Translation: It's a funny business.
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Translation: It's a funny business.






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Translation: It's a funny business. Translation: It's a funny business. Presentation Transcript

  • Translation: It’s a funny business. A SlideShare presentation from Language I/O
  • Oops! What does that say? Picture Source: Content is key. Allowing people to fully understand the content, is even more crucial. All food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy, so what is this message up above supposed to say, and am I missing out on vital information? If the message did say what it’s supposed to, should I be looking for it in other areas as well? An error that seems silly may actually have not-so-silly effects…
  • If translation mistakescan be madeon small projects, how many, and how bad can it get, with big projects? There are errors that are kind of cute… And then there are technical errors that aren’t so cute… Picture Source:
  • “Pepsiwillbringyourancestorsbackfromthedead.” Sorry Pepsi lovers, it won’t. But, had the slogan been translated correctly, you would have read: “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation.” Much better! Though, not quite as amusing… Other notable goodies include: • Denmark airline office: “We take your bags and send them in all directions.” • Switzerland menu: “Our wines leave you nothing to hope for.” • Italian translation: SchweppesTonic Water became “SchweppesToilet Water.” Translation Error Source: Lost: Correct brand message If found:We’ll never underestimate the power of translation again.
  • Translationmistakescanbeentertaining,butforthe companiesaffectedbythem,they’renotsofunny. Whydomistakeshappen? Becausetheworldof translationcanseemconfusinganddaunting,butit doesn’thaveto…
  • TenCommon MythsAbout Translation Quality CourtesyofNatalyKellyofSmartling: common-myths-about-tr_b_3599644.html  Bigger is always better.  All I need is a translator.  More translators will result in better quality.  Pitting one provider against another keeps quality in check.  Getting a “back translation” will ensure quality.  Bilingual employees will provide me with helpful quality feedback.  Translation quality control works well.  My source content has no impact on quality.  Technology should be avoided.  When you ask for a “translation” you’ll get the same thing from everyone.
  • But,you’restillnot100% comfortablewiththetranslation process.What now? Myths busted!
  • Options in Translation Services  MachineTranslation  Cloud-BasedTranslation  FullTranslation Service When should you use one, or the other, or capitalize on all three? Here’s a great breakdown on the pros and cons for each in different situations: services/
  • “It is important to understand that without language no other social institution can function properly.” ArticleSource: With translation…  Our massive world becomes a small global village.  Your business, products, and services become more comprehensible and accessible to a larger audience.  You can attract a global, diverse customer base.
  • Translation: It can be a funny business, but it can also lead to serious business! +1 (781) 990-1282