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Charlie steak and scott nobles a love that knows no bounds
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Charlie steak and scott nobles a love that knows no bounds


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. INTRODUCTIONThis story was first created as part of theArchibull competition. The aim of Hurlstone’sentry was to instruct and inform the viewerabout sustainable agriculture. We believe thatthe balance between farmers and developersis essential in our society and integral as apart of sustainable agriculture. This story waswritten as an extended metaphor as itpersonified the fibreglass steers that weremade into our artwork.
  • 2. This is the story if the love that bloomed between two young steers,Scott Nobles and Charlie Steak. This story has all the elements of agood love story; romance, passion, intrigue! But be warned, this isnot a happy story.Like all good stories, this one began in a fibreglass factory. Charlieand Scott suddenly found themselves in a state of existence butbefore they were able to come to terms with this unusual turn ofevents they were put onto a truck (not that they knew what atruck was) and sent to Hurlstone Agricultural High School. “Hello,” said Scott. “Hi,” said Charlie. And that was it. An instant connection. Such immediate, easy conversation is not the norm and while the steers did not know much about this world, they knew they had found something worth holding onto.
  • 3. Weeks passed and the steers sat idle in the Art faculty whilethe amazing, dedicated and undervalued Art teachersattempted to convince, coerce and threaten the students topull their collective fingers out and actually do something.Meanwhile, the love between the two deepened. They frolickedaround the Art quad, lost in their love. They were that kindof couple that sickens all present with their over the toppublic displays of affection, but luckily for them they had nopeers miming a gag reflex and so they were carefree andhappy.The Art teachers soon learned of the torrid affair andattempted to end it. They dragged Scott and Charlie all aroundthe school in an attempt to tire them out enough that theywould forget about each other. But such love is not so easilydiscouraged. One stormy afternoon they met in the Art roomand decided that they needed to do something.
  • 4. “We need to do something,” said Scott.“I agree,” agreed Charlie.“See, we’re, like, totally in sync, this is why I love you baby!”“I know right, I love you so much babes! By the way that whitelooks great on you!” As usual, they got carried away by the incredibly intellectually stimulating conversation they shared, and forgot all about their predicament. And then… the painting started.
  • 5. Scott was thrilled with his new look, and was so preoccupiedhe wasn’t talking to Charlie nearly as much. Charlie noticedand tried to confront him.“Scott! You never talk to me anymore!”“Well it’s a bit hard when I have your butt in my face...” Scottpointed out.“I’m just worried that while you’re getting painted you’llforget about me. That you’ll change,” confessed Charlie softly.“I won’t change,” Scott assured him.“You might! Things change… people change… hairstyleschange… interest rates fluctuate…we flatulate...” “I won’t.” Scott reassured him.
  • 6. With his insecurities about their relationship put to rest, workbegan on Charlie.The painting was slow at first, but began to gather momentum asthe deadline approached with increasing speed. Finally, after twodays of intense painting, after which many students will not beable to look at a straight edge or farmyard animal withoutsuffering severe psychological effects, the two steers werecomplete. And by golly gosh, did they look great.“By golly gosh, you look great!” exclaimed Charlie. “All thosestraight edges really suit you! So chic!” “You look good too! Those farmyard animals… wow!”
  • 7. And so the mental health of the Hurlstone students and Artteachers suddenly seemed a reasonable sacrifice, just to seeCharlie and Scott so happy. Little did they know at the time,their happiness was to be short-lived.I told you that this was not a happy story. If you want, youmay stop reading now and imagine that the two steers livedhappily ever after together, however this is not whathappened. You have been warned.
  • 8. Not 12 hours after the conclusion of the painting, theconstruction of the scales commenced. Charlie and Scott werebeing brought close to one another and were, of course,thrilled with this process, but then suddenly it stopped. Theywere placed a metre away from each other and althoughthey didn’t know it at the time, were never to be closer everagain.Holes were drilled, harnesses were attached, hydroponicsystems were installed and before the steers knew it they weretwo feet above the ground, for the rest of eternity. After theirinitial panic the steers soon became used to their fate and wereable to discuss it.
  • 9. “I’m sorry Charlie,” said Scott. “I feel like this is all my fault.”“Don’t be ridiculous!” exclaimed Charlie. “You didn’t strap usup to these things.”“No, I mean about us, about us not being together anymore. Ifeel like if I hadn’t shown you what true love was like, youwouldn’t feel so bad about what has happened.” Charlie shook his head.
  • 10. “I’m not the first fibreglass steer that has been sent to aschool to be painted for an Art competition only to fall inlove with his equally emasculated counterpart and thenmade in to a sculpture which demonstrates the balancerequired for sustainable agriculture as well as being aworking hydroponics system.”“When you say it like that,” said Scott. “It allsounds like some bored year ten studenthaving too much fun writing a story...” “I’m serious! Everyone else who has been in my situation has survived and I’m sure we will too.”
  • 11. And so this story comes to its conclusion, with two steersparted by fate but bound by a love so strong that noteven a couple of slightly insane Art teachers could comebetween them. They spent the rest of eternity looking intoeach other’s eyes and seeing themselves reflected in thesoul of the other.
  • 12. The End