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Innovtec key personnel

  1. 1. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles Innovation Technology Partners, Inc. EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT TEAM Ron Aarts – Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aarts has over thirteen years experience in the laser scanning technology. He was with Cyra Technologies when they developed and introduced the world’s first laser scanning system in 1998. He has achieved global recognition for his expertise in the technical, marketing, and business aspect of the utilization of 3D laser imaging. Mr. Aarts has managed major scanning projects around the world in a wide range of industries and applications. Mr. Aarts was responsible for worldwide training and technical development of laser scanning clients and technical representatives of Leica Geosystems. He was responsible for a staff of application engineers and trainers at Leica Geosystems HDS, Inc., San Ramon, California. Leica Geosystems acquired Cyra in 2001 and has maintained its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D laser scanning systems and point cloud processing software. For eight years Mr. Aarts was a member of the executive management team developing and selling 3D laser scanning (high definition surveying) and imaging systems to new market segments worldwide. His first role at Cyra was managing sales for the western region of the United States. He quickly moved to national and international responsibilities. In a sales role Mr. Aarts made the first commercial sale and the first multiple-order sale of laser scanners, consistently exceeding sales targets. He was instrumental in creating the marketing and sales strategy, and introducing the laser scanning systems to developing markets in North America, UK, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand. He recruited, engaged, and developed a domestic and international dealer network for Cyra. He negotiated dealer agreements and was responsible for the training of dealers and customers in the operation and deployment of this new laser scanning technology. He developed programs to educate over 300 client companies worldwide on how to effectively use and sell the value proposition of the technology to their customers. During this time he managed the sales and marketing activities of over 40 major dealers worldwide. In addition, he was responsible for applications engineering, training, and product applications for the company. Mr. Aarts has also been instrumental in developing many significant improvements in the hardware and software aspects of the company’s product line as well as its use, calibration, and accuracy as he was a member of the development team for the HDS 3000 scanner, the precursor to the new C10 scanner. Mr. Aarts was formerly the president and CEO of Optira, Inc. one of the leading laser scanning service providers in the United States. He is currently president and CEO of Innovation Technology Partners, Inc. (InNovTec) an international 3D imaging and laser scanning service provider and professional engineering services company He continues to lead the industry in the utilization and application of 3D laser scanning and as-built documentation. Throughout his career, Mr. Aarts has demonstrated management and leadership expertise in managing large complex projects in a complex environment. He has established strategies, led turnaround efforts, and integrated diverse cultures in the fast-paced high-growth area of high- technology manufacturing, technical service, and software development. He has proactively developed responses to changes in technology, market development, and competition. In the course of his assignments, he has been responsible for all aspects of business development and operations, including strategic planning, P&L, product/service development, project management, marketing, sales, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational development. Education: BS Degree - Marketing and Statistics School of Business and Technology - Oregon State University, 1966; Three years mechanical engineering and material science, School ofInNovTec Experience Profile Page 1 of 8 Rev 1’20/07 RA
  2. 2. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc. Engineering, Oregon State University; MBA Management California State University – Hayward, 1975; Advanced studies in naval architecture and marine engineering – US Coast Guard. Professional Associations: Mr. Aarts is currently an active member of two ASTM technical committees – Committee E57 on 3D Imaging Systems and E11 on Quality and Statistics, and is a member of the following ASTM sub-committees: • E57.01 Terminology • E11.30 Statistical Quality Control • E57.03 Best Practices • E57.02 Test Methods • E57.04 Data Interoperability • E11.20 Test Method Evaluation and Quality Control • E11.10 Sampling / Statistics Mr. Aarts’ participation in these committees enables him to participate in the development of industry standards and to keep abreast of the latest developments in the 3D imaging technology. Mr. Aarts has 13 years experience managing a wide range of major 3D imaging and laser scanning projects around the world including the following categories: process plants; historical preservation sites; archeological sites; shipbuilding and repair; nuclear facilities, oil refineries, water treatment plants, roads and highways; bridges; cinematographic productions; chemical plants; clean-room facilities; residential and commercial buildings; dams and locks; military ordnance recovery sites; vehicles; and raceways. Major Scanning Projects Managed: The following are a sampling of the major laser scanning and 3D documentation projects performed under Mr. Aarts’ management and direction: • Good Samaritan Hospital – San Jose – As-exists documentation of facilities plant for major renovation of boiler room and pump rooms (Devenney Group Architects & HCA) • SFO International Airport – San Francisco, CA - Scanning of interior and exterior of Terminal 1 and Baggage handling systems of international Terminal (ScanWorks) – 2011 • United Spiral Pipe, LLC. – Pittsburg, CA Precision measurements and diagnostics for remediation measures for spiral pipe welding system. 2010 & 2011 • VA Hospital – Los Angeles, CA – (ScanWorks) Scanned 600,000 sq ft of internal building areas of a major hospital renovation project • Pier 15 – The Exploratorium – Extensive laser scanning and 3D documentation of 800 ft long pier and under-pier pilings (Nibbi Bros. Construction) – 2010 & 2011 • Kaiser Hospital – Palo Alto, CA – Topographical documentation & surveying (Rudolph & Sletten) 2010 • Chevron Corporation – Building 1 and Building W – San Ramon, CA – Laser scanning and as-built documentation for major renovation project (Swinerton Builders) 2011 • Wilcox High School – Santa Clara, CA – Laser scanning & modeling of two story class room building (BFGC Architects & Swinerton Builders) 2010 • Southwest College – Los Angeles – Documentation of college laboratory – above ceiling documentation using laser scanning & imaging. (Pankow Builders) 2009 • UC Berkeley Memorial Coliseum – Berkeley, CA - Scanning and creation of Revit model of building façade (HNTB & Hunt Construction) 2008 • GSA – Brooklyn Federal Courthouse – Brooklyn, NY - Scanning and creation of AutoCAD models for renovation work. 2007 • GSA – New Bern Federal Court House – New Bern, NC - Scanning and creation of Revit models for renovation work. 2007 • US Dept of State – OBO – Guayaquil Ecuador Proposed Consulate Building complex- Scanning and creation of Revit models for renovation work. Topographic maps of 20 acre site. First creation of Revit model from point clouds. 2008 • US Dept of State – OBO – US Embassy Complex, Paris, France – Exterior scanning and creation of 3D models and 2D elevation drawings for flood mitigation report. 2008 • US Dept of State – OBO – Ambassador’s Residence, Paris, France – Exterior scanning and creation of 3D models and 2D elevation drawings for flood mitigation report. 2008 Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 2 of 8 Revised 7/25/11
  3. 3. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc. • US Dept of State – OBO – Tallyrand Building, Paris, France – Interior scanning and creation of TruViews and photographic documentation of as-is conditions for renovation work. 2008 • Oakland International Airport, Oakland CA – Scanning of interior and exterior portions of Terminal 1; including interstitial above-ceiling areas. Creation of TruView images and AutoCAD 3D models. Over 400,000 Sq ft. (Turner Construction) 2008 • Sutter Solano Hospital, Vallejo, CA – interior scanning including interstitial above-ceiling scanning and creation of TruView images of scanned areas for seismic retrofit project. (Degenkolb Engineers) 2007 • Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station – Arizona Public Service - Scanned and modeled six individual Essential Heat Exchanger Rooms in units one, two and three. These highly accurate models are used to validate the ability to remove a heat exchanger from one room, retool it and use it in another room. Scanned and modeled the Emergency Core Coolant System in response to NRC 2008-01. Created models from large, discontinuous areas on a separate floor. Connected piping between the Aux building and containment. Maintained relative error at +/- 3 mm. • Southern Nuclear Operating Services – (Nuclear Power Generating Stations) o Farley NGS - Scanned and modeled the Emergency Core Coolant System in response to NRC 2008-01. Created models from large, discontinuous areas on a separate floor. Connected piping between the Aux building and containment. Maintained relative error at +/- 3 mm. o Vogtle NGS - Scanned and modeled the Emergency Core Coolant System in response to NRC 2008-01. Created models from large, discontinuous areas on a separate floor. Connected piping between the Aux building and containment. Maintained relative error at +/- 3 mm. o Hatch NGS - 07/2008-10/2008 - Scanned and modeled the Emergency Core Coolant System in response to NRC 2008-01. Created models from large, discontinuous areas on a separate floor. Connected piping between the Aux building and containment. Maintained relative error at +/- 3 mm. • Santa Monica City Hall, Santa Monica, CA - Interior scanning, including interstitial above ceiling areas for seismic retrofit work. Production of TruView images. (Kajima Architects) 2006 • University of California – Boalt Hall Law School, Berkeley, CA – Scanning and creation of Revit models for renovation work. (Ratcliff Architects) 2008 • UCSF Medical Center – Above ceiling scanning & documentation into ACAD (Degenkolb Engineers) 2008 • Western Digital manufacturing facilities, Fremont, CA – Exterior scanning and creation of 3D AutoCAD models for seismic retrofit project. (Degenkolb Engineers) 2008 • Key Systems Building, Oakland CA – Interior and exterior scanning, TruViews, and creation of 3D AutoCAD models, 2D elevation drawings, and 3D model of BART station for renovation and reconstruction project. (Swinerton Builders) 2008 • Lawrence Livermore Laboratory – Scanning & as-built documentation of large building for seismic retrofit. (Degenkolb and Affiliated Engineers) 2008 • Magao Caves – Dunhuang China – Documentation of historic sites for the Chinese Depart of Antiquities 2001 • Hokkaido Archeological dig – Scanned historical site and archeological dig • SUNY – Archeological Site – Albany, NY 3D imaging of historical archeological site – Dutch Settlement on Hudson River • Shell-BP Prudhoe Bay Alaska – Scanned and documented sea-water processing plant (VEECO Engineers) • Korean Natural Gas – Pusan, Korea, Scanned and modeled LNG offloading facility at port of Pusan (WIPCO) Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 3 of 8 Revised 7/25/11
  4. 4. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.Lance G. Olsen – Sr. Vice President – OperationsLance Olsen has over 20 years of experience in heavy structural and civil surveying throughout the UnitedStates. He has worked on hotels at Walt Disney World as a member of Centex Rooney Construction Co.and spent over three years field surveying for the construction of Universal Studios Islands of Adventurewith Johnson Brothers Corporation. Lance’s main responsibility with JBC was to provide the high accuracysurvey layout of the foundations and structural steel anchor bolts for the Hulk and Dueling Dragons rollercoasters. He also served as Vice President for a central Florida surveying company and utilized hisexperience in high accuracy surveying to assist them with the construction survey of the Kraken rollercoaster at Sea World as well as the Wildfire coaster in Branson, Missouri. Prior to joining InNovTec, Lancealso performed field surveying duties on the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, Georgia and a largepower plant project for Florida Power and Light located in DeBary, Florida.Lance has been involved with 3D laser scanning for eight years and has been an integral part of mergingfield surveying practices and his extensive experience with high definition laser scanning. He has assistedin developing innovative workflows for major airport facilities throughout his career. Lance is also theacting field surveyor for InNovTec when needed.During Lance’s stint with ScanWorks, one of the more challenging projects that Lance has been involvedwith is the Terminal C project in Houston, where Lance combined a full multi-level high-definition scan withthe establishment of survey control and providing G&T Conveyor with control grid lines and vertical controlto ensure a smooth installation. He has completed similar processes in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati andPhiladelphia.Education 1982 –1983 University of Arkansas Little Rock, AR • General Studies 1979 –1982 United States Navy Camp Pendleton, CA • Hospital CorpsmanWork Experience 2011 – Present Innovation Technology Partners, Inc. Walnut Creek, CA Vice President – Operations • Responsibilities include project management primarily of field operations and acting liaison between client and InNovTec on-site activities. Also assist with project evaluation and estimating as well as contributing with sales and marketing. 2005 – 2011 ScanWorks Orlando, FL Director of Field Operations • Responsible for the successful completion of all field operations for ScanWorks. This includes high-definition laser scanning and supporting conventional surveying. Likewise, responsible for contributing to ongoing sales and marketing of the ScanWorks laser scanning service. 1999 – 2005 JMR Surveying Services, Inc. Orlando, FL Vice President • Responsibilities include daily operations management, marketing, and field supervision and project management. Personally surveyed the Kraken rollercoaster for SeaWorld and the Wildfire Roller Coaster for Silver Dollar City. Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 4 of 8 Revised 7/25/11
  5. 5. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc. 1995 – 1999 Johnson Brothers Corporation Orlando, FL Survey Party Chief • Survey party chief responsible for the layout of various buildings, bridges, infrastructure, and roller coasters at tolerances of ±3mm at Universal Studios, FL. Personally surveyed the Hulk and Dueling Dragon Roller Coasters for I.O.A. 1991-1995 Centex Rooney, Inc. Orlando, FL Survey Party Chief • Construction foreman and survey layout party chief responsible for project layout, as-built and other miscellaneous measurements.Summary of Experienced with:Qualifications 1. Proven experience in high-accuracy survey projects (Power plants, Roller coasters, etc) 2. Various Field Survey Equipment (Total Station, Survey Level, PLS5) 3. Certified Operator of various Leica laser scanning systemsPartial Project List 2011 - 2011 Grand Central Terminal Burns Engineering(Complete list available 2009 - 2011 San Francisco Intl Airport HNTBupon request) 2008 – 2008 Anchorage Int. Airport PCL ConstructionAnchorage, AK 2007 - 2007 Hilton Hotel Lowe EnterprisesWashington, D.C. 2007 - 2007 Baggage Handling System Orlando Int. AirportOrlando, FL 2006 - 2006 Baggage Handling System Bush Int. Airport Houston, TX 2005 – 2005 Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport G&T Conveyor Minneapolis, MN 2001 - 2002 Sanford Repowering Project Black and VeatchSanford, FL 2000 – 2000 Wildfire Roller Coaster Silver Dollar City Branson, MO 1995 - 1999 Islands of Adventure Universal StudiosOrlando, FLDaniel ChudakINNOVATION TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS, INC. 2009 – PresentVP Business Development - Responsible for technical and business relations withclients. He has over 14 years experience in the field of laser scanning and 3Dimaging and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to InNovTec.AGAVE CONSULTING, INC., Berkeley, CA 2007 – 2008Director/OwnerFounded consulting firm advising in development of new markets for innovative technologies to multi-national clientele in the AEC field. Used market knowledge and strong negotiation skills to effectively apply Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 5 of 8 Revised 7/25/11
  6. 6. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.$500,000 start-up, expanding business to Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Italy, and Spain. Built sturdy andsustainable partnerships by contracting and overseeing high-quality subcontractor teams and byexceeding clients’ expectations in end product and monetary returns. • Developed business plans that helped clients generate revenues of $150-500k/year in new business areas. • Improved clients’ existing work flows by integrating innovation and pioneering original concept of disruptive technologies. • Produced savings by accelerating workflows and introducing faster, more productive technologies.LEICA GEOSYSTEMS HDS (formerly Cyra Technologies), San Ramon, CA 1996 – 2007Director, Business Latin America; Director, Universities and Special Projects (2003 – 2007)Directed Latin American division as well as managed university program for world-class supplier ofadvanced 3D surveying, mapping, and spatial positioning systems with more than $40 million/yr divisionalannual revenues. Negotiated and headed three of five largest accounts worldwide. Determined standardsof use of 3D laser scanning technology for large owner operators, Petrobras, Pemex, and Repsol.Identified potential and penetrated markets in Russia and China for increased revenue. • Escalated company revenues 0% to 6% in Latin American market, boasting lowest cost of sale ration company-wide. • Increased yearly revenue 15% with self-created and managed Worldwide University Program. • Duplicated in six months projected annual revenue by implementing business strategy that was accepted as standard thereafter. • Consistently achieved and exceeded sales quotas, with emphasis on software productsDirector, Special Projects (2001 – 2003)Charged to streamline testing and release procedures by using strengths in high-pressure problem solvingand innovative techniques in management. Devised and implemented new software products andmanaged new and complex applications in 3D technology. • Reduced services and shipping costs $300,000 annually by defining quality of hardware procedures and eliminating DOA (dead on arrival) cases. • Reached $500,000 yearly sales in Italy, HDS’s second market worldwide. • Achieved 30% increase in software revenue participation by creating guidelines, ideas, and specifications for new products, contributing to company’s 20% yearly growth.Director, Technical Services (2000 – 2001)Entrusted as trainer and consultant for Cyra Technologies (now Leica), with 100 employees andinternational presence. Managed twelve customer support reps, trainers, and application engineers.Created Best Practices guidelines for 3D laser technologies. Oversaw beta testing program for hardwareand software and prepared pre-sales presentations and materials. • Increased yearly revenue $600,000 with training and consulting activities. • Secured $750,000 or 8% of company’s revenue by closing largest one time sale in company history.Manager, Technical Services (1998 – 2000)Appointed to lead multi-functioning eight-person team, providing product training, 3D laser scanningprojects, 2D and 3D modeling, marketing, sales, and customer support. Created methodologies andoversaw execution of innovative projects using laser scanning technology. Maintained customer relationsirregardless of troubleshooting problems with new technologies. • Gained $500,000 revenue by strategically implementing projects and training.Application Engineer (1996 – 1997)Recruited to train initial clients with hardware and software. Headed Beta Testing Program, managingcorresponding projects with U.S. Navy, Chevron, and Fluor Daniel. • Innovated implementation of 3D laser technologies, developed methodologies for use, and supported initial sales. Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 6 of 8 Revised 7/25/11
  7. 7. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.CYARK PROJECT- KACYRA FAMILY FOUNDATION, Orinda, CA 2003 – 2007Founding Team – Sr. ConsultantInstrumental founding member of 10-person non-profit organization working globally and collaborating with15+ universities and major corporate sponsors. Organized foundation to fund and head projects foradvanced 3D documentation of endangered cultural heritage sites. Contrived standards for technicalperformance and defined organization’s long-term goals and schematics. Managed organization’s initialprojects in Italy, Brazil, and U.S., and coordinated first international Cyark Conference in Salvador, Brazil. • Saved up to $85,000/project, maintaining $15,000 cost average by negotiating alliances. • Introduced Technology Centers that boosted local participation, engendering use of new technologies from within the foundation and at local level. • Gathered fifteen renowned international universities and garnered major sponsorship from Petrobras, one of Brazil’s largest companies, for international conference. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCEVisiting Professor, University of Ferrara, Dept. of Architecture, Ferrara, Italy (2007 – 2008)Project & CAD Consultant, Michael Willis & Associates, Architects, San Francisco, CA (1996)Lecturer, University of California, Dept. of Architecture, Berkeley, CA (1994 – 1997)Project Architect, Farhi Architects, Tel Aviv, Israel (1989 – 1994) EDUCATIONPhD. Student, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley, CA (1994 – 1998)MS in Architecture, TECHNION, ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Haifa, Israel (1986 – 1989)BA in Architecture, UNIVERSITY OF BUENOS AIRES SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTUREBuenos Aires, Argentina (1978 – 1983)Benedikt WolffINNOVATION TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS, INC. 2009 – PresentVP Quality Management - Benedikt is currently responsible for the integration ofprocesses between ASPs and Quality Assurance of project deliverables.Benedikt has a deep understanding of Laser Scanning, and has worked with thetechnology for over 14 years. As part of the founding team of Cyra Technologies and following onwith Leica Geosystems HDS, he defined essential workflows and developed laser scanning trainingprograms for the implementation and use of 3D imaging/laser scanning systems.Benedikt managed Leica Geosystems customer support operations all of Europe for five years andCustomer Support for the Asia/Pacific region for four years. During this time he assisted companies withthe use of Leicas full range of laser scanning systems and the use of the laser scanning technology forthe production of a wide range of deliverables. His expertise includes the development of workflows andprocedures for creating as-built drawings and intelligent graphical representations of civil engineeringsites, buildings, BIM, and process plant applications.One of the unique qualifications he has is his extensive involvement and skill in supporting a wide arrayof customers in the use of laser scanning technology in architectural design, building construction andrenovation, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processing plants, civil engineering applications, historicalpreservation, and many more applications.He is particularly skilled in working with companies worldwide to refine processes and execute laserscanning projects.Benedikt also managed the technical services group for Leica Geosystems HDS, developing bestpractices for a wide range of laser scanning projects.Technical Customer Support Manager (Europe) for Leica Geosystems HDS: Laser Scanning Level 3 project support (5 years) and for Asia Pacific (4 years) Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 7 of 8 Revised 7/25/11
  8. 8. InNovTec ® Personal Profiles - M anagement Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.Training Manager for Cyra Technology: Author of Laser Scanning training manuals. Over 40 basic and advanced one week classroom and on-site training session on use of Laser Scanning hardware and software.Retrofit of PowerPlant: As-built survey, Macau: As-built survey of interior spaces and equipment for$20m retrofit project. Three week project from 3D laser scanning data capture to 3D model and 2D plans.Project Manager, field work and data processing.Historic Preservation Survey: Heidelburg: Exterior 3D laser scan building survey to determinedeformation and gather complete as-built information. Two month project from data capture to 2D plans.Project consultant.Urban building density study, London: 3D Laser scan survey of inner city building site. One weekproject: data capture and processing. Project Lead: execution of survey and processing of dataInterior Building survey, Las Vegas: Construction verification of large interior building space. One weekproject: 3D laser scanning and creation of 2D plans / 3 model. Project Manager: execution of survey anddata processingProject Manager for Powerlight Corp.: Design and installation of building integrated Solar Power systemsArchitectural Planner for UCSF Planning Department: Space planning for large commercial medicalbuildings.Construction Manager for Architecture firm Van-Lom: Remodeling of commercial buildingsCAD designer for KSP Architecture firm: 2D / 3D CAD work for residential projectsTraining courses completed in: Project Management, Innovation Management, and ProductManagement as well as various CAD and 3D point-cloud processing programs.Education:BA in Architecture, University of California, BerkeleyCollege courses in Project Management and Innovation Management Copyright © 2011 Innovation Technology Partners, Inc.,InNovTec Experience Profile Page 8 of 8 Revised 7/25/11