Nothing from nothing

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Musical info on Billy Preston's "Nothing from Nothing"

Musical info on Billy Preston's "Nothing from Nothing"

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  • 1. Nothing From Nothing
    A Song By Billy Preston
    A PowerPoint By Lance Bird
  • 2. Billy Preston
    Born on September 9, 1946 in Houston, TX
    Played with Beatles and The Rolling Stones
    Two Number-One hits
    "Will It Go Round in Circles“ 1973
    "Nothing from Nothing“ 1974
    1975 – Guest Performer on first episode of SNL
    Kidney Transplant Surgery in 2002
    Died on June 6, 2006 in Scottsdale, AZ
  • 3. Nothing From Nothing
    Featured in his 1974 album ‘Kids and Me’
    Wrote it in a dressing room of an Atlanta nightclub
    Based it off the idiom
    Based on Preston’s
    gospel influence
  • 4. Intro 1
    Horn section playing riff with piano
    Accented by drum hits
    “Ow!” at the end of the Intro 1
  • 5. Intro 2
    Piano plays chords from verse
    Solo over top of chords
    Drum, guitar, and bass hits periodically
  • 6. Verse 1
    Piano playing straight chords
    Guitar comping with piano
    Bass line underneath other parts
    Bass with lots of chromaticism
    Piano solo line near end of Verse 1
    Horn hit marks end of Verse1
  • 7. Verse 2
    Guitar, piano and bass parts remain the same
    Horn line with pedal tones
    Singer sings same melody but different notes.
    Horn line near of Verse 2
    High Trumpet note marks end of Verse 2
    Banjo in background
  • 8. Verse 3
    Piano, bass, and guitar parts remain the same
    Horn and banjo still in background
    Higher horn line throughout the verse
  • 9. Interlude
    Piano solo
    Another piano comps chords like in previous verses
    Guitar and Bass still the same
    Horn pedal notes and riff from verse 2 towards the end
    Banjo still in background
  • 10. Verse 4
    Similar to verse 3
    Singer continues vocal line overtop horn line at end of verse
  • 11. Outro
    Similar to end of the other verses
    Horn lines dovetails into each other
    Piano similar to intro
    Gradual fade
  • 12. The End