Dutch Cadastre, UNECE/WPLA Conference, Frank Tierolff LLM


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Dutch Cadastre, UNECE/WPLA Conference, Frank Tierolff LLM
Director of Land Registration and Land Consolidation
Cadastre, National Land Registry and Mapping Agency

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Dutch Cadastre, UNECE/WPLA Conference, Frank Tierolff LLM

  1. 1. Dutch Cadastre Unece/WPLA Conference Programme Frank Tierolff LLM Director of Land Registration and Land Consolidation Cadastre, National Land Registry and Mapping Agency 1Short introduction CadastreChain integration, electronic conveyancingKey registers 2 1
  2. 2. 4The Netherlands The Netherlands 5 6 2
  3. 3. Our customers Central government Provincis Notaries Estate agents Municipalities Water boards Kadaster Private citizens Public utility companies Insurance companies Financial institutions Statistics Netherlands Ministry of Spatial Planning, Housing and the Environment 7 Information flows between Cadastre and user groups Notaries Estate agents Water boards Municipipalities Other Kadaster 8 Chain integration & Automated processing of deeds 3
  4. 4. Steps in automated processingDraw up Scanning Updating Land Land Copy Transport index deed deed Cadastre Register register Electronic delivery Automated processing 10Chain integrationEasier – Quicker - Cheaper• Enhance quality• More efficient process• Costreduction 11Consist of• Automated inquiry• Stylesheets• Watchdog 12 4
  5. 5. Automated processing of deeds notary kadasterDrawing up Kadaster-on-linedeed Watchdog Updating Register Completion and authentication Check 13 Automated inquiry • Information from Land Registry directly into clients system • Based on webservices (SOAP / XSD) 14 Stylesheets1th part of deed Deed• Based on Stylesheet• Contains all essential information Stylesheet for registration To Land Registration ....................... (database) ....................... To Public Conditions Register2nd part of deed• Free format text• Describing conditions 15 5
  6. 6. Prerequisites• Stylesheet checked by Registrar• Customer software accommodates use of stylesheets• Notary needs to sign an agreement concerning liability 16Watchdog• Subscrition on specific parcel object• Sends signal when deed comes in concerning the parcel• During 6 months• Based on webservices XML 17Objectives and resultse Conveycing (operational)• Simple working procedures• Fast legal transactions• Earlier transfer of purchase priceAutomated processing (in progress)• Options for computerised processing and signaling (partly standardized deed and free text)• Improved efficiency (e.g. watchdog for changes)• Less errors due to standardisation• up to 40% lower (cadastral) fees• Even faster transactions• Possibly longer business hours 18 6
  7. 7. Automatische akteverwerking NIEUW: Geautom. rechercheren en ‘Watchdog’ Elektronische Hypotheek Elektronisch afhandeling akte aanleveren Banken Notariaat Kadaster NIEUW: Geautomatiseerd verwerken NIEUW: Elektronische meldingen inschrijving• Administratieve lastenverlichting: 40% korting bij geautomatiseerde verwerking akten• Sneller• Hogere kwaliteit 19 Short introduction Cadastre Chain integration, electronic conveyancing Key registers 20 Relations in e-Government (geoloketten, 2008) 21 7
  8. 8. What Key Registers do we know? • Key Register on Persons • Trade Register • Key Register on Addresses and Buildings • Cadastre • Key Register on Large Scale Topography • Key Register on Vehicles • Key Register on Income (TAX) • Key Register on Social services • Key Register on Real Estate Value (WOZ) • Key Register on Small Scale Topography • Key Register Sub Surface22 22Workshop 4.5 SDI in national government. Dutch geographic key registers 12 Fundamental Conditions of a Key Register • Regulation and established by Law • Obligation to report errors or other irregularities. • Obligation to use • Liability • Finance • Content well defined • Procedures and standards for data distribution • Accessibility • Quality Assurance • Obliged involvement • Relations between key registers • Control and responsibilities23 23Workshop 4.5 SDI in national government. Dutch geographic key registers Key and other nationwide registers Key Registers Future Possible future Other nation-implementation (2007-2009) Key Registers Key Registers wide registers Cadastre Topography Vehicles Expatriats Spatial plans (Small scale) Employees & Sub Soil Elevation Persons Companies & Social security Organisations Taxes Topography Roads (Large scale) Buildings Addresses Valuation of Underground Restrictions Real Estate Cables and Pipelines 24 8
  9. 9. Kadaster information hub in eGovernment• Key register cadastre• Key register topography• Distributor public restrictions• Distributor building and address information i f ti(Possible) future tasks:• Distributor large scale base map• Distributor planning/zoning information• Distributor valuation information• Distributor sub-soil information 25 Public Services •E-Government by 2015: 50% of citizens using eGovernement, with more than half om them returning filled in forms •Cross-border public services: by 2015 online availability of all the key cross-border public services contained in the list to be agreed by Member States in 2011 26 Single registration of authentic data Key register = Authentic registers • Single registration of authentic data • Mandatory re-use of the data by all governmental bodies • Citizens do not have to supply data over and over again • Known quality and source of data Plus: • Information architecture for government data • Generic infrastucture components 27 9
  10. 10. Key registers Most important or ‘core’ key registers: • PERSONS: register of personal records (held by municipalities) • COMPANIES: trade register (held by chambers of commerce) • LAND REGISTER: cadastral registers and maps • TOPOGRAPY register of geographic i f TOPOGRAPY: i t f hi information ti • BUILDINGS: register of buildings • ADDRESSES: register of addresses GBA BAG Persons Natuurlijk Building Gebouw persoon Address Adres Topography Topografie BRT Companies Niet -natuurlijk - Parcel Perceel persoon/bedrijf 28 BRK NHR Other key registers Four other key registers:  Register of cars  Key register of salaries  Key register of revenues  Key register of property valuation (WOZ) Candidate key registers:  Register of non-residents  Large scale base map of the Netherlands  Data on the Dutch subsurface (geological information) 29 Core Key registers link together ADDRESS 98 BUILDING PERSON PARCEL LOCATIONMAP 30 10
  11. 11. 12 Core components of a key register 1. Regulation and established by Law 2. Obligation to report errors or other irregularities 3. Mandatory use by public bodies 4. Liability 5. Finances 6. Content well defined (public catalogue) 7. Procedures and standards for data distribution 8. Accessibility 9. Quality Assurance 10. Obliged users’ involvement 11. Relations between key registers 12. Governance and responsibilities31 31 eGovernement and Key Registers • Improving services for citizens and businesses • Increasing governement efficiency and effectiveness • Decreasing administrative burden and fraud In the Netherlands: • Ministery of the Interior coordinating body • National Program in place: - basic infrastructure (key registers, access/authentication, data exchange, information nodes) - services 32 Legal system of key-registers • Separate law for each key-register • Mandatory use of key-data in public sector • Agreed upon use of technical facilities (authentication, data-transfer, etc.) • Agreed upon use of standards • Agreed upon eGovernment architecture • Financed through government budgets Implementation 2005 – 2015… ! (Land Administration key register since 1-1-2007) 33 11
  12. 12. Geometrical relations Issue of the user Key register Geometry of building Buildings&addresses Key Register Cadastral map Land Registry Key Register Topography Topography Large Scale Base Map of the Netherlands Subsoil 34Added Value of GIS in Key Registers 35 12