5 regiones


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5 regiones

  1. 1. REGION DE LA MIXTECAlocationThis region is distinguished as semi-desert, is located south-west of the town of Tehuacanand where populations are:san jose san gabriel miahuatlan zapotitlan chilac caltepecDRESS The traditional vestimento Mixteca changed over time, the dress is now known in the shawl, white blouse embroidered with vivid colors, the zoyate, the Nahua "skirt" and huaraches. The previous suit only the wealthy could have it and was only used for special occasions like weddings, parties or stewardships traditions. Ordinary people (the rest of the people) used the "Güipil" as blouse and dress made of sheepskin like a towel (and) that I wrapped around them. The traditional rebozo San Juan Mixtepec was white. The yarn to make the shawl sprangfrom the slime of a worm called "worm yield" these worms were bred as pets and also withvery fragile so they could live as they were very delicate. The garment shawl quintessentialmestizo, born of their need to cover mestizo women face to enter temples. Inspired by thefriars imposed touch indigenous women on this occasion and took the loom weavers toweave shawls prehispanic and later cotton silk and wool. The white blouse with designs of flowers around the neck, arm and chest.The zoyate is made of cotton with figures of frets and the tip with a section made of palm.It is used around the waist as a belt or sash, and at the fact that this palm is used as a purse.The Nahuas are wide and colorful flower designs and traditionally reach the ankle.sandals of the first people were made of palm Mixtepec, then using the skin of animals,then to get the strap sandals.CLIMATE The prevailing climate in Pinotepa Nal., Is classified as Subh- medo hot with summer rains with annual oscilacintrmica Aw2 isothermal type (w) ig. The storm precipitacin focuses on estacinclida (June to September), which falls PERIOD 81.7% of the annual total (1514.7 mm). The average annual temperature is 27C (Garcia, 1988).
  2. 2. Crafts FESTIVAL OF KILLING One of the greatest traditions of Tehuacán, the dish is called "Hips Mole", which arises from the Matanza Festival, included since 1997 in the directory CONACULTA festivals and artistic cultural heritage of the state of Puebla on 22 October 2004."Massacre" is a tradition that began in the early seventeenth century. Being introduced goats inNew Spain, began crossbreeding foodstuff gastronomy contributed to a variety of dishes as thebackbone in garlic, ajoarriero spine, udders kidneys, tongue, head, brain tacos beans with goat legand what the chefs deftly was created.Chronicles recorded that "since 1784, every third Thursday of the month of October, is sacrificedgoats which derives a flavor and seasoning meat with unsurpassed"baskets made of reed , different parts are manufactured marble and onyx stones in most of thearea.fruits, flowers, bread donkey and confetti adorning offerings Chilac straw hats are manufacturedand synthetic fiber mats, bottles are lined handbags.FAUNA The fauna in the area, it is basically black iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata and C. similis), armadillos (Dasypus movemcinotus), ounces (Felix yagouarundi) chachalacas (Ortalis vetula), quail (Dendrortyx macroura), cucuchas (Leptotila sp.), mazacoa (constrictor constrictor), vbora rattlesnake (Crotalus terrifus) and tetereques (Basiliscus sp.), among others (Rodriguez, 1989). Itshould be mentioned that due to the cacera, have greatly diminished populations of black iguana,deer (Odocoeleos virginianus), and rabbit (Sylvilagus cunicularis).
  3. 3. floraThe vegetation of the region, corresponds to the Neotropical, corresponding to the remnants oftropical deciduous forest (Rodriguez, 1989), as the primary vegetation is highly disturbed due tohuman activities: agriculture slash-and-burn agriculture, extensive cattle, timber extraction, andurbanization. Within the cacahuananche estn representative plants (Gliricidia sepium), palomulato (Bursera simaruba), copal (Bursera copallifera) cuajilote (Guazuma ulmifolia), amongothers. Region de la sierralocationIn this particular region are virgin forests of the area and where vanilla is grown in a placecalled River Tezinzintepetl Tonto is as specified production that occurs in that area the rum,like the liquor "Lapo".This region is located east of the town of Tehuacan and where populations are: zoquitlaneloxochitlan coyomeapan tlacotepec de díaz.
  4. 4. Crafts Wood carving, manufacturing of wooden spoons, reed baskets, blowers triangular palm, and in small quantities making wool clothing. Woven palm and reed. They are made of wool textile work, (and Nahua cotons embroidered) palm tissues and reeds.fauna . Among insects are unique characteristics of solid species like the butterfly Aricia morronensis. Among amphibians highlights the natterjack toad and the painted frog. The diversity of the reptile community includes, among others, the lizard, the vipers and the Montpellier snake. But, undoubtedly, are the group best known birds. In the forests abound with pleasure chickadees, crossbills andmyths. Among raptors, by the day, the hawk and the hawk always lurking, and at night,and the tawny owls are the kings, and this park one of the few parts of the Region whereyou can hear her singing. The edges of the pine trees and the hedges are preferred by scribes, finches andthrushes, and they become abundant the eagle and the golden eagle. FLORA • The Sierra region presents ... virgin forests that have floral scents thousand, are your gardenias and vanilla scent which this garden. • Saw Tzinzintepetl beautiful, cute as sultana rests his vassal the fool laughed that which protects sovereign. • Its dense forest green robe with lace are its waterfalls flamboyant white tail lights and fireflies. • Far away beasts are mills that move slowly so thatlater the stills rich rum den.
  5. 5. • Im from the mountains never forget my country has its tradition do the famous liquorlapo always inspires the song.• From birth to Tehuacán saw because I can not forget his greatness; Even as much to tellhis stately palace, the freshness of the main park, the stunning beauty of its beautifulCathedral. Also our killing and our famous mineral water. REGION DE LA MONTAÑAThis region is in the highest place and cold in the municipality and is patron of the region"Our Lady of the Snows" and extensive vegetation dominated and most of the people wholive there are engaged in the lumber yard, which most of this wood is pine and fir as well asits other activity is the embroidery and textiles.This region is located north of the town of Tehuacan and where populations are: sanantonio cañada vicente guerrero nicolas bravoDRESS Costumes from the mountain Men wear trousers and tunic blanket, strap sandals and straw hat and overcoat, women wear blouse with hand embroidery thread and brightly colored satin, embroidered each strip is a combination of flowers, birds, sheep, eagles devouring snakes , all arranged with great taste, dress is complemented by a petticoat and jewelry are usually jewelry.CraftsThey are made of woven palm work and reed.
  6. 6. fauna The faunal composition is quite varied. Among insects are unique characteristics of solid species like the butterfly Aricia morronensis. Among amphibians highlights the natterjack toad and the painted frog. The diversity of the reptile community includes, among others, the lizard, the vipers and the Montpellier snake. But, undoubtedly, are the group best known birds. In the forests abound to placercarboneros, myths and crossbills. Among raptors, by the day, the hawk and the hawk alwayslurking, and at night, and the tawny owls are the kings, and this park one of the few parts of theRegion where you can hear her singing.FLORA Are representative xeric scrub, which ranks first in area (32.9%). Includes crasicaule scrub characterized by the presence of columnar cacti, the desert scrub dominate rosetophilous where agaves and ruffs, the mesquite located in floodplains; chaparral vegetation found as transitional in the bottom of the mountains high complex. We also have vast expanses of deciduous forests, which are the second type of dominant vegetation in the Reserve, with 24.1% of the total area,where live plants that adapt to sudden changes in weather as much of the year are dry butwhen it rains it creates an explosion of greenery. In the highlands, ranking third in areaoccupied (19.5%) have temperate forests of pine, oak, juniper and other associated speciessuch as orchids and bromeliads.
  7. 7. LA rEGION DEL ALTIPLANOLOCATEDIt is located northeast of the city of Tehuacán and where populations are: tepanco de lópezchapulco santiago miahuatlan .DRESSCraftspalm tissueFLORA AND FAUNA(The Cerro Colorado near the headwaters and historic measures 2.200 meters of altitude abovesea level, The Chichintepec that has 3.180 meters and the Santa Lucia southward, which measures2.500 meters are the main point of Tehuacán).In the Cerro Colorado fought the first tehuacaneros (Popolocas) of Moctezuma Aztec forces ... And
  8. 8. with the passage of time this hill was important to the story ... there in the hollow stone still inplace over the years on This legendary mountain, appeared the Virgin of the Conception (newsgiven by the Spanish), and in her honor was built the Cathedral, also known as the old parish ofOur Lady of Conception and Cave, where the remains of illustrious rebel leader, Don ValerioTrujano who was the right arm of General Don Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon happened in this partof Tehuacan, in their struggle for independence from Mexico. Region del valleLOCATEDIt is located at the ends of the north and southeast of the city of Tehuacán, which include thefollowing towns: tehuacanDRESSThe dress expresses the cultural identity of a region, and regularly in response to the climate andthe physical configuration of the place. Similarly, it may call the social, economic, religious ormarital status of the person who wears it.A costume determines colors, fabrics and embellishments that largely have to do with thehistorical formation of the different peoples.The attire of the regions of the state varies both by the number of existing ethnic and geographicdifferentiation for each, on the other hand is where womens dress clothes are the truesignificance of each site.
  9. 9. CraftsAmong its attractions are architectural Cultural Complex and the Church of "El Carmen", TehuacánCathedral, the Church of San Francisco, the Temple of Calvary, the church of St. Peter the Apostle(Ácoquiaco), the House of Culture and the Tehuacán Valley Museum.FLORA AND FAUNAVegetation The municipality has a great diversity in this area. In areas of the valley wherethe ground is not too flat but not too rough, there are areas of mesquite. In the mountainsof Zapotitlán and Zongolica, the vegetation consists mainly of desert scrub, scrub and lowforest vegetation. To the northwest, where the municipality reaches higher and theclimate is milder, are pine-oak forests. In the Ithacan-Valley 10 Cinemas that your ends between points north and south, which acicalas your face andyour outline with your Ajalpan yellowish clay, with a blue sky with unmatched dust Texcala onyxwith faded red and your hill .• Valley entretejes sad and happy that your flat geography that swings down interlockingdisheveled reed wheat and cornfields ... Rales thirst, mesquite and fruit ... da lowlands.• In your bosom rises presumptuous your mystical city that at another time in your Indiansbecome Mrs. ... and amid peace and fuss when the light starts to become shadow, sings his hymnwritten Symphony magpies and laurel leaves jacarandas miraculous waters with notes of cactuswith sticky ink and indelible lyrics grenades.• City quieter than your diaphanous thyself fair princess tiara of your dreams with the beautifulpark with your patron Cathedral serious your stately palace and a monastery, the street date forirrigation, and the aged Ahuehué in San Lorenzo, and Calvary legendary myths.Valle, City, and I feel my name, because its air school kept my laughter and my tears dried manytimes as a child, because my remains of man who seems earth shall be your land to join inanything to my elders, and because my mind made flower in the garden of her eternal spring to
  10. 10. fall to their land and their women.