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Company Profile Add

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Company Profile 1/1 Established in Rimini in 1972 through the initiative and determination of Giuliano Farotti, the brand FAROTTI ESSENZE refers to the production of fragrances to be used as raw materials in the perfume, cosmetic, detergent and cleanser industries, indeed, in any sector where scent can be considered an added value. Since 1992 the company has also produced flavours for the food industry.
  3. 3. Company Profile 2/2 Over its 30 year history, the company has developed and consolidated itself, becoming an important business of national and international importance. In the last 10 years new generations of the family have begun to take part of the managerial staff, bolstering and providing continuity to a firm that is not merely a commercial enterprise, but a lifelong project born of the great passion of its founder.
  4. 4. Vision Quality, reliability and service represent the guiding values and founding principles on which FAROTTI ESSENZE bases its business; creativity, technology and innovation are those elements which prompt it to a on-going improvement on the base of market trends and without ever loosing sight of its clients satisfaction.
  5. 5. Mission Customer represents the focus of Farotti Essenze attention: the primary goal of the company is to come into line with the olfactory preferences of its clients, to work together on a precise idea for a scent until a unique and original tone is achieved.
  6. 6. Know How With the support of a highly qualified and professional technical staff and a family-run structure that guarantees great flexibility, recognising the importance of technological innovation and research, adopting the most modern tools on the market and with passion and creativity, FAROTTI ESSENZE follows a personalised approach when serving clients, not only in terms of punctually addressing their specific unique requirements, but also by investing in human aspect of the relationship by fostering a creative and inventive dialogue.
  7. 7. Products 1/4 FRAGRANCES • Fragrances for COSMETIC – Fragrances for HAIR CARE – Fragrances for BEAUTY CARE – ... • Fragrances for PERFUMES (fine fragrances) • Fragrances for SOAPS • Fragrances for CANDLES • NATURAL Fragrances
  8. 8. Products 2/4 • Fragrances FREE FROM ALLERGENS • Fragrances for AROMATHERAPY • Fragrances for HOUSEHOLD DETERGENS • Fragrances for AIR FRESHENERS • Fragrances for HERBALIST products • Fragrances for PERFUMED TOWELS • Fragrances for TEXTILE industry • Fragrances for PHARMACEUTICALS
  9. 9. Products 3/4 • Fragrances for PAINTS, LATEX PAINTS, PASTES • Fragrances for CHEMICAL SPECIALITIES • ...etc. ESSENTIAL OILS FLAVOURS – Flavours for the FOOD industry • Flavours for sweets, candies, etc. • Flavours for ice creams • Flavours for drinks • ....etc.
  10. 10. Products 4/4 COLOURING AGENTS • Colours for COSMETICS • Colours for DETERGENTS (acid/alkaline) • Colours for OIL, WAX, SOLVENTS • Colours for RUBBER, PLASTIC • Colours for PAINTS • Colours for LEATHER • Colours for the FOOD industry • ...etc.
  11. 11. New international horizons 1/2 In order to improve its presence on the international markets, since January 2009 Farotti has been dealing with some new partnerships: • Syria and Jordan our new partner is SYNTECH MOTION GmbH. For direct contact in these regions please refer to ALARASHI TRADING Al-Jeser Al-Abiad Naceeb Al-Bakri street (Marzouk Building, 1° floor) DAMASCUS, SYRIA tel. +963 11 3311329 – fax +963 11 3310260 Contacts: Mrs Lama Orabi, Mr Haitham Alarashi
  12. 12. New international horizons 2/2 • Germany, Poland and Baltic States our new partner is AROMATICS SELECT, Germany. Contact: Mr Jörg Dietmar Schacht Mob. +49 (0) 172 429 3445 FOR ANY KIND OF INFORMATION DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US OR OUR PARTNERS!
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