UX Worksheets: Opportunity Statement, Persona 4x4


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Print-your-own worksheet templates for creating an opportunity statement and persona 4x4. For instructions on how to facilitate these activities, please also download the UX Recipe cards at bit.ly/ux-recipe

These materials are part of the "The Collaborative UX Designer's Toolkit" workshop presented at UX London, May 30 2014.


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UX Worksheets: Opportunity Statement, Persona 4x4

  1. 1. SOLUTION PROBLEM (have this problem) (people with this behavior) (short sentence describing key features) We will know we've succeeded when (qualitative and/or quantitative metric) UX London 2014bit.ly/uxL-worksheets @thinknow
  2. 2. segment & Sketch Details Activities Pain Points UX London 2014bit.ly/uxL-worksheets @thinknow