The Easiest Way to Make Money on the Internet as a Beginner
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The Easiest Way to Make Money on the Internet as a Beginner



Here is the simplest way to make money on the internet if your just getting started trying to figure this whole internet marketing stuff out.

Here is the simplest way to make money on the internet if your just getting started trying to figure this whole internet marketing stuff out.



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    The Easiest Way to Make Money on the Internet as a Beginner The Easiest Way to Make Money on the Internet as a Beginner Presentation Transcript

    • How to Make Your First $1 On the Internet (Only For Newbies) No Website, No ProblemI’ll Show You How to Get One and Market It InLess Than 5 Minutes Without Actually Creating One
    • Affiliate Marketing 101 What I’m about to teach you is a very basic idea on how to get started making money on the internet. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. You are essentially marketing someone elses product and they will pay you a commision each time you sell it. I want to take it a step further and get you a website which will forward to the product of your choice so you have a clean URL or link to share. Like Affiliate links are quite long and hard to remember.
    • Step 1• Go to and register for a free affiliate account
    • Step 2• Research products in any category and look for a product that has a decent amount of gravity, above 100. Gravity is how many other marketers are selling the product. Lower gravity usually means other marketers haven’t had much luck selling it. Also, look at the Avg %/sale to affiliates.
    • Step 3• Choose one of those products you feel comfortable sharing with others and click the promote button. Then hit create(you don’t have to have a tracking ID)• Copy the top box where it begins with http:// and save it to a clipboard or word document
    • Step 4• You will need to purchase a domain. I prefer Godaddy. You will have to create an account to get started. Try to get a domain that describes your product you picked and purchase the .com version. You can visit o purchase(Usually less than $12 per year) The link above is my affiliate link through Godaddy so if you purchase through this link I
    • Step 5• Once you have purchased your domain from Godaddy you will need to forward it to your affiliate link.• Log in to your Godaddy account if your not already in it and go to My Account.• Click Launch next to the Domain tab.
    • Step 6• Once you have launched the Domain tab you should see your domain you have just purchased.• Click on the domain and it will give you a ton of options. The only one you need to worry about it the forwarding option.• Click on Manage.
    • Step 7• After you click Manage you will see a screen that looks like this: (obviously you will see your domain here)• In Step 3 you copied your affiliate link to a clipboard or Word document. Copy the part after the http:// and paste it in the box. Leave the update my DNS settings box checked. Now click OK.
    • Step 8• That’s it! You have just created your own website and it’s ready to share. Test it out by putting your domain into your web browser to make sure if forwards to your affilite link.
    • Helpful Hints• When sharing your link you have to be cool about it. Don’t just spam a bunch of social networks with it. You may lose friends with this tactic.• It’s best if you have actually purchased and used the product yourself so you can be an expert about it and can recommend it with your good reviews plus answer any questions about the product and be the go to person in that niche or area.(This will get you the best resuts)• Example: Health, exercise and losing weight are good products to share because thousands of people are looking for a solution to one of these problems.(Again, for the best results, it would be good if you actually used the product and can share your experience.)
    • Places to Share• Facebook• Twitter• Make a short Youtube video about some of the benefits of the poduct and link you your site.• Make a short Youtube video Powerpoint presentation and go over some bullet points and benefits of the product. Get creative.• Make a Hubpage, Squidoo Lens or Ezine article review about the product and link to your site inside the article.• Share on Tumblr with your link. Sign up using your URL(domain you just purchased)
    • More Places to Share• Use your link in ALL your email signatures and include a little verbage along with it(ex. Here’s a great way to get rid of unwanted belly fat This way everytime you send an email people will see it and get some great exposure.• etc.(There are a ton of free sites or social networks you can share your link on)• Be creative and again, just be cool about it!
    • Play Nice Note: Starting on December 1, 2009 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) changed their guidlines for affiliate marketers. You now must have a disclosure with any affiliate link that states you will earn commissions if they purchase from your link. This can be as short or long as you want. Just a simple statement under your link stating if they purchase from your link you will get a commision. It can something humorous if you like, just as long as you get the point accross that you will be paid if they purchase.