Soc media and ICT in MFL


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Presentation for Routes into Languages Student Ambassador Training

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  • Helena Butterfield 2010
  • Soc media and ICT in MFL

    1. 1. Social Media and ICT in MFL Helena Butterfield
    2. 2. Objectives today• To know how MFL teachers are using Social Media and ICT• To know about some websites that could be used with pupils to use their languages• To have a go at using some of the tools we have found out about
    3. 3. 1. Wordle: Create word clouds
    4. 4. C’est quel film?
    5. 5. 2. Image
    6. 6. 3. Tagxedo:
    7. 7. Uses and ideas Introduce a topic Introduce, learn, memorise, revise or practice vocabulary Analyse the content and gist of a longer text Compare two texts at different levels Help pupils how to do a presentation without reading from a sheet Use key words as a writing promt Pupils create a “Key Words” wordle
    8. 8. 4. Wallwisher: Create a wall of sticky notes
    9. 9. Revision
    10. 10. Key points from aworkshop
    11. 11. Plenary
    12. 12. Collaboration
    13. 13. 5. Linoit:• Social Media and New Technologies in MFL• Favourite ICT tools for MFL
    14. 14. Other uses• Brainstorming ideas• Share success criteria• Revision• International projects• Collaboration for you across different centres
    15. 15. 6. Voicethread: Upload a picture People can record themselves People can write comments Voicethread link
    16. 16. Ideas for use• Spontaneous speaking• Prepare for presentations• Collaboration• Creative speaking / writing
    17. 17. 7.Voki: Create a talking avatar• Use for Speaking Assessments• Create one account for all pupils to access• Make the sound recording in Audacity before they make the Voki
    18. 18. 8. Toondoo•Easy to make•Pupils can create their own accounts•Choice of layouts
    19. 19. 9. Go Animate:•Pupils create their own accounts•Give specified number of slides to create•Pupils can email you the URL of their video Video
    20. 20. 10. Storybird:• Write a book• Develop creative writing• Some MFL teacher have already made several Storybirds which can be found here:
    21. 21. How to do it
    22. 22. 11. Glogster: accounts available)
    23. 23. 12. Make a mindmap•••
    24. 24. Sharing work• Via a blog –• Via a wiki – http://micheleneurope.wikispaces. com/
    25. 25. More informationThe Langwitch Chronicles:http://helenbutterfield.netEmail: helenabutterfield@gmail.comTwitter: @Langwitch
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