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Danil panasenko job interview[1]

Danil panasenko job interview[1]






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    Danil panasenko job interview[1] Danil panasenko job interview[1] Presentation Transcript

    • An interview from the point of view of an employer An employer is a person or institution that hires employees or workers.
    • What is of interest for the employer? 1. Personal lines and motivation 2. Purposes 3. Communications 4 .Flexibility 5. Stress 6. Pliability 7. ILLEGAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS End
      • ▪ What do you think of the workload?
      • ▪ What forces you to make your work better?
      • ▪ How can we help you to carry out your work?
      • ▪ What upsets you the most about your work?
      • ▪ Tell me about an exciting project completed by you!
      • ▪ Under what conditions do you work better?
      • ▪ What is your intention for the next 5 years?
      • ▪ Tell, what success for you means!
      • ▪ What does failure for you mean?
      • ▪ Do you consider yourself successful?
      • ▪ Do you reach your intentions? How do you do it?
      • ▪ Tell me about a working situation when excellent communication skills were required from you.
      • ▪ Do you prefer to speak with somebody directly or to leave notes?
      • ▪ How do you estimate the ability to communicate with the higher heads, clients and the top management?
      • ▪ What would be more important in your work - oral or written communications?
      • ▪ Tell me about the last changes which have occurred at your office. How were you supported?
      • ▪ I am curious to learn about last time when you incurred risk: Looking back , can you tell, whether this decision was valid?
      • ▪ How important is interaction with others in your work? With what quantity of departments have you dealt with? Name problems!
      • ▪ Tell about an emergency situation which has forced you to transfer the work/project!
      • ▪ Tell about a situation when it was necessary to finish your work urgently.
      • ▪ What kind of decisions are the most difficult for you?
      • ▪ What was the most difficult working situation having appeared to you?
      • ▪ What type of work delivers great difficulties to you?
      • ▪ When there is a lot of work and not enough time for you, how do you reach an outcome?
      • ▪ What you do, when you have troubles with the boss?
      • ▪ Something absolutely incorrectly is said to you. What would be your actions?
      • ▪ If you were criticized unreasonably - what would you do?
      • ▪ Would you like to get the job of your boss? Why yes or why not at present?
      • Where there moments in which you had different opinions than your boss?
      • ▪ What has your boss done which was not pleasant to you at all?
      • ▪ Describe the best manager whom you ever saw. The worst.
      • How old are you? When is your birthday?
      • Do you expect to become have a family? When? How many children will you have?
      • What is your native language?
      • What clubs or social organizations do you belong to?
      Example of Illegal Questions Possible Legal Alternatives
      • Are you over the age of 18? Can you, after employment, provide proof of age?
      • Do you have responsibilities or commitments that will prevent you from meeting specified work schedules?
      • Do you have any language abilities that would be helpful in doing this job? (Legal if language ability is directly relevant to job performance.)
    • List of used literature: http://www.job-interview.net http://www.jobinterviewquestions.org/ http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/29/usc_sup_01_29.html