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  1. 1. TreatmentAs 18-year-old Lamar tries to come terms with the life he’s taken of young schoolboy, henow intends to make the choice of coming out of gang life for good and settling down tobecome a responsible father. However, he is now is up against the family who havetaken the situation in a completely different direction and seek no other than Revenge.This teen drama covers the life of teens growing, living and making choices in the meanstreets of south London where there is only two roads. The good and the bad, whilesome struggle to keep on the straight and narrow and become successful people of thefuture, others are pulled into the hard life of trying to survive the streets.In terms of the direction of our film, we intend to produce an interesting openingsequence that portrays and emphasises ‘Revenge’ in the best way possible. We also aimto leave the audience in total suspense and anxious to want to find out more.By our opening sequence we aim to entice our audience by setting up a realistic scene inwhich they are familiar with and most probably been in themselves. This willimmediately give them a feel as if they are in the film and allow them to think aboutdangers that can easily happen in our everyday society through unfortunate eventstaking place by members close to us. It also allows our audience to think about choice offriends, boy/girl friends and whether they are really who they appear to be or a personwho can put you in danger or at risk.Our opening scene was suppose to begin with a flashback of previous events thecharacter Lamar has found himself in, including the most recent one of all, the death ofa young boy who he killed. This would have been shown through a range of picturesshown at medium pace and intense background dialogue to portray the differentpictures.However, we decided to begin our opening sequence with the pictures of four maincharacters which appeared on screen in a circular motion alongside background musicthat matched the speed of the motion. After showing the pictures of the four charactersthe camera is focused on a close-up of the television whereby the audience can see a filmtaking place. All of a sudden, we are introduced to a mid-shot of three girls screaming.They are in their pyjamas and headscarves and look as if they are having a sleepover or agirly night in. Due to the fright, the girls are seen talking to try and overcome it. Luckily,the doorbell rings and ‘Shannon’ leaves the room to collect and pay for the food.However, as she opens the door she is surprised by a disguised man staring right back ather who immediately grabs her, puts her over his back and carries her out of the driveway. This is where the audience is left asking a number of questions about who thisparticular person is and the reasons behind her being kidnapped. As she tries to screamand shout for her friends to hear her or for some type of help, she is out of luck. This is
  2. 2. the point whereby we are introduced to another disguised male who has the boot readyand waiting for her to go in this mysterious car. This gives us the impression that thisevent was planned by group of people who are likely to be seeking ‘Revenge’. Once she isin the boot, the scene gets intense as the males run back into the car and the enginebegins to rev. As the car speeds off into the night the background music fades in slowlyand the credits then appear.Our group decided on the storyline by coming up with a number of ideas that eventuallycame together as one good idea. We did this by simply taking different parts ofeverybody’s idea and putting together, what we believed worked well. We also madevarious changes and replaced good ideas with better ones. Our decision making processwas carefully deciding on what worked effectively from what didn’t and what wouldmake the opening scene interesting in order to engage with our audience. Throughoutall the different processes that the film has to go through, it is likely that there will bemore changes that will improve the opening sequence and film as a whole.The feedback from our questionnaires and interviews helped us make various decisionssuch as the choice of characters and the scenes we chose to include, in order to build uptension or intensity.Although young characters were going to be used, we ensured that we stuck to this ideaso that young people could relate to the characters. This however, doesn’t mean thatpeople of an older age can’t watch the film; as watching it will benefit them in beingaware of the lives of the young generation and understanding things from theirperspective. According to our target audience, a film that builds up tension is muchbetter than one that gets straight to the point which is why we chose to start off with afairly light hearted scene, that made people jump and unaware of what was going tohappen next.Our scenes are set in everyday places for example in a house and on the road. We havechosen these particular locations as they are easy to get to and they fit in well with ouropening sequence. If it were to be set in another location such as a hotel, it would bringaway the whole atmosphere that we aim to come across as realistic to our audience. Thehouse scene (in the bedroom) creates realism, as it is common for young girls to behaving a sleepover at their friend’s house chilling, playing music and eating snacks.Other parts of the house shown consisted of the stairs and the front door whichdecreased in lighting as danger became closer. When shooting outside, we chose to filmin the night whereby a mysterious setting was created and there is a serious tone.Our opening sequence conforms to the thriller conventions in a number of ways such aslighting, sounds, music, characters and editing used. By the use of dark lighting at thehighlight of the opening sequence, it creates the idea of the film being a mystery. Ratherthan using background music throughout, we used it only for the beginning and endingof the opening sequence. As for the other parts of the opening sequence, there wasdialogue between characters and exaggerated noises such as screams and a car engine
  3. 3. which are common within thriller films. By the girl screaming, it evokes endangermentand desperation to seek help. The contrast between the main male and femalecharacters shows the stereotypical view of how men are portrayed as being strong and incontrol and women as vulnerable and sometimes under the influence.To conclude, I believe we made a successful opening sequence by introducing ideas thatwill hint to the audience what the overall film will be about. Although, we had a numberof good ideas, we chose the best one that would be the most effective and portrayconventions of a thriller film. We also took into consideration the views of our targetaudience and what interests them. By doing this, we feel as a group that they will besatisfied and be enticed by the opening sequence.