underserved students and their families.
  • 148. Graduate Medical Education
    Representative Group
    Jose David Suarez, MD
    Chief Academic Officer/DIO
    Proposed Program Director
    Allopathic Family Medicine Residency
    Ivan Rodriguez, DO, PhD
    Program Director
    Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency
    Jack J. Michel, MD
    President, Chairman of the Board
    Sandy Sosa Guerrero
    Chief Executive Officer
    Manuel Suarez, MD
    Chair , ICU and Pulmonary
    Professor of Medicine
    Hospital Rotations
    Joel Stein, D.O
    Program Director
    Family Practice/ NMM
    Deborah Gracia, D.O
    Program Director
    Internal Medicine
    CMO, Borinquen Health Center
    Manuel Melendez, MD
    Associate Program Director
    Osteopathic Psychiatry Residency
    Marjorie Caro, MD
    Program Director Osteopathic Psychiatry Residency
  • 149. By Teaching
    We Learn
    Graduate Medical Education
    CLINICAL FACULTY, Representative Group
    FAMILY MEDICIE-José David Suarez, M.D. -Ivan Rodriguez, D.O, PhD-Rafael Palmerola, M.D.-Luis R. Cabrera, M.D.-Jorge Gonzalez, D.O.-Arthur Cowden, D.O.-Joel Stein, DO-Roberto Bermudez, M.D.-Enrique Fernandez, MD
    Psychiatry: Marjorie Caro, M.D.
    Manuel Melendez, M.D.
    Mario Cuervo, M.D.Gavin Rose, M.D. (Forensic Psych)Americo Padilla, M.D. (Child Psych)Jorge Gonzalez,M.D. (Child Psych)Sajid Lopez, MD (Geriatric Psych)
    Antonio PerezNoy, M.D.Ignacio Bobes, M.D.
    Hamlet Hassan, M.D.
    HubertoMerayo, M.D.
    EmelinaArocha, M.D.
    Internal Medicine:
    Deborah Gracia, DO.Manuel Suarez, DO
    Internal Medicine, Nephrology
    Federico Dumenigo, M.D.
    I.M Pulmonary Diseases, ICUManuel Suarez, M.D.Alejandro Chediak, MD
    Hematology/OncologyPedro De La Rosa, M.D.
    George Vargas, M.D.
    Angel Omar Vento, M.D.
    OrthopedicsRoberto A. Moya, M.D.PMR: Jose Diaz, D.O
    OMM, NMM, FM, Sport MedicineJoel Stein, DO 
    Patricio Rossi, MD
    Siddhart Pandya, DO
    Mario Cuervo, MD
    Chair, Department of Psychiatry
    EmergencyJan-Mario Dejean, M.D.
    Pedro Carlos Reimon, M.D.Beatriz Cunil De Sautu, MD
    (MCH pediatrics director)
    OB/GYNMark Rabinowitz, MD
    Hospice and Palliative Care
    Shaughn Bennett, D.O.
    Antonio Mesa, DO (Chair of Department)
    Ricardo Garcia-Rivera, M.D.Anesthesiology/pain management
    Juan Cucalon, MD (Chair of Department)
    Juan Ros Carretero, MD
    Roberto Beraja, MD (Chair of Department)
    Sanford Rakofsky, MD
    Plastic Surgery
    Victor Beraja, MD
    Sanford Lefkowitz
    Administrative Director of Medical Education
    Angela Mazon
    GME Coordinator
    Research Coordinator
    Walter Lopez
    Jose D. Suarez, MD
    Chair, Department of Family Medicine
  • 150. Mastering The Core Competencies
    Graduate Medical Education
    Our institution is a designated:
    • Area of Critical Need (A.C.N)in South Florida
    • 151. Healthcare Professional Shortage Area (HPSA ID: 112999123Y)
    Our Mission is to support Postgraduate Medical Education in collaboration with medical schools and affiliates; in order to graduate competent physicians capable of delivering comprehensive, compassionate and continuous health care to future generations of Floridians.
    • National Health Services Corps Site
    • 152. (Designated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration)
    Larkin provides generous loan repaymentsand substantial benefits for our trainees if in exchange they dedicate postgraduate time to provide healthcare to the indigent, uninsured and underserved population of our state.
    • Florida is one of states with the lowest resident-to-population ratio, facing a serious physician shortage due to the lack of GME slots available
    • 153. Florida is also a state with a fast growing population, and changing in demographics aging, being one of the “oldest” states, with the highest percentages of people age65 and older making it essential that national, regional and local candidates and medical students have the opportunity to choose Florida as the place to receive their Post-graduate Medical education and establish their future medical practice.
  • Directions to
    From the South:
    Take U.S. 1 to the Florida Turnpike north. Then take State Road 874 to State Road 878. Continue on State Road 878 to U.S. 1. At U.S. 1 turn left heading north on 62nd Avenue. After crossing 72nd Street the Hospital will be on your right.From the North:
    Take U.S. 1 south to S.W. 72nd Street . Turn right heading west on 72nd Street and another right turn on 62nd Avenue. Larkin Community Hospital will be on your right.From Miami International Airport:
    Take Le JeuneRoad south to U.S. 1. Take U.S. 1 south to S.W. 72nd Street . Turn left heading west on 72nd Street and another left turn on 62nd Avenue.
    Larkin Community Hospital will be on your left.
    Larkin Community Hospital7031 SW 62nd Avenue South Miami, FL 33143Tel: (305) 284-7500Fax: (305) 284-7545