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Commercial grade led solar lighting fixtures

Commercial grade led solar lighting fixtures



Commercial grade led solar lighting fixtures

Commercial grade led solar lighting fixtures



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    Commercial grade led solar lighting fixtures Commercial grade led solar lighting fixtures Presentation Transcript

    • Commercial Grade LED Solar Lighting Fixtures
      • NEW! LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures .
      • It is understandable for the general public to be skeptical of any new technology, and since the media seldom details scientific advancement accurately or with any degree of true detail, it is necessary for us, the experts, to break down the complex into understandable scenarios so the client can be informed enough to make a quality decision.  LED commercial solar lights can meet the needs of any facility in any application—yet this is something most facility managers and business owners still have not come to terms with yet.
      • The purpose of this brief essay is to equip you with some basic facts about the true value inherent in any type of commercial grade LED solar lighting fixture, be it an indoor light or an outdoor light.  Our hope is that this in and of itself will equip you to overcome objections you may encounter.  If not, we have some additional services we offer to our clients (at no additional charge, mind you), which touch on at the end of this article. 
      • Light quality
      • Many of your clients to may believe commercial grade solar LEDs are only decorative in nature or useful only as indicator lights in computers and engines.  The development of LED white light has changed all this, making it possible for both general purpose lighting and high-end lighting demands to be met by newer, improved, and ultra-sophisticated LED lamps and fixtures.
      • Thermal management
      • Many people also think that LEDs overheat too quickly and manage thermal demands poorly in comparison to other commercial lighting luminaires.  This is simply not true today, and was only partially true in the past.  Early attempts to create LED solar commercial grade lights involved fitting diodes to standard incandescent lighting fixtures.  This bad mix of old and new technology created the overheating problems---not the LEDs themselves.
      • Cheap retail LEDs may still consist of such designs, which is why RLLD only sells commercial grade LED solar lighting fixtures made specifically for operating LED lamps at cool temperatures. 
      • These lights are so effective they burn at lower temperatures to any other lighting source and actually have been known to cool building interiors enough that the HVAC works less and cost less to operate.
      • LEDs vrs. Fluorescents
      • You will meet people already sold on the idea of the latest and greatest fluorescent lighting because they too manage heat very well and use much less power than incandescent.
      • LED commercial grade solar lighting produces even less heat, uses even less power, and contains no mercury or toxic gases that can damage the environment.  LEDs are also fully dimmable and give you a broader spectrum of lighting effects if décor matters at all to your client.
      • Lighting Levels
      • Many businesses are convinced that LED commercial lights might not shine as brightly as more traditional technologies.  This becomes more of a myth every day.
      • LED Light bars in commercial indoor and outdoor light fixtures now are capable of producing levels of light comparable to almost all HID fixtures, and certainly equivalent in output to fluorescent and incandescent sourcing.
      • Limited Applications
      • Many also believe that commercial LED lights are small and can only be used indoors, or for limited decorative landscape lighting outside.
      • In reality, commercial LED light fixtures now provide illumination from everything from city streets to parking lots and parking garages.  Clients who were bold enough to invest in these fixtures have been pleasantly surprised, not only by the power savings they generated, but by the superior directional control commercial LED lights have demonstrated and by their negligible light spillage ratio (compared to 30% for HPS and other MH).
      • If you are still unsure if any of these LED light fixtures can truly meet your client’s needs, call us first before assuming otherwise, and we will be happy to provide you with a free photometric analysis and any all the technical information necessary for you to make a quality decision.  This photometric assessment will show your client exactly how much light they need in every square inch of their property, what fixtures are needed to produce that light, where these fixtures will be mounted, and how much power it will cost to operate the system.  This can be your strongest selling point for proposing LED, because it literally answers every question with mathematical and scientific fact combined with a visual that is easy to read and comprehend.