Lander Academy - Peep Laja's How to build websites that sell


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Peep gave us a really useful checklist to increase the conversion and sales of your websites. With this presentation you will see how to improve your site site and which mistakes you can avoid.

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Lander Academy - Peep Laja's How to build websites that sell

  1. 1. Building a website that converts A systematic approach to conversion optimization Peep Laja, ConversionXL
  2. 2. Introduction• Peep Laja – ConversionXL, Markitekt• Real estate in Dubai, TV in UK, SEO in Panama, niche sites, SaaS• How to get business results from your site
  3. 3. • Design is not art• Designer is an engineer• Function over aesthetics
  4. 4. GOAL?
  5. 5. Conversion optimizationis the science of doingmarketing better
  6. 6. Scientific approach,not personal opinions
  7. 7. It all starts withresearch.What’s working right now?What’s not working?What do the users wantand how do they want it?
  8. 8. Web analyticsHeat mapsUser surveysUsability testsFunnel analysis
  9. 9. Which factors makea site convert better?
  10. 10. Customer personas
  11. 11. Motivation and relevancy• Target relevant people• Join the conversation in the customers’ mind• Ads and landing pages need the same message• Does your offer solve a problem the customer has?
  12. 12. Understand buyingphases• Don’t ask for the sale too soon• Create paths for people in different phases
  13. 13. Engagement• Join the newsletter• Subscribe via email• Follow us on Facebook• Take part• Win!
  14. 14. Value proposition• What exactly are you offering?• How is it better or different from other similar offers out there?• How do I benefit?• Who is it meant for?
  15. 15. Clarity• Where am I?• What can I do here?• How is this useful?• How exactly does this work?
  16. 16. Our Point of Sale Systems Integrate Hardware,Software and Internet Social Media Marketing IntoOne Giant Revenue Super System.
  17. 17. Friction• Too long or complicated process• Don’t understand what to do• Ugly website• Complicated language• Lack of information• Insufficient evidence• Fears, doubts, uncertainties
  18. 18. 4 main reasonswhy people don’t buy
  19. 19. Urgency• Time limitations• Quantity limitations• Contextual urgency (Christmas, Mother’s Day)
  20. 20. Distraction and noise• Every single page should have a single Most Wanted Action• Is it clear what the user should do next?• Does the page have something that is not related to the action we want users to take?• What can we remove?
  21. 21. Checklist• Customer personas• Clarity• Friction• Motivation and relevancy• Urgency• Distraction and noise• Value proposition• Engagement
  22. 22. We can’t know (100%) in advancewhich design, copy or layout will work the best. WE HAVE TO TEST IT
  23. 23. A/B testing vsmultivariate testing
  24. 24. Main things to test
  25. 25. Offer
  26. 26. Headline
  27. 27. Button size and text
  28. 28. Principles• Clarity trumps persuasion• People don’t care about you. They care about themselves.• Less is more• The best sales copy is the one that provides full information.
  29. 29. Thank you• Follow me @peeplaja• Visit