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Camerashots 121001040959-phpapp01

  1. 1. S
  2. 2. This screenshot is an extreme close up, in this event its an extreme close upof a present. This shows that the present has a meaning and is then the mainfocus of the next part of the film.
  3. 3. This is a screenshot of a close up. This close up is the first character we seestarring in the film, a little girl. This is give us a feeling the films telling us thischaracter “a girl” plays an important role in the plot of the film.
  4. 4. This is a screenshot of a medium shot. This shots established the settingcostumes and mood. In this situation theres a confrontation, this shows usand helps us understand the emotion of the characters as you can see seemsparticularly angered.
  5. 5. This is a screenshot of a long shot. This shots established yet again thesetting costumes and mood and body language of a character. In thissituation the character has been left standing with the present he took somuch pride in presenting, this shot helps us understand his emotion we cansee this in his body language and face expression and come to a conclusionhes not particular happy in comparison to the other characters in thebackground who seem to be involved and enjoying themselves in the hustleand bustle of the party of which we could make out is on by the setting andthe prop (present).
  6. 6. This is a screenshot of a extreme long shot. This shots shows yet againanother establishing shot showing us most of the landscape around acharacter. This again helps us understand the setting and in this circumstancegives us a understand that the character is on their way somewhere.
  7. 7. This is a screenshot of a track/tracking shot. This shots focuses on thecharacters movement, this can emphasis their emotion whether theyreenthusiastic or not. In this particular shot we see the excitement by the girlsmovement as we see her run towards the horse (a present) in the backgroundof the shot.
  8. 8. This is a screenshot of a pan shot. This shots focuses on the charactersmovement, keeping them in the center of the shot establishing them as themain objective of the shot, this shot also shows the setting and body languageof the character. In this particular scene we see the character looks quietdominant and disobedient in the manor he is walking, which may show hes ina place where he isnt particular welcome or has great discomfort being.
  9. 9. This is a screenshot of a tilt shot. This shots focuses on the characteremphasizes them, in relation to for instance their height, strength anddominance. In this specific scene we see the character looks dominant incomparison to the other character in the shot in terms of height this could be ametaphor for the strength of the bigger character showing that theyre strong.
  10. 10. This is a screenshot of a zoom shot. This shots focuses on and emphasizes a character or an object in shot. In a zoomed shots we can generate emotion from someones body language or the object itself. In this circumstance we have a shot zooming into a photo of a girl. This is also a P.O.V of an character, with these both paired this is quite an emotive scene… us a understand on just howthe character is feeling and how theobject in shot motivates that emotionof the character, he is almostreminiscing his daughters youth.
  11. 11. This is a screenshot of a cutting shot, cutting shots are used to establishcollaborative action happening whether in the same place (scene) or separatelocations. They are used to exaggerate the action and can transact slowly or ofa faster more dramatic speed.
  12. 12. This is a screenshot of a example of an diegetic sounds. Diegetic sounds aresounds in which the character is intended to and can hear. In this circumstancethe diegetic sounds is the shutting of the car door as you can see in the shot.
  13. 13. This is a screenshot of a example of an non-diegetic sounds. Non- Diegetic sounds are sounds in which the character isnt intended to and cannot hear. In this circumstance the diegetic sounds is the background music which pairs with the emotional scene where we can see he is reminiscing times with his daughter.The use of the background musicemphasizes the emotion within thescene, and gives us a sense of howthe character is feeling.
  14. 14. What is in the shot, the would include props, costume, lighting, setting, décor,body language and movement.
  15. 15. This screenshot shows a particular prop movie. Props can communicate withthe audience, in the event the present portrays itself as something important,we see this the way its handled with care and how he is protective over it (inthe screenshot) also by the amount of time it features in various shot andfinally how its paired with the character emotion/action we see it hasprovoked a specific characters emotion.
  16. 16. This is screenshots of variouscharacters in costume. Costume isused to split different characters apart,in this circumstance the differencebetween the costume illustrates thecharacters wealth, mood, and theirposition theyre in.
  17. 17. This screenshot shows the first setting of the movie. As you can the house inthe background of the image is the setting of the next actions that occur in thefilm. We can see its pleasant which gives us an rough idea of what wouldn’toccur e.g. violence, threats or horror.
  18. 18. This screenshot shows a shot of decor. As you can see, a normal sales man,who sells phones, plasmas and laptops in particular as you can see by thedécor plotted around the room this helps us understand the setting as anaudience. Also this amplifies the mood of the scene, we sense a particularvibrancy within this shot.
  19. 19. This screenshot show the body language of the character. As you can seefrom the dull expression the character in the shot isnt particularly pleasedwith what he has seen, this gives us the feeling of the character as anaudience.