Implementing the Right Learning Technology


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Implementing the right training and learning technology covers off the major pain points and gaps that HR Managers face. Find out about cost, security, scalability and other key considerations when you choose your next LMS.

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  • Arnet: My name is Arnet Tkachuk, Business Analyst at Lambda solutions. This webinar is designed for those directly involved in implementing or managing learning and training programs within your organization. Our goal is to provide some solutions to address the main pain points that we hear from our clients.

    Before introducing my co-hosts, I just want to go over some basic tips to make this webinar as beneficial for you as possible.
    Our presentation should take about 45 mins, including Q&A, but will be available afterwards to answer any additional questions
    For everyone’s best experience I will go ahead and mute your microphones. If you do have a question you can use the Chat box option on the lower left hand of your screen; you can also “raise your hand” if you experience any technical issues, we will do our best to assist you.
    As with all our webinars, everyone will be emailed a soft copy and a recording of today’s presentation.

    Without further ado, I would like to introduce Chad Leaman
    [Chad intros himself]
    Arnet goes into agenda and does first poll
  • [Arnet] points to highlight
    Over 11 years experience with Moodle
    Cover North America
    Official Moodle partner
    Gold Totara partner
  • [Arnet] key points to highlight
    Offer services accounts with 500-100,000 users
    Worked with leading institutions within the Education, Healthcare, Corporate training, and Government sectors

  • [Arnet]
    Here’s a small sampling of our recent clients. As you can see we do cater to several verticals and industries.
    Four seasons is a great example of client that needs to deliver training to anywhere between 10 to 40 thousand staff across hundreds of locations. Although they had initially worked with the market leader and one of the largest LMS providers, they realize the costs they were paying were not commensurate with the service and performance, so we were extremely excited to set them up with a package with a cost and setup time that was a fraction of they were paying before.

    And looking at the list of attendees, I do see a wide variety of roles, and industries, so I’d will be interesting to see where eveyrone stands with their current LMS package [go right into Poll question…]
  • What’s your current LMS Relationship “Status”

    Long Term User
    New—testing it out
    Looking for a better solution
  • Chad
    Vendor/product neutral
  • Chad
    Position ‘feedback’ from our clients and our experience
  • Chad – position as part of a lambda solution/site
  • Chad
    Combined: secured login and one site that works on all devices/optimized on all devices
  • Chad
  • Chad
  • Can purchase existing training courses, such as discrimination prevention, diversity training, safety training, etc; through SCORM
  • Chad
  • Chad
  • Chad … pass on to Arnet
  • Thanks Chad– Having covered off what some of the general LMS considerations are, let’s now discuss one of the biggest pain points and performance gaps with traditional learning management solutions, which is performance management including compliance. So what does a 360 degree approach to managing performance entail? [go through]

  • Pain Point: Regardless of what industry you’re in, chances are you need to remain provincially and/or federally compliant. (food safety, PCI for credit cards, personal information first aid, etc) I’m going to show you a few screenshots on how our open platform organizes information to help you streamline and see pertinent details at a glance, as well as speak about how it will help you be more efficient in managing your employee’s overall career goals with your organization by the utilization of Learning Plans, appraisals, and how the HR Department will have the ability to better handle employee statistics from several different outcomes.
  • Here you will see a Learning plan with competencies displayed. It gives you a complete list of the learner/employee’s assigned competencies. As you work through the year you can take a glance by using the My Team tab to review any of your direct reports Learning Plan Activities. When reviewing if you feel that any of your employees have met their assigned competency, you can change the status to competent under the status heading. You can also attach courses as part of the competency, as seen on the next screen.
  • We have role-based goals that are specific to the job. In this case a Personal Banking Representative or PBR. The position requirements in Canada for example would be to have your Canadian Securities Course or CSC, and to take a mortgage lending course. In order to sell mutual funds in the branch the CSC is a Mandatory requirement. And this can be made a high priority which can be set through the competencies section which I will touch on later. I will also show how you can search for specific skills via a competency report to fill a role.
  • From slide:
    Defining Onboarding process (start new job pic)

    To define onboarding would be to manage the overall profile of the employee. When a new employee starts with the company it is crucial that as a corporation you have them set-up on your database, that you have direct reports reporting to a new manager, director, vp, or that the employee has the reporting manager identified on their profile. From there you can define the onboarding process and have a learning plan shell created which you can discuss with the new employee at the time of the company orientation or when they sit down with their manager to plan out their first 3-6 months.
  • To save time and money when hiring for a replacement or new role. Lambda”s Solution allows you to search your database for a potential fit. prior to deciding whether you need to post externally. The competency name in most cases is your skill. By determining the type of skill you are looking for will narrow your search. So if we touch on goals for a specific role versus a potential candidate that already has the experience within the organization, we can locate within this report.
  • We mentioned Four Seasons at the beginning of webinar—this is a classic example of a national and global organization with staff in several regions.
    There are a number of Language packages available for Totara. The language packages change the overall core of the site, but do not impact the courses themselves. If you were to offer courses in multiple languages you would need to have the courses created in that language as well.
  • When considering an LMS platform reporting is a huge pain point. The information you require may not always be available in a report. It always good to ask what types of information will I get and is it easy to produce.
  • Now that we’ve gone through several key pain points
  • Paint Point: “swivel chair effect” where you are manually entering data from one system in to another—leads to duplicating data, errors, information gap, WASTED TIME!
    ontinuosly UPDATES information from your HRMIS system to our system.
  • So out of the several key pain points we covered, which ones resonate the most with you guys?
    Tracking course progress for staff/students
    Indentify and resolve compliance gaps
    Managing performance/Appraisals
    Staff/Volunteer Onboarding
    Integrations into other systems
  • Implementing the Right Learning Technology

    1. 1. EMPOWE R TA L E N T Implementing the Right Training and Talent Management Technology A Review of Key Learning & Talent Management Solutions
    2. 2. Presenters Arnet Tkachuk Totara Business Analyst Chad Leaman Moodle Evangelist
    3. 3. Agenda oAbout Lambda Solutions oPoll #1 oGeneral LMS considerations oExamples of key features oPoll #2 oQ&A oHosting offer for attendees oContact Us
    4. 4. About Lambda Solutions • Providing open platform learning technology since 2003 • Develop and contribute to the Moodle community • 200+ installations hosted & supported
    5. 5. We provide Solutions for: Corporate – Healthcare – Government - Education
    6. 6. Our clients
    7. 7. Poll #1
    8. 8. General LMS Considerations • Cost • Scalability • Reliability • Security and Updates • Interoperability • Flexibility • Support
    9. 9. Monitoring Development • Setting requirements and tracking when they are accessed and completed – Activity Completion Tracking • Ensuring sequence of development. – Conditional Activities
    10. 10. Staff – Completion Tracking
    11. 11. 24/7 access to training / information
    12. 12. Evaluation of skills and knowledge • Quizzes and scoring • Can provide automatic feedback and settings • Can make many small quizzes and a final quiz
    13. 13. Question Types
    14. 14. Incorporating existing training materials • Open platform allows better interoperability with other resources – HR, SIS, Accounting, etc • Can import existing resources that you may have
    15. 15. Recognize and Reward Learning • Certificates and Badges provide staff and trainers validation of accomplishments • Easily to reward based on conditions, completed courses, or other activity • Useful to quickly see staff skills and accomplishments
    16. 16. Certificate
    17. 17. Badges across people
    18. 18. Managing performance (w/ Appraisals) • Planning learning for employees (or volunteers) • Designing training based on corporate hierarchies • Setting goals • Tracking appraisals • Integration and syncing between HR systems
    19. 19. Identify and resolve compliance gaps • Competency setting – Managing requirements – Setting mandatory goals • E.g. complete a Federally required certificate by 2014 • Competency by groups/departments
    20. 20. Overview of Competency Tab
    21. 21. Goal for a specific role (PBR)
    22. 22. Onboarding (new hires) • Reporting to identify needed skills sets for an internal hire • Language packs available
    23. 23. Report: Role-Based Competency
    24. 24. Language Pack -- Française
    25. 25. Language Pack – 普通话(Mandarin)
    26. 26. Reports • Deadline for appraisals from Managers – E.g. appraisals from territory managers • How many people are close to deadline – For follow ups
    27. 27. Report – Status of Appraisals
    28. 28. Integration into systems • Syncing mechanism – Data from HR Systems to your learning management – New employees, change in positions – E.g. CSV file; can be customized to each HR MIS
    29. 29. Poll #2
    30. 30. How we Empower Talent • Over 11 years’ experience with implementing training and development solutions • 100% positive feedback rating • Only Totara Partner in Canada
    31. 31. Thank you for attending Receive 50% off Your LMS theme Purchase a Moodle Basic hosting package and receive an upgrade to a standard theme for only $800 (regular price $1,600)*. *Does not apply to responsive themes. Other conditions apply. Offer valid through March 31, 2014 Web: Call: 1.877.700.1118
    32. 32. Questions (see recorded video for complete Q&A)