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Cross Border Electronic Conveyancing, Wim Louwman, President of the European Land Registries Association
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Cross Border Electronic Conveyancing, Wim Louwman, President of the European Land Registries Association


Cross Border Electronic Conveyancing, Wim Louwman, President of the European Land Registries Association. Presentation to the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration 2012,

Cross Border Electronic Conveyancing, Wim Louwman, President of the European Land Registries Association. Presentation to the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration 2012,

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  • 1. 2-10-2012 CROBECO (CROss Border Electronic Conveyancing) secretariat@elra.eu CROBECO 1 • Project ended July 2012• Aimed at alternative cross border conveyance process that should contribute to   better cross border service of documents (art. 81 TFEU)• Developed a Cross border Conveyance Reference FrameworkBased on:‐ experiences pilots Netherlands /Spain i il N h l d /S i‐ desk research Netherlands/Portugal‐ discussion with other stakeholders in three conferences‐ advices Universities of Maastricht (Netherlands), Valencia (Spain), Coimbra  (Portugal) Cross border Conveyance Reference Framework Choice of home country legislation foreign buyer: ‐ for contractual obligations (Rome I, EC 593/2008) ‐ for non contractual obligations (Rome II, EC 864/2007) Choice of jurisdiction home country courts (Brussels I, EC  44/2001) Contract of sale in home country language Contract of sale by home country conveyancer Only possible when submission of foreign deeds is allowed 1
  • 2. 2-10-2012 Submission of foreign documents Results questionnaire ELRA: submission possible in 50% of the MS.Recent Supreme Court of Spain:Foreign documents comparable to demanded documents in Spain have to beRegistered, regardless of formal differences.Arguments among else:-f d freedom of t f transfer of goods ( ti l 1462 of th S f f d (article f the Spanish Ci il C d ) i h Civil Code);- EU tendency to avoid duplication of formal requirements;- Commission’s Green Paper Less bureaucracy for citizens. Pitfalls for foreign conveyancers (1)a. Different system for Land Registries:- title system, (foreign conveyancer can rely on output from the land register);- deeds system, (foreign conveyancer has to scrutinize the deeds).b. Foreign languages in Land Register:- if EULIS MS, translation in English for all plots available ;- If non-EULIS MS, translation in English on demand of specific plots.Deeds systemsCCRF: on demand positive (title) statement registrar in English. Pitfalls foreign conveyancer (2) Land registers no info about: - public limitations (for example public domain with restrictions for new buildings); - public obligations (for example obligations to clean up polluted soil). To be collected from Municipalities or other governmental bodies 2
  • 3. 2-10-2012 Pitfalls foreign buyer  (3)Differences cadastral/legal boundaryCadastral (taxes) boundary: spatial data collected by surveyorLegal boundary:- description in words based on visual boundary marks (you buy what you see inthe field);- changes because of prescription. g p pNeglecting differences could lead to neglecting public limitations/obligations Pitfalls foreign conveyancer  (4) Electronic communication Different types of process: - eLodging (digital duplicate/ original on paper); - eRegistration (lodgement of documents in electronic format only); -eConveyancing (paperless transactions through all stages conveyance process). Interoperability: -Format Format -Electronic signatures -Time stamping CCRF: principles of good IT governance and best practices ELRA Member States Support for foreign CROBECO conveyancers Repository with clauses: ‐ demanded for registration; ‐ optional protection against unknown  legislations Glossary with explanations of national legal terms. R f Reference information about legal i f ti b tl l systems (ELRN). Helpdesk to: ‐ fulfil  formalities; ‐ collect non Land  Registry info. 3
  • 4. 2-10-2012 Neutral position registrars/notaries Does not judge desirability of European law Notaries have  a duty to inform parties about possible law choice  (Common Principle 2.4 of the European Notarial code of conduct) Registrar has to support conveyancer, who because of law choice has to deal with a legislation he is less familiar with: CROBECO II Specialized CROBECO conveyancers in home countries of foreign buyers. Support for CROBECO conveyancers by implementing: - repository of clauses; - glossary with explanations of national legal terms - helpdesks in countries with many foreign buyers Start with buyers from England/ Netherlands of property rights in Portugal/Spain CROBECO in practice, a fake example Mr Smit Mr Fraud Seller Country accepting foreign deeds BuyerBuyer and seller both Dutch  agree on contract of sale  4
  • 5. 2-10-2012 Deed in Dutch and foreign language Contractual and non contractual obligations based on Dutch legislation Jurisdiction of Dutch court Mr Fraud Smit Seller Buyer Dutch notary public: ‐ just around the corner; ‐ who speaks Dutch .Notary public Electronic Foreign Land Register Smit has to pay overdue taxes Home country court order (Rome 1 , Brussels 1): mr. Fraud has to pay 5
  • 6. 2-10-2012 The soil is polluted Home country court order: Fraud must pay for cleaning up because of Rome 2, Recital 30 (culpa in contrahendo) and Brussels 1 Smit misses a tennis court Cadastre boundary Legal boundarySmit claims non performance, court order concerning retransfer with delaypenalty and paying back purchase money. 6