Jab 2012 Solutions for creating Web Application by Octopoos #jab12
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Jab 2012 Solutions for creating Web Application by Octopoos #jab12

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Presentation during the great JandBeyond 2012 in Germany of a short analysis about solutions to build quickly an advanced web application.

Presentation during the great JandBeyond 2012 in Germany of a short analysis about solutions to build quickly an advanced web application.

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  • 1. Solutions for creating Professional Web Application 1
  • 2. The scopeIn main cases, Web Applications are built manually by using :  Direct programming language: PHP, ASP, JSP…  Framework/Platform/API:  Symfony2,  Joomla platform,  Drupal API… 2
  • 3. Disadvantages Time consuming Learning curves Reinvent the wheel each time!! 3
  • 4. WAB or Web Application builders Reduces time to product application Allows the re-use of Apps on any project Dream or Reality? 4
  • 5. Offline WAB Developed in C, C++, C#, Java AwareIM, NuBuilder, Zoho 5
  • 6. Offline WAB AwareIM Java Creation of Content Centric Web Applications Create « Business Object » defined by Attributes Attributes are not exactly a type of input in a form but more special cases 6
  • 7. Offline WAB Always cost money (licenses per computer) Don’t allow real time modification (use submit) This tools relate often to the generation of specific applications to manipulate internal data of companies (Application Databases). Publication and content display topics are not managed by these tools. It’s old school, it’s the past Very limited 7
  • 8. Online WAB 8
  • 9. Wordpress No content types, only one type of content: « Blog ». Define custom fields, which you have to select again on any content… Very basic Definitively not a WAB… 9
  • 10. Typo3 Between CMS & Portal (less pages but with a lot of content) Content elements are inserted in a page Content elements are not fields, but more like little applications included in the core A very light form builder Typo3 doesn’t manage the concept of content types Any extensions must be coded Just generic search Not a WAB 10
  • 11. Concrete5 Manages page types and allows the addition of attributes (few & basic). Attributes are not fields but more like little modules. A page type is the selection of HTML structure of the page Like WP, all turns around a unique « Blog » content type Includes a basic form extension Basic search features with one text field Not a WAB 11
  • 12. Joomla + K2 Creates « extra » fields and assigns them to a « Group » Assign a group of fields to a category Any content created in this category will have fields of the group assigned to the category Lots of « require » fields defined by K2 that you cannot hide Basic form features (no require, no validation rules…) For each contents, all « extra » fields values saved in JSON in one table field Basic search features  Not a WAB 12
  • 13. eZ Publish Manages « Class » (content types) defined by attributes (fields) Lot of attributes but always basic Basic generic search features, but EzFinder exists All attribute values are saved in a unique table… In 2011, extends its notion of packages to « Content Class Export » > export content types  Not a WAB, but in the right track… 13
  • 14. Drupal In Drupal 7, only CCK part in the core Content types (by default page & story) Import / Export Content types Drupal 6 had a separate table linked to one content type, no more in Drupal 7, all field values are saved in one table View module (Search & List features) Some advanced form features but not complete No interface to design contents & lists No “Application” concept Not a WAB, but in the right track… 14
  • 15. Joomla + SEBLOD 2 Form & Content Types List & Search Types Control of the storage for each fields (tables, JSON… multi format of storage) Multi-objects (Articles, Categories, Users, VM Products, Hikashop Product), can be extended Just 3 examples : a simulator, a form & a search The first real WAB 15
  • 16. So…What can be considered as Web Application Builder?Joomla + SEBLOD is the most advanced solution for makingapplications through a web interface and it allows to export andimport it in 1 click!Joomla + SEBLOD is the union between the best CMS architecture(OOP & MVC) and the best flexible tool to build Web Applications 16