Scott Abel presents: Video Storytelling


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Scott Abel presents: Video Storytelling

  1. 1. Scott AbelThe Content Wrangler @scottabelWednesday, May 29, 13
  2. 2. Scott, May 29, 13
  3. 3. ONE FREE TICKETVALUED AT $1850Wednesday, May 29, 13
  4. 4. “It Gets Better” featuring Apple employees; campaign for The Trevor ProjectClick here for Video LinkWednesday, May 29, 13
  5. 5. Stories help us understand how our world works.What are stories?‣ Stories are patterns; almost always aboutpeople and problems‣ The most common pattern involves herosconfronting trouble; struggling to overcomeadversity‣ Stories = character(s) + predicament(s) +attempted extrication(s)Wednesday, May 29, 13
  6. 6. Storytelling is a way of organizing information.What is storytelling?‣ Storytelling is an amazingly powerful way ofconveying emotion, often by improvisation orembellishment‣ It is most often used by parents, teachers,and information professionals to makeinformation accessible to others‣ Storytelling is used to entertain, educate,preserve cultural and moral values, and tobuild communityWednesday, May 29, 13
  7. 7. We’re wired for them. The human mind is a story processor.Why stories?‣ Case in point: The Wason Selection Task‣ Solved correctly by fewer than 10% of peoplewhen presented as a logic puzzle‣ Solved correctly by 70-90% of people whenpresented as a storyWednesday, May 29, 13
  8. 8. There are seven archetypal themes that recur frequently.7 Types of stories‣ 1 Overcoming the monster‣ 2 Rebirth‣ 3 Quest‣ 4 Journey and return‣ 5 Rags to riches‣ 6 Tragedy‣ 7 ComedyWednesday, May 29, 13
  9. 9. 1 Overcoming the monsterThe underdogs take the stage‣ Us vs. the machine‣ David vs. GoliathWednesday, May 29, 13
  10. 10. American Express Small Business Sunday1 Overcoming the monsterWednesday, May 29, 13
  11. 11. 2 RebirthReappearing after a decline‣ Back to basics‣ Renaissance‣ Revival‣ RegenerationWednesday, May 29, 13
  12. 12. Chipotle: Return to the traditional approach to farming2 RebirthClick Here for Video LinkWednesday, May 29, 13
  13. 13. 3 QuestOn a mission to change things for the better‣ Research, investigation‣ Seeking a better solution, improvementWednesday, May 29, 13
  14. 14. IBM: Making a smarter planet3 QuestWednesday, May 29, 13
  15. 15. 4 Journey and ReturnMoving from one place or idea to another; growth‣ Literally, a voyage, trip‣ Figuratively, maturing or developingWednesday, May 29, 13
  16. 16. Expedia: Find your story - Understanding4 Journey and ReturnWednesday, May 29, 13
  17. 17. 5 Rags to RichesRising from poverty to wealth‣ Obscurity to fame‣ Youth to maturityWednesday, May 29, 13
  18. 18. Chrysler: My Son Steven5 Rags to RichesWednesday, May 29, 13
  19. 19. 6 TragedyAn unhappy ending, usually involving the main character‣ Drama showcasing the consequences of atragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability tocope with unfavorable circumstances‣ Is best used to illustrate an unhappy, butmeaningful endingWednesday, May 29, 13
  20. 20. St. Johns Ambulance6 TragedyWednesday, May 29, 13
  21. 21. 7 ComedyAn unhappy ending, usually involving the main character‣ Dramatic work featuring a light, humorousand/or satirical tone‣ Irony, derision, wit are used as tools to attackor expose folly, vice, or stupidity‣ Is best used to illustrate a happy ending or toconvince the viewer that something isuntrue, incorrect or erroneousWednesday, May 29, 13
  22. 22. Kotex GenerationKnow Project7 ComedyWednesday, May 29, 13
  23. 23. Some additional approachesOther Archetypes‣ 1 The music video‣ 2 Explaining how to‣ 3 Simplifying complexity‣ 4 The plot twistWednesday, May 29, 13
  24. 24. 1 The Music VideoA short film integrating a song and imagery‣ An excellent marketing device‣ Animations, live action, documentaries‣ Is best when the lyrics are catchy orotherwise well-known‣ Often used in a hybrid approach; combinedwith other archetypesWednesday, May 29, 13
  25. 25. The London Metro: Safety campaign1 The Music VideoWednesday, May 29, 13
  26. 26. 2 Explaning How ToAssists in understanding how to perform a task‣ Provides needed detail‣ Reveals relevant facts, ideas‣ Meant to be helpful‣ Best used to convey basic instructions ordirections to someone seeking to do orunderstand how something worksWednesday, May 29, 13
  27. 27. CommonCraft teaches us how to prepare for an emergency2 Explaning How ToWednesday, May 29, 13
  28. 28. 3 Simplifying ComplexityMake something much easier to understand‣ Provides less complicated instructions thanother mediums‣ Reduces to the basic essentials‣ Is clear, concise and well organized‣ Best used to help others understandcomplicated processes, situations, products,or ideasWednesday, May 29, 13
  29. 29. Common Craft explains how information technologies work3 Simplifying ComplexityWednesday, May 29, 13
  30. 30. 4 Changing MindsDesigned to reverse or alter opinion‣ Designed to open minds to new ways ofthinking or behaving‣ Can be a major force for change‣ Often uses a delayed “ah-ha!” moment‣ Can be effectively used to alter individualbehavior, shift public opinion, create socialchangeWednesday, May 29, 13
  31. 31. Real stories used to dramatically shift public opinion4 Changing MindsWednesday, May 29, 13
  32. 32. Let’s start withdefinitions...Wednesday, May 29, 13
  33. 33. Seems straightforward, but it often is notStrategic video storytelling‣ What do we mean by strategy?Wednesday, May 29, 13
  34. 34. A method or plan designed to bring about a desired futureWhat is strategy?‣ Goal-oriented‣ Part art, part science (mostly science/math)‣ At it’s most basic, it’s how you will marshallyour resources to accomplish your goals in themost effective and effecient way possibleWednesday, May 29, 13
  35. 35. The lifeblood of your organizationWhat is content?‣ All the information used to run your business‣ Whitepapers, webinars, research papers,infographics, training, sales literature,brochures, slide decks, on-hold messages,advertisements, blog posts, tweets,photographs, podcasts, videos and so muchmoreWednesday, May 29, 13
  36. 36. Content strategy is a repeatable system that governs themanagement of content throughout its entire lifecycle.What is content strategy?‣ Content strategy is about envisioning thefuture of content.‣ It deals with the planning aspects of managingcontent throughout its lifecycle, and includesaligning content to business goals, analysis,and modeling. It influences the developmentWednesday, May 29, 13
  37. 37. Content strategy is not about implementation.What content strategy is not‣ The development, management, and delvieryof content are the tactical outcomes of acontent strategy that need to be carried out inorder for the strategy to be effective.‣ Content strategy is NOT about style guides,fonts, tone, voice, blogs, branding, webinars,tweets, clicks, friends, fans, or followers.‣ Content strategy is NOT content marketing ...not even close.Wednesday, May 29, 13
  38. 38. A clear, concise and easy-to-understand vision of the future.What is vision?‣ Your vision should be encapsulated in astatement that spells out, unambiguously,what you want your content to help youaccomplish in the future.‣ And, it should include specific measures youwill use to determine successWednesday, May 29, 13
  39. 39. Vision statements are needed to measure success.Sample vision statements‣ “Create and distribute content that helps usbecome the largest retailer (by sales volume) ofsmartphones to Latin Americans living in theUnited States by end of fiscal year 2014.”‣ “Develop and distribute content that help usimprove customer satisfaction scores by 30%and reduce returns by 20% by Q1 2015.”Wednesday, May 29, 13
  40. 40. A technique designed to drive profitWhat is content marketing?‣ “Content marketing is a marketingtechnique; a way of creating and distributingrelevant and valuable content to attract,acquire, and engage a clearly defined andunderstood target audience, with theobjective of driving profitable customerinteraction.”Wednesday, May 29, 13
  41. 41. Wednesday, May 29, 13
  42. 42. Scott, May 29, 13
  43. 43. ONE FREE TICKETVALUED AT $1850Wednesday, May 29, 13