IKEA Marketing Campaign Presentation


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IKEA Marketing Campaign Presentation

  1. 1. MyIKEA Marketing Campaign The Dunkin’ Donuts Chris Lewis, Laney Lewis, Josh Lyon, Adriana Richards, and Lauren Sarama
  2. 2. Purpose ● Establish a campaign that informs students and parents about the new IKEA location in Waltham, Massachusetts
  3. 3. Objectives ● Raise awareness of upcoming IKEA store opening in Waltham, MA ● Create buzz about furnishing solutions to college students and parents ● Establish customer base ● Increase traffic in store ● Encourage repeat purchases
  4. 4. Research & Planning ● In-Depth Interviews ○ Organizing on a budget ○ Shopping at one location ○ Sought inspiration online/social media ● Secondary Sources ○ ○ Interactive websites ■ Good customer reaction ■ Better brand recall 5 Stages of consumer buying process ■ Information search ■ Purchase decisions
  5. 5. Examples of Interview Questions 1. Which brands do you perceive as Ikea’s top competitors? How do you perceive the Ikea brand in comparison with the competing brands? 2. When in the market for new furniture, where do you usually start your shopping process? Do you turn to social media sites or friends/ family for advice? 3. When living in a dorm or apartment, what are some things that you want to keep organized? Where do you go to find the necessary furniture to accomplish this? 4. Would the ability to purchase several products and transport them in compact fashion nullify the negative aspects of assembly? Is the ability to purchase multiple items at once in one trip important to you?
  6. 6. 5 Stages of Consumer Buying Process
  7. 7. Budget IKEA Marketing Budget 12% Development of MyIKEA 3% E-mail Marketing 30% 55% Social Media Marketing Brand Ambassadors
  8. 8. Budget ● 55%- Development of MyIKEA ○ ○ ○ Partnering with AutoDesk Homestyler Hiring a website manager Monitoring MyIKEA accounts and QR-codes ● 30%- E-mail marketing ○ ○ ○ Hiring of graphic designer, copywriter and HTML designer Purchasing of listserv from data mining company Hiring of email service provider
  9. 9. Budget ● 12%- Social media marketing ○ ○ Hiring of social media account manager Monitoring click-through rates ● 3%- Marketing via brand ambassadors ○ Hiring of brand ambassadors ○ Printing flyers ○ Making “IKEA man” costume
  10. 10. Strategy ● MyIKEA: an interactive website that allows students to design their dorm room ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Partnered with AutoDesk Homestyler Provides layouts of rooms Full IKEA inventory to choose from Ability to create dream room from a computer Way to create account and save designs Able to bring or upload design at IKEA and get directory of furniture in the store
  11. 11. Strategy
  12. 12. Strategy ● Drive consumers to MyIKEA using Facebook, Twitter, and email ○ #MyIKEA ○ Share designs of rooms with friends, family, etc on social media ● Create buzz about campaign with college brand ambassadors “IKEA Man” mascot ■ Peak curiosity and drive customers to investigate website ○ Talk to students and parents at orientations ○ Increase traffic in store ○
  13. 13. Tactics ● Create customer account ○ Ideas will be saved ○ Able to upload design at IKEA or print out design ○ Able to click “buy” and purchase furniture that they chose for their layout ○ QR code- scanned when go to IKEA to get directory of furniture ● Room Design ○ ○ Able to design room with IKEA furniture and see how the furniture will look in the dorm layout Correct dimensions of dorm rooms
  14. 14. Evaluation/Measurement of Success ● Click-through rates ○ ○ How consumers arrived at site How long they committed to site each visit ● MyIKEA account ○ How many accounts created ○ Track customers progress ○ Account becomes inactive...Automated e-mail system to remind them of inactive account ● Kiosks ○ Measure how many customers use QR-code
  15. 15. Summary ● Reach out to potential consumers early through e-mail and brand ambassadors ● Drive consumers to MyIKEA through Twitter and Facebook ● Communicate advantage of using MyIKEA ● Make purchasing products convenient using MyIKEA ● Create customer loyalty through personalized service
  16. 16. Conclusion • We believe that our campaign will drive heavy traffic to the new store in Waltham, Massachusetts because of its engaging nature and convenience
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