Austin Home Builders Association Presentation


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Austin Home Builders Association Presentation

  1. 1. how sales people can use social networking lani rosales new media lab @laniar,
  2. 2. social media is not like email, it's like the phone. @laniar,
  3. 3. sales people must follow certain cultural guidelines... @laniar,
  4. 4. first guideline: don't be salesy. @laniar,
  5. 5. second guideline: return favors. @laniar,
  6. 6. be steve jobs, don't be billy mays. @laniar,
  7. 7. who would you rather engage socially? @laniar,
  8. 8. listen, listen, listen, then respond quickly. @laniar,
  9. 9. enough theory, let's talk about tangibles. @laniar,
  10. 10. get your pens ready... @laniar,
  11. 11. first , who should you reach out to, and how should you market? @laniar,
  12. 12. realtors are a major asset. @laniar,
  13. 13. use social networks to communicate with the media. @laniar,
  14. 14. make alliances with other industry professionals. @laniar,
  15. 15. reach out by putting social networks on print materials. @laniar,
  16. 16. think of your efforts as traffic directing. @laniar,
  17. 17. most importantly: cross-pollinate all of your efforts. @laniar,
  18. 18. now, how should sales use twitter ? @laniar,
  19. 19. on-sites should talk about specific homes available. @laniar,
  20. 20. on-sites should give people trivia, and be brand passionate. @laniar,
  21. 21. on-sites should talk about resident events, functions and staff. @laniar,
  22. 22. national could talk about newly opening communities. @laniar,
  23. 23. national should give people data- national sales, spending, etc. @laniar,
  24. 24. national can highlight top sales people and promote on-sites. @laniar,
  25. 25. now, how should sales use blogging ? @laniar,
  26. 26. on-sites might highlight available homes. @laniar,
  27. 27. on-sites might highlight staff - sales, construction, etc. @laniar,
  28. 28. on-sites could cover local news like bonds, voting locations, etc. @laniar,
  29. 29. national should be a stat resource for real estate bloggers. @laniar,
  30. 30. national can show the human side of the company. @laniar,
  31. 31. national should educate buyers, talk about what it takes to build a home. @laniar,
  32. 32. now, how should sales use facebook ? @laniar,
  33. 33. set up a *complete* fan page, invite realtors and locals. @laniar,
  34. 34. pipe in blog content, always add value. @laniar,
  35. 35. have wall discussions and invite people via inbox to participate. @laniar,
  36. 36. use facebook events to invite locals and realtors to functions. @laniar,
  37. 37. national should set up a *complete* fan page. @laniar,
  38. 38. national should pipe in blog content. @laniar,
  39. 39. national could highlight and share content from on-sites. @laniar,
  40. 40. now, how should sales use linked-in ? @laniar,
  41. 41. on-sites can answer questions on the subdivision or construction. @laniar,
  42. 42. create a powerpoint show, upload to slide share = commercial. @laniar,
  43. 43. national can be answer questions in the community also. @laniar,
  44. 44. national can post jobs and review potential employees. @laniar,
  45. 45. national can also create a linked-in info show. @laniar,
  46. 46. national can share files, especially for employees. @laniar,
  47. 47. national can poll consumers instantly. @laniar,
  48. 48. none of this is rocket science but it does take work. @laniar,
  49. 49. and if you get stuck, there's a lot of help out there! @laniar,
  50. 50. [email_address], @laniar @laniar,