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Green roofs & green walls lai confrence 110511_jonathan grealy

  1. 1. Green Roofs & Green Walls
  2. 2. Gardens -1992 •Permiculture •Composting •Home produce Sustainability Urban Hippies www.p lant u p .n et .au
  3. 3. Sustainable Urban Environmental Developments • Sustainable development BCC • Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today’s generation without compromising future generations. As one of Australia’s largest cities, we have a global responsibility in dealing with greenhouse gas emissions, use of fossil fuels and climate change. • Council’s Sustainable Built Environment Policy • The built environment refers to the constructed and modified surroundings that provide the primary setting for human activity. It includes buildings, roads, pipes and drainage as well as parks, gardens and green spaces.
  4. 4. 1000m2 - ¼ Acre Lot www.p lant u p .n et .au
  5. 5. The courtyard is the new backyard www.p lant u p .n et .au
  6. 6. 10 individual AC Units ? Small eaves No natural shading www.p lant u p .n et .au Increased hard surfaces and dependence on Air conditioning
  7. 7. Heat Island effect = Reduced air quality
  8. 8. www.p lant u p .n et .au Are plants the answer?
  9. 9. Plants are good for you. Plant treatments - Reductions in negative -feeling scores: • Anxiety -37% • Anger -44% • Depression -58% • Fatigue -38% • Confusion -30% • Total negativity-65% • Overall stress -50% Professor Margaret Burchett University of Technology Sydney www.p lant u p .n et .au
  10. 10. • Reduce Heat Island effect • Reduce Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) • Benzene,Toluene,Ehlbenzene, Xylene • Reduces Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide • Give back Oxygen. www.p lant u p .n et .au Plants improve air quality
  11. 11. Benefits • Green roofs and Greenwalls mitigate urban heat island effect • Lower energy consumption and Green house Gas emissions • control stormwater run-off • reduce sound reflection and transmission • lower heating and cooling costs • as well as sustain local wildlife and increase biodiversity • Improvement of health and well-being www.p lant u p .n et .au
  12. 12. From Grey to green integrated FromGreytoGreen Integrated www.p lant u p .n et .au
  13. 13. www.p lant u p .n et .au Retrofit
  14. 14. Challenges www.p lant u p .n et .au
  15. 15. 12mths after construction www.p lant u p .n et .au
  16. 16. New building methods - Applications www.p lant u p .n et .au
  17. 17. CR Land Green Tech Showroom Cr Land Guanganmen Green Tech Showroom Beijing Vegetation used as insulation
  18. 18. OUTrial House www.p lant u p .n et .au The building is actually carved out of a hill and uses the displaced grass for the roof. Simple in design, the square OUTrial House has concrete walls and its usable green roof is accessible from within the house.
  19. 19. www.p lant u p .n et .au OUTrial House
  20. 20. www.p lant u p .n et .au OUTrial House
  21. 21. www.p lant u p .n et .au Located in Golden Gate Park, the 2.5 acre green roof is rectangular when observed from above. From the ground, however, several large spherical elements are visible. Located within these elements are a planetarium and rainforest. Also, circular skylights are distributed over the surface of the roof, allowing natural light and ventilation into the spaces below. California native greenery is used to keep maintenance low. Californian Academy of Sciences
  22. 22. www.p lant u p .n et .au California Academy of Sciences
  23. 23. www.p lant u p .n et .au
  24. 24. What’s coming • Modern engineering creates vast possibilities www.p lant u p .n et .au
  25. 25. www.p lant u p .n et .au Gardens by the Bay Singapore Singapore is becoming a world leader in Greenroof & Greenwall technology and this project will showcase plants intergraded into the architecture.
  26. 26. Zaha Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza Design Park and Plaza will contain a design museum, library, and educational facilities. Influenced by Korean paintings, the garden will contain reflecting pools, lotus ponds, pebble beds, and bamboo groves. The fluid shapes of the building, lacking sharp angles and fuse with the garden to create an organic feel.
  27. 27. www.p lant u p .n et .au
  28. 28. www.p lant u p .n et .au Zaha Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza
  29. 29. www.p lant u p .n et .au Big TED Cube Building
  30. 30. www.p lant u p .n et .au Aptly named, this BIG creation in Taiwan looks like a cube-shaped black hole out of a sci-fi movie. Recessions throughout the building might give the impression of a portal to another world but in actuality lead to open areas that allowing people to walk through. BIG's futuristic creation will not be barren: on top of the 57-m-high building will be a grove of trees encircling a rooftop performance area, which will provide a naturally cooled public park.
  31. 31. Big TED Cube Building www.p lant u p .n et .au
  32. 32. PLANTUP