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A Demo of Moodle 2.7 greatest features


Join our Moodle experts as we review Moodle 2.7 and look at the important new features for instructors, learners, and administrators. Some of the much anticipated features include: …

Join our Moodle experts as we review Moodle 2.7 and look at the important new features for instructors, learners, and administrators. Some of the much anticipated features include:

- Improved assignment management features
- Enhancement to the “More” responsive design theme to allow customization
- Improved scheduling for tasks
- Atto, the new editing tool
- Updates to course badges for better collaboration and social learning
- Our Moodle specialists will also share our all time favorite Moodle features and review the best practices for implementing Moodle, and what you need to look for when choosing the right Moodle plugin.

Moodle is one of the most popular LMS solutions in the world, so don’t miss out!

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  • Arnet: My name is Arnet Tkachuk, Business Analyst at Lambda solutions.

    Before introducing my co-hosts, I just want to go over some basic tips to make this webinar as beneficial for you as possible.
    Our presentation should take about 45 mins, including Q&A, but will be available afterwards to answer any additional questions
    For everyone’s best experience I will go ahead and mute your microphones. If you do have a question you can use the Chat box option on the lower left hand of your screen; you can also “raise your hand” if you experience any technical issues, we will do our best to assist you.
    As with all our webinars, everyone will be emailed a copy and a recording of today’s presentation. So what’s on agenda for today farshid.
  • Implementing eLearning and open source learning technology solutions since 2003
    500,000+ active users
    Moodle partner since…
    Lambda meets specific guidelines, early access to a lot of feature releases, tests, etc

  • Highlight version upgrades
  • [Arnet]
    Here’s a small sampling of our clients. As you can see we do cater to several verticals and industries.
    Four seasons is a great example of client that needs to deliver training to anywhere between 10 to 40 thousand staff across hundreds of locations. Although they had initially worked with the market leader and one of the largest LMS providers, they realize the costs they were paying were not commensurate with the service and performance, so we were extremely excited to set them up with a package with a cost and setup time that was a fraction of they were paying before.

    And looking at the list of attendees, I do see a wide variety of roles, and industries, so I’d will be interesting to see where eveyrone stands with their current LMS package [go right into Poll question…]
  • - 50 percent are at 2.1 or lower
    Really like the breakdown of clients (Slide 9). It also can serve why 2.7 Longer Term Support is important -- No one is on the latest version. With two / thirds of customers on 2.2 or earlier, many are not going to be using a lot of the features we are showing.
  • Support and Security – farshid will set this up for expert commentary from Ben/Chad
    If deciding to move to a new hosting, need to be on the latest upgrade
  • Get more features and options with upgrades
  • Referring to slide #9 (breakdown of current versions) about 50% of clients/moodle users are at or below version 2.1…may not be benefitting from full moodle support!!

    Big One here, especially in respect to that customer pie chart, almost none are on a current version. 2.7 will be supported long after you make the transition.
  • Plug previous webinar from January - http://www.lambdasolutions.net/moodle-resources/moodle-webinars/top-5-moodle-plugins-enhance-productivity/

  • performance- 2.4 (database optimizations, smaller session files) and 2.7 (logs).

    Grabbed a couple of perfomance charts between 2.3 and 2.4 as visuals, this impacts 88% of customers. http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_2.4_release_notes
    2.4, 2.7 logs,
  • Responsive / Mobile design – 2.4 plugin, 2.5 standard? We’ll show a bit of this in the webinar.

    Mobile dominant internet access, especially for youth.
  • Farshid: ask the guys what the best practices are for upgrading
    Any changes to “core” code?
    Is your content up to date
    Plugins available for the new version?
  • Any changes to “core” code?
    Is your content up to date
    Plugins available for the new version?


  • 1. EMPOWE R TA L E N T Review of Moodle’s Greatest Features – Past and Present
  • 2. Your Hosts Farshid Zavosh Marketing Manager Ben Young Director of Application Support Chad Leaman Moodle Evangelist
  • 3. Agenda o About Lambda Solutions o Upgrade!? But Why? o Demo: Newest and Greatest features o Upgrade – best practices o Q&A o Next Steps
  • 4. Our Service Offerings
  • 5. Some of our Fans
  • 6. Let’s get Polling!
  • 7. Let’s keep Polling!
  • 8. Clients with Moodle Versions 32% 12% 10% 20% 7% 14% 5% V. 1.9 V.2 V.2.1 V.2.2 V.2.3 V2.4 V.2.5
  • 9. Why upgrade
  • 10. Why upgrade
  • 11. Why upgrade
  • 12. Plugins
  • 13. Performance
  • 14. Optimization
  • 15. Let’s get Started (please refer to recording)
  • 16. Greatest Hits • Drag and Drop • Theming • Conditional Access • Badges • Rewrite of Assignments and Grading Methods • Repositories
  • 17. Moodle 2.7 improvements • “More” theme • Changes to Log in • Longer Support Term • Enhanced activity conditional access (“And” / “Or” capability) • Assignment enhancements • Text editor improvements
  • 18. Upgrade Best Practices
  • 19. Resources (will be emailed) o lambdasolutions.net/moodle-resources o lambdasolutions.net/blog o Lambdasolutions.net
  • 20. Questions