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Aseptic Packaging Machine
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We Sell Aseptic Packaging Machine and Aseptic Packaging Materials for the beverage industry except carbonated drinks. Featuring the unique in the market LamiCan 250ml: Ideal single-serving carton ...

We Sell Aseptic Packaging Machine and Aseptic Packaging Materials for the beverage industry except carbonated drinks. Featuring the unique in the market LamiCan 250ml: Ideal single-serving carton package with rounded paperboard body can that it perfect fits in the hand, effortless to open, easy to drink, trendy, excellent pouring properties, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Top notch technology on aseptic liquid packaging machinery & filling lines and packaging materials to brand owners, co-packers and manufacturers. Contact us for more details or visit our website.



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Aseptic Packaging Machine Aseptic Packaging Machine Document Transcript

  • trendy.innovative. Aseptic Liquid Packaging SolutionsLamican Oy Lamican Oy The rounded can is a perfect fit in the hand, effortless to open, easy to drink, trendy, Lempääläntie 18 B 37600 environmentally friendly and ideal for high quality 250ml premium brands and +358201270400 premium segmented niches. It has a large surface for brand communications and +358201270430 imagery, the shaped round provides one continuous design surface, virtually endless possibilities for surface materials and different printable surface materials, colours, foiling, etc. The packaging material communicates an ecologically aware brand, fully recyclable with other household cartons, production of used raw materials produces less CO2 emissions and consumes less fossil fuels.The package is clean and reflects its contents, it is an impermeable, aseptic package that has a positive effect on your product, less additives needed, retains vitamins and other nutritional values for entire shelf life, retains good taste and appearance/colour, a totally risk-free package. The saving starts as soon as the can is sealed. The packaging improves your product’s shelf life and eliminates risks and costs related to the cold chain…decreasing over all costs between canning and consumption. No cold chain required for transportation and for placement in stores. Flexible for outdoor sales and promotions, etc., increased shelflife up to 6–12 months, Durable “on-the-go” structure.
  • With almost 30 years of experience in the market Lamican Oy, established in 1986, Lamican is considered as one of thethree top worlds largest companies obtaining independent intellectual property rights of paper aseptic liquid packagingtechnology. We are located in the beautiful country of Finland, the land of the real Santa Claus and the land of beautifullakes and aurora borealis, we are in the second largest and one of the oldest city of this beautiful country: Tampere.Specialized in paper cylinder liquid packaging solutions makes us especial and unique from many other liquid packagingsystems in the market. We sell and manufactures aseptic liquid packaging systems for the dairy and juice industries. Ourcans consist on a new innovative system based on a fibre-containing can solution offering a new shape for the single-serving package market.The production includes the packaging material converting and assembling of the packaging machines.Our policy is to offer an alternative aseptic solution for the liquid packaging market. We are a powerful partner for yourbusiness. All deliveries are customer-specifically designed and your special needs can be flexibly accommodated.
  • Ideal Portion Package in carton similar to the conventional can innovative package for demanding situations, 250 ml, ideal size with an option long-life products in ambient temperature: fruit juices, milk products, water, wine, ice tea, ice coffee, yoghurt, also products containing small particles (like fruit pulp) rounded shape, no vulnerable corners ergonomic and firm shape easy to open excellent pouring properties improved drinking properties and mouthfeel pleasant to hold offers new possibilities and sales avenues such as vending-machines and can-coolers suitable for many kinds of multi and transport packaging withstands mechanical strain in the logistic chain Deposit free in Germany
  • Some companies using Lamican cans Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea Shatler`s Coctails Maresi Mad Bat http://www.getonwater.fi http://www.bullberry.fi
  • Our InstallationsLamican installations are located in Valkeakoski, Finland. Large and very important aseptic packaging projects requiresuccessful accomplishment of hundreds of tasks every day with the best employees. At Lamican, we have machines,processes and tools to predict, track, and coordinate each and every one – reducing delays and increasing safety.Slitter winder in Valkeakoski offers wide range The last generation on Aseptic Machines are objectof different slitting works in capacity of constant research and dedication in orderof 50mm to 1300m to provide the best solution your company needWe operate in the eastern part of the country of 1000 lakes: Finland, however, our services have beendelivered across the country and through out all the European hemisphere.New “state of the Art” printing machine in Lamican Two new Triplex-converting lines are located in LamicanShanghai.Products reach up to 1650mm.
  • Our multi-disciplined engineering teams experience allows us to provide advice and solutions to a varied range ofindustrial installations and applications.This achieves an overall benefit the project delivery and ensured the facility has the appropriate environment, resilience in itssupport services, is energy efficient and has a level of adaptability for the future.
  • Packaging MaterialsLamican Oy sells and manufactures aseptic liquid packaging systems for dairy and juice industries. Our packagingmaterial factory is specialized in liquid packaging materials.We are able to produce also other paper and carton processing materials. We can deliver many different kind of barrierlaminations, PE-coated case/package cartons and other lamination and coating jobs. Our extruder has a capacity tolaminate and coat materials approximately until 700mm, and our slitter winder has a capacity of 50mm to 1300mm inmaterials from paper to carton.Our organization is quite small and this gives us flexibility in our processes. Our extruder is suitable for quick formatchanges as well as driving smaller patches in cost efficient way – This way we can respond to every customers specificneeds. We offer better customer value with quick delivery times and competitive prices.Lamican has recently established a new packaging material factory in China, near Shanghai. Here we have higher capacityand Coating width up to 1650mm. We are able to supply Coated and Laminated materials as well as non-CoatedConsumer Paperboards from our China factory in very competitive prices.We have almost 30 years of experience from different printing methods, such as Rotogravure- and Flexo printing. This iswhy we are able to provide our assistance also with the realization of print-/reproworks in co-operation with ourproficient partners.Lamican Oy is a fully comprehensive aseptic filling system supplier. Every week Lamican Oy delivers aseptic liquid packagingmaterial to customers who are using Lamican Aseptic Filling machines
  • Aseptic Liquid Packaging Material Delivery of packaging material in reel form aluminium layer guarantees oxygen and aroma barrier external moisture barrier improves the durability of the can in the demanding conditions of the chilled chain tight seals mean that the can is able to withstand greater mechanical stress from inner pressure rigid construction of the package is achieved, thanks to the shape of the can advanced printing technology no edges in the package, round, eye-catching effect of your print metallised surface also possible recyclable in conventional board material collection systems the design of the material maximises the share of wood fibre content of the package the material is manufactured in hygienic conditions according to approved HACCP-methods alufree version also available Other Materials Carton based barrier laminates (Alu, EVOH, PA, PET etc) Coated box. Folding cartons for food, beverage, packaging and graphic applications (PE, PP) Coated papers (PE, PP) Metallized paper-/carton laminates Flexo and Rotogravure printed cartons and papers Many kind of coating jobs for special needs, even small production lots In Valkeakoski, Finland, basic PE-coating for paper board applications can be done according to customers’ specific needs. Many kind of high quality and high barrier laminates with aluminum or other methods are provided. Materials are shipped in a reel form
  • Packaging MachinesLAMICAN ASEPTICMACHINE OUTPUT MILK PRODUCTS 6000 PACKAGES/HCOMPRESSED AIR ABOUT 6 BARFORMAT 250 MLCOOLING WATER 3...5 BAR, DRINKING WATERFILLED PRODUCTS LIQUID ASEPTIC AND NON-ASEPTIC PRODUCTSSTEAM 3...5 BAR / 135...150 DEGREES CELECTRIC POWER 3 PHASE, 230/400 V, 50 HZ OR 60 HZC.I.P.-CLEANING DEPENDS ON FILLED PRODUCTS: WATER, CAUSTIC SOLUTION, ACIDTOTAL CONNECTING 185 KWLOADMACHINE WEIGHT 12 TProcessPre-printed paperboard is fed into the machine in reel form. The can is formed around a turret where, heatedby hot air, the side joint is heat sealed.Attaching the LidThe lid material with the closure mechanism in reel form, is fed into the die-cutting device. The lid is joined to
  • the body, the surface of the seal is activated by hot air and the joint is sealed in the sealing unit. The can isthen forwarred in to the filling unit.Sterilising the CanIn an aseptic chamber, a precise amount of peroxide steam is sprayed into the can and vaporised by hot air.The sterilised cans are transferred to the stage of product filling.Filling the CanThe filling of the can takes place simultaneously in all six lanes in the filling unit through the open bottom of thecan. The filling of the can is carried out by using electromagnetic flowmeters to control the filling valves. Thecan is forwarded from the filling unit to the conveyor belt. The system is equipped with a foam removal system.Inert gas in the head space of the package is used when required.Closing the CanAfter the can is filled, it is closed by joining heat sealing. The seals are activated by hot air and pressed closedin the sealing unit.Filling UnitThe can is forwarded from the filling unit to the conveyor belt.Aseptic ProcessThe aseptic process is an integral part of the packaging machine including:• sterile air system (HEPA-filters)• air pressure control of the process• product handling• C.I.P cleaning system• sterilising of the filling unit