Sierra region


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Sierra region

  1. 1. Sierra regionIn this particular region are virgin forests of the area and where vanilla is grown in aplace called River Tezinzintepetl Tonto is as specified production that occurs inthat area the rum, like the liquor "Lapo".This region is located east of the town of Tehuacan and where populations are: Zoquitlan. Eloxochitlan. Coyomeapan.Flora. Pinos mesophilic and high and low jungle. Several areas of farmland. In"Edge of Tierra Colorada" (area under conservation, whose reach locations: SanPedro Chapulco, Cañada Morelos, Santiago Miahuatlan, Palmar de Bravo,Tecamachalco Tepanco Lopez, Tlacotepec of Benito Juarez and San SimonYehualtepec, with a surface of 20,689-12-50 Ha)Wildlife. Bobcats, snakes, deer, skunks, badgers, rabbits, iguanas, many of themendangered
  2. 2. Region 2: The mixtecMixteca RegionThis region is distinguished as semi-desert, is located south-west of the town ofTehuacan and where populations are:San Jose MiahuatlanZapotitlan SalinasCaltepecSan Gabriel Chilacmainly characterized by a warm dry climate. This region has a diverse culturalrichness that promotes awareness and conservation through its museums andprotected areas. Stunning former convents contrast with the desert landscape thatpredominates, while amazing fossiliferous quarries realize what millions of yearsago inhabited this region.
  3. 3. Region 3: HighlandsIt is located northeast of the city of Tehuacán and where populations are:Tepanco of LopezChapulcoSantiago Miahuatlan
  4. 4. Region 4: ValleyThe Tehuacán Valley matorral is a xeric shrubland ecoregion, of the Deserts andxeric shrublands Biome, located in eastern Central Mexico.Matorral is a Spanish word, along with tomillares, for shrubland, thicket orbushes.[1] The term is used alone for a Mediterranean climate ecosystem inSouthern Europe.FloraThe Tehuacán Valley matorral is a center of plant diversity, with over 2700 species,of which approximately 30% are endemic. It is a center of diversity for species ofAgave, Hechtia, Salvia, and cactus.The ecoregion has a number of distinct plant communities.FaunaThe ecoregion is notable for its diversity of birds and bats. Of the 90 species ofbirds present, 10 are endemic, including the Ocellated Thrasher (Toxostomaocellatum), and Bridled Sparrow (Aimorphilla mystacalis). 34 species of batsinhabit the ecoregion, of which 18 are endangered, vulnerable, or rare.
  5. 5. Region 5: the mountainThis region is in the highest place and cold in the municipality and is patron of theregion "Our Lady of the Snows" and extensive vegetation dominated and most ofthe people who live there are engaged in the lumber yard, which most of this woodis pine and fir as well as its other activity is the embroidery and textiles.This region is located north of the town of Tehuacan and where populations are:san Antonio CañadaVicente GuerreroNicolas Bravo