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Business Relationships that Last: 5 Steps to Transform Contacts into High Performing Relationships
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Business Relationships that Last: 5 Steps to Transform Contacts into High Performing Relationships


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Over half the market value of Fortune 500 companies today is contributed by intangible assets. The intangible assets comprised of customer, employee and supplier relationships are sometimes referred …

Over half the market value of Fortune 500 companies today is contributed by intangible assets. The intangible assets comprised of customer, employee and supplier relationships are sometimes referred to as Relational Capital. The Relational Capital of companies is so important and valuable that investors will pay a large premiums to own shares of these companies.

Three essential qualities—credibility, integrity, and authenticity: the distinctive DNA of outstanding business relationships—converge to create high levels of Relational Capital in business relationships.

These essential qualities, when leveraged properly will:

* Provide access to business and career opportunities that generate income
* Attract people and business opportunities to you
* Generate referrals and repeat business
* Create a network of people that can offer help and resources to you
* Make your life and career more enjoyable

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  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. Today I’ll demonstrate how the Landslide Sales P3 System helps your sales team increase sales volume. First, I’ll take you QUICKLY through a few slides to set up our discussion and then we’ll launch the Landslide Sales P3 software. We are just a few minutes from launching the demo. Landslide Technologies was created with a singular goal: to help companies build world-class sales organizations that produce results consistently. Producing more sales is our singular focus; data capture and data integration are the mundane parts of the application. NEXT SLIDE
  • NOTES The GoToWebinar attendee interface is made up of two parts. The Viewer Window is where attendees see the presenter’s screen. The Viewer Window can be resized by clicking and dragging the lower right corner. The Control Panel is where attendees can interact with organizers. Click 1 and 2: Clicking the arrows on the Grab Tab opens and closes the Control Panel. Click 3: Audio pane provides audio information. If the organizer has given attendees a choice, there are two options. Attendees joined via VoIP (Use Mic & Speakers) need speakers to hear and a microphone to speak if unmuted. Click 4 and 5: Attendees joined via telephone must punch in their Audio Pin on their telephone keypad so that organizers can unmute them if desired. Click 6: Attendees can communicate with organizers through the Questions box. This is also where answers and broadcast messages are received. Click 7: Clicking the hand icon on the Grab Tab raises and lowers attendee’s hand. Click 8: In the View menu, uncheck “Auto-Hide the Control Panel” if attendees want their Control Panel to remain open.
  • Sales P3 Overview – let’ explore some myths and facts… Most people don’t think about ‘process’ and ‘production’ when they think about sales. When it comes to sales, most sales managers are resigned to the fact that 20% of their sales force is going to produce 80% of the results. The debate about sales being practiced as an ‘art’ vs. a ‘science’ continues relentlessly. The promise of technology enabling companies to ‘clone’ their top producers has also stayed a promise. However, the past few years have seen a consistent highlighting from experts of the need to streamline sales and selling processes. Research studies have shown that process-centric sales teams outperform sales teams that depend entirely upon the native talent of their sales executives. These companies also exhibit higher value, volume and velocity of deals than companies that still regard sales as a mysterious science. Just as Henry Ford transformed automobile production from a system where each car was built individually, sales leaders and experts agree that it is time salespeople stopped working on each deal in their pipeline as a unique deal. They need to adopt the principles of a uniform, well-defined selling process executed consistently by the entire sales team to streamline the conversion of more leads to deals i.e. apply the principles of manufacturing to Sales.
  • This slide shows empirical data gathered from the results of our customers using Landslide Sales P3.
  • We speak to hundred of sales executives like yourself every month and many have expressed concern over the effectiveness of their sales teams. Here are some common challenges they have shared with us. Which of these would you say are the most critical for your team? Is there anything else that I may have missed or are there any other objectives you’d like to cover? Great, so Landslide Technologies helps sales executives address the sales challenges and goals like the ones identified here with a particular focus on sales teams selling BtoB offerings. NEXT SLIDE
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating Relational Capital Ed Wallace – The Relational Capital Group
    • 2. GoToWebinar Attendee Interface 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel
    • 3.
      • “ People buy from people they _________________________________!”
    • 4. Strategic Paradox
      • 88% of executives – relationships are the key to success
      • <5% “think about strategically”
          • Source: Candice Bennett and Associates
    • 5.  
    • 6. Relational Capital
      • The “ distinctive value” created by people in a business relationship
      • “ the little extras…”
    • 7. Essential Qualities of Relational Capital Credibility Integrity Authenticity Relational Capital
    • 8. 5 Steps to Transform Contacts into High Performing Relationships
      • Establish Common Ground
      • Display Integrity and Trust
      • Use Time Purposefully
      • Offer Help
      • Ask for Help
    • 9. RC Value Creation TM Process Offer Help Ask for Help Establish Common Ground Display Integrity & Trust Use Time Purposefully
    • 10.  
    • 11. RC Value Creation TM Process Acquaintance Establish Common Ground Display Integrity & Trust Purposeful Use of Time Offer Authentic Help Help Requests Establish Common Ground Display Integrity & Trust Offer Authentic Help Purposeful Use of Time Professional Peer Help Requests Respected Advisor
    • 12. Max’s Approach = Real Business Performance!
      • Customer loyalty
      • Increased revenue per ride
      • More frequent trips
      • Competitor proof
    • 13. Think “relationship first” during all of your interactions!!!
    • 14. Thank You Max!!!
    • 15. Throughout his twenty-five-year career as a number-one sales producer and vice president of business development for a firm that grew from $1 million to over $120 million in revenue, Ed Wallace learned that creating outstanding business relationships is the true secret to success. In his most recent book, Business Relationships That Last (Greenleaf, 2009), Ed illustrates his relationship-building principles through real-life stories, examples, and insights gathered from his success as a sales leader, and shows his readers how to establish and maintain successful business relationships. Ed was a Teaching Fellow at Drexel University's College of Business, where he earned his MBA, has a B.S. in Accounting (cum laude) from Villanova University, and a CPA designation in the State of Pennsylvania. He is currently on the advisory board of DeVry University. Ed resides in Philadelphia with his wife Laurie and their two children. Meet Ed Wallace
    • 16.
      • Customizable Sales Process by Industry, Sales Culture, Product and Mode
      • Identifies the best selling practices for your organization
      • Make process central to the everyday sales activities of your team
      • Selling and Conversation Tools
      • Monitoring and Research Tools
      • Buyer Management Tools
      • Outsource Data Entry to a Sales Assistant
      • Expert Guidance during the Sales Cycle
      • Pipeline Management Support
      Landslide Sales P3 System – Sales Production System
    • 17. Landslide Industry Recognition
        • Gartner Group
          • “ Magic Quadrant 2009 - Visionary Sector”
          • “ Magic Quadrant 2008 – Visionary Sector”
          • “ Magic Quadrant 2007 - Visionary Sector”
          • “ Cool Vendor of the Year 2007”
        • Frost and Sullivan
          • “ Innovation of the Year 2007”
        • Small Business Technology Magazine
          • “ Product of the Year 2007”
        • CRM Magazine Award
          • “ One to Watch 2008”
          • “ One to Watch 2007”
    • 18. Thank You!
      • Want to start building your own Sales Production System? Use ProvenPath , our free Sales Process Builder tool that helps you build your own comprehensive sales process
      • Go to now to register! As a companion to ProvenPath, download our free sales process builder kit! Visit http:// /content/builder
      • Contact us: Phone: 1-866-450-8522 Email: [email_address] Web :
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