Đề thi Tiếng Anh ôn luyện cuối học kì - Đề số 11


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Đề thi Tiếng Anh ôn luyện cuối học kì - Đề số 11

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Đề thi Tiếng Anh ôn luyện cuối học kì - Đề số 11

  1. 1. ENGLISH VIOLYMPIC CONTEST ONLINE – GRADE 11 – No 11 ĐỀ THI TIẾNG ANH TRÊN INTERNET – OLYMPIC TIẾNG ANH – LỚP 11 – ĐỀ SỐ 11 Bài thi số 11: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest. 1. A. removed B. washed C. hoped D. missed 2. A. books B. tables C. roots D. roofs 3. A. Feat B. Meat C. Nuclear D. Heat 4. A. men B. let C. pretty D. went 5. A. lose B. women C. prove D. movie Read the following passage and choose the correct answers. I was born in Newcastle, a city in the North East of England. Newcastle is on the bank of the River Tyne. It is quite big, with a population of about 200,000 people. There is a cathedral and a university. There are five bridges over the River Tyne, which link Newcastle to the next town, Gateshead, where there is one of the biggest shopping centres in the world. A few years ago, the main industries were shipbuilding and coalmining, but now the chemical and soap industries are important. I moved to London ten years ago but I often return to Newcastle. I miss the people, who are very friendly, and I miss the beautiful countryside near the city, where there are so many hills and streams. 6. Newcastle is______________. A. a city near the North East of England B. a small town in England ========================================================================= Tuyển tập đề thi Violympic trên mạng – có tại http://thiviolympic.com
  2. 2. C. a city in the North East of England D. a city in the North of England 7. The population of Newcastle is______________. A. 200,000 people B. much less than 200,000 people C. much more than 200,000 people D. about 200,000 people 8. Gateshead has one of______________ in the world. A. the largest rivers B. the most important shipbuilding industries C. the most beautiful countrysides D. the biggest shopping centres 9. According to the passage, the writer______________. A. is still living in Newcastle B. has never returned to Newcastle C. doesn't live in Newcastle any more D. has come back to live in Newcastle 10. Which of the following is NOT true about Newcastle? A. Its people are friendly. B. Its main industry now is shipbuilding. C. It has a cathedral and a university. D. It is next to Gateshead. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions. 11. She never smiles, _______? A. doesn’t she B. does she C. will she D. would she 12. Not only John but also his friends _______ also in debt. A. was B. were C. has been D. have been 13. The police haven’t yet found the car _______ was in the accident. A. which B. which it C. it which D. it 14. Are you good _______ repairing cars ? A. for B. to C. with D. at 15. Dinosaurs became _______ millions years ago. A. polluted B. dangerous C. exist D. extinct 16. John was the first man_______ the top of the mountain. A. to reach B. reaches C. reached D. reaching th 17. The Vietnamese participants took _______ in the 14 Asian Games with great enthusiasm. A. notice B. notes C. part D. role 18. Hunting for meat and burning forests for soils_______ wildlife. A. protect B. conserve C. destroy D. survive 19. People say he won a lot of money on the lottery. A. He is said that he won a lot of money on the lottery. B. He won a lot of money on the lottery, it is said. C. He is said to have won a lot of money on the lottery. D. He was said to win a lot of money on the lottery. 20. Neither Jill nor her parents_______ seen this film before. A. have B. has C. having D. to have 21. Either John or you_______ responsible for the things that happened. A. is B. was C. were D. has been A. Choose the underlined word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that needs correcting. 22. If you work hard, you would be successful in anything that you do. A B C D 23. Any passenger travel to Cambridge should sit in the first two carriages of the train. A B C D ========================================================================= Tuyển tập đề thi Violympic trên mạng – có tại http://thiviolympic.com
  3. 3. 24. Never in the history of humanity there have been more people living on this relatively small planet. A B C D 25. An increasing number of office works use computer programs as daily routine. A B C D Complete the sentences by adding the Tag Questions. 26. You did not read anything about the space, _______________? 27. You have ever heard about Yuri Gagarin, ________________? 28. You can hardly answer this question, ___________________? 29. I am on duty today,__________________________________? 30. Nobody helps me to send this document to my office, ______________? Rewrite the following sentences by using the relative clauses (who, whom, which, whose. . . ) 31. The woman smiled. I was looking at her.  The woman__________________________________________________________________ 32. The flat is very dirty. He lives in it.  The flat_____________________________________________________________________ 33. I lie in a house which was built a century ago.  I lie________________________________________________________________________ 34. He was the first man who told me the truth.  He was_____________________________________________________________________ 35. The road which connects the two towns is very narrow.  The road____________________________________________________________________ Rewrite the each of the following sentences as directed. 36. Many people believe that Thomas will win the race.  Thomas ____________________________________________________________________ 37. Many people believe that God created the world.  God _______________________________________________________________________ 38. It is said that many people are homeless after the floods.  Many people_________________________________________________________________ 39. People believed that fresh air was bad for sick people.  Fresh air ____________________________________________________________________ 40. It is said that the man robbed the stone of $ 3,000 in cash.  The man ____________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------ ___________________o0o___________________ Mời thầy cô và các bạn vào http://thiviolympic.com để có tất cả các Đề thi Violympic Giải toán trên mạng năm học 2013 - 2014 – Hay tất cả các thông tin - Hướng dẫn giải mới nhất của lớp học này xin gửi về tieuhocvn@gmail.com ========================================================================= Tuyển tập đề thi Violympic trên mạng – có tại http://thiviolympic.com