Retail Industry Enterprise Architecture Review


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A review of the Retail Industry's Enterprise Architecture against the business and technology trends

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Retail Industry Enterprise Architecture Review

  1. 1. Retail Industry Enterprise Architecture Review Wipro Consulting Services (Lakshmana Kattula) July 2009© 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  2. 2. Contents • Retail Industry Business Overview • Trends, Challenges and Changes in Retail • Current State Architecture • Future State Architecture2 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  3. 3. Retail Industry Business Overview3 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  4. 4. Retail Business Process Model Plan Buy Move Sell Corporate Partner Merchandize Warehouse Relationship Marketing Finance Planning Management Management Financial Purchase Order Transportation Selling HR Planning Management Management Product Supply Chain Replenishment Order Lifecycle Real Estate Planning & Allocations Management Management Business Inventory Store Transfers IT Intelligence Management Operations Return to Returns Vendor4 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  5. 5. Retail Business Architecture Supply Chain Management Merchandize Management Stores Management Planning Execution Planning Operations POS Workforce Mgt Supplier Management Warehouse Price & Campaign Mgt Value Chain Management Collaboration Advanced Store Sourcing Promotions Technologies Transportation Trade Mgt Distribution Assortment Sales Audit Gift Registry Reverse Logistics Replenishment Allocations Invoicing Matching Back Office Integration Visibility & Tracking Inventory Category Mgt Merchandising System Central Office Logistics Purchase Order Mgt Item Planning Labels & Tags Procurement Channel Management Foreign Trade Stores Allocation Space Optimization Physical Store Mobile POS Advanced Planning & Online Store Scheduling Demand Management Store Inventory Mgt CPFR Mail & Catalogue Returns Mgt Corporate Management Customer Management Loss Prevention Performance Mgt Finance Sales Management Analytical CRM Real Estate Mgt HR GDS Marketing Management Call Centre Asset Mgt Business Intelligence Standards Customer Support Customer Loyalty & MDM Services & Chum Preferences IT RFID Analysis5 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  6. 6. Trends, Challenges and Changes in Retail6 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  7. 7. Business Trends, Challenges & Changes •Change in demographics, lifestyles, fashions, purchasing power Consumer •New online shopping channel; social networking •Home meal replacement; Health and wellness Behavior •Ageing population •Time rushed consumers; ease and quickness •New entrants; rise of own labels Competitive •Supremacy of the discount store chains; global power brands Landscape •Slow growth in mature markets •Price deflation •Global supply chains •Growth in emerging markets Globalization •Global customer base •Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment Impact7 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  8. 8. Key Trends Product Trends Consolidation New Competition Convergence Sustainability •Rise of own labels •Retail consolidation •Growth of value and premium •Convergence with other •Corporate responsibility •Product safety •Mergers and acquisitions and retailing industries •Environment trends •Development of packaging structural changes •Growth of food services •New entrants and retail •Employee policies •International purchasing •Purchasing collaboration •Vertical integration and expansion •Local community relations collaboration proprietary channels •Online sales of services •Corporate & Brand reputation •Continuous innovation Subcontractors Manufacturers Retailer Store Consumer Internationalization IT enabled trends Regulation & De- Consumer Trends •Growth of large emerging •Loyalty programmes and event regulation •Time rushed consumers markets based personalized dialogue •Store hours •Easiness and quickness •Saturation in local markets •Store operations automation •Sales of alcoholic beverages •Experience economy •Global Sourcing, shifting and retail task management •Over-the-counter medicines •Ageing population strategies •Outsourcing and shared •Competition legislation •Growth of purchasing power services •Home meal replacement •New technologies (RFID, NFC, WLAN, etc) •Health and wellness •Multi-channel retailing Source: The Retail Value Chain, Cap Gemini8 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  9. 9. IT Trends, Challenges & Changes • CIO/IT Challenges • Technology Trends – Strategic  Services (SOA, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud)  IT Agility and responsiveness  Real-time information and intelligence  Partnership with IT vendors and service providers  Web 3.0  Vendor mergers – Operational  Controlling IT operating costs  IT infrastructure management  Training – Compliance  Corporate Information Security  Green Computing – Financial  Budget Cuts  Pressure for Higher ROI – Technological  Interoperability between disparate applications  Managing Legacy Systems  Data Silos & lack of integration  Lack of single customer view  Lack of master/reference data (e.g. product/item master) `9 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  10. 10. Business Intelligence BI is a must rather than a may for building and retaining the competitive advantage; high quality BI will continue to make significant impact on planning and customer relationships • BI perceived an important strategic tool as knowing the customer is the most important aspect of retail business today than ever • Integrated real-time BI both with intelligence providing systems like POS and intelligence consuming systems like assortment planning will be ideal • Web 2.0, POS integration,Video surveillance are new avenues of collecting value data for BI • Video surveillance is always providing solutions in Loss Prevention space10 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  11. 11. Web 2.0 Adopters of Web 2.0 will build a stronger relationship with the next generation customers and obtain valuable insight into their wants • Interactive Web 2.0 technologies - blogs, rich media, podcasts, wikis, Web surveys and social networking forums including Facebook and MySpace • Gaining consumer insight, building brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty • Also obtain valuable information that can impact an unexpected area - the supply chain. • What goods will customers want? And when will they want them? • Each season retailers undergo a complex process of utilizing supply chain planning tools to evaluate past sales, margins and returns in order to create financial, merchandise, channel and key item plans for upcoming seasons. • By engaging in ongoing conversations through Web 2.0 technologies, retailers have the unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the minds of their consumers • For marketing and promotional campaigns, cutting-edge retailers are taking a step further and integrating the information into their inventory and assortment planning.11 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  12. 12. Supply Chain – New Qualifiers (Green,Visible) Supply chain continues to get impacted by global developments, at the same time continues to provide opportunities to gain business value, tangible or intangible • Green Supply Chain – SCM is more international, complex and dynamic – Corporations are now held accountable for reducing environmental impact while continuing to meet the needs of shareholders and customers – A green supply chain can be achieved in a manner that will save an organization time and money and improve product quality • Visible Supply Chain – SCM no longer means just making sure that the right resources and the right materials move to the right place at the right time. – Merely pushing information about partners or products into a report that lands on a managers desk every day will not achieve the goals. Nor will a dashboard, even if it delivers that same information in real time. – What todays supply chain managers need instead is a supply chain that is visible. Meaning that data is delivered in a way that enables managers to know whatever they need to know whenever they need to, at whatever level of detail they need, and that allows them to analyze the data and take action based on the results of their analysis. The essence is the ability to know the location and status of all physical components, from raw materials to finished goods, as they move from suppliers through the stages of production to delivery to customers.12 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  13. 13. Supply Chain – New Qualifiers (Sentient) • Sentient Supply Chain – Three macro trends • Worldwide demographic shifts are opening doors for retailers who react quickly, and are posing major risks for those that stand by and do nothing • Falling trade barriers are creating opportunities for retailers to source product in parts of the world where production is significantly less expensive • Geopolitical uncertainties have created unstable conditions in consumer and commodities markets. – Supply Chain from being reactive and linear model to a model that is flexible, intelligent, aware of real-time changes and better able to predict product demand. – Four operating principles of the future Sentient Supply Chain - Flexibility, Intelligence, Awareness and Precognition – Building the Sentient Supply Chain • Integrating disjointed and fragmented workflows and data sources, and converging siloed business processes • Embedding intelligence throughout united workflows in the form of advanced constraint-based optimization and forecasting algorithms • Accommodating multiple languages and user roles and becoming process-centric and flexible to accommodate the unique and distinct business processes that promote competitive advantage • Delivering measurable value at every step of the transformation process13 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  14. 14. Supply Chain – New Technologies New technologies making incremental but differentiating impact on the supply chain • Connectivity WLAN, mobile networks, Bluetooth • Voice and GPS communication integrated into rugged computers • Speech recognition • Digital imaging • Portable printing • 2D & other bar coding advance • RFID • RTLS • Remote management14 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  15. 15. Merchandizing • All the vendors offer similar solutions • Nothing much to look forward to. Seems to be quite mature area. • Tomax has introduced SaaS/HaaS based solutions but does not have any notable clients15 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  16. 16. Point of Sale • Most of the vendors offer similar solutions • Integration of POS with all other retail systems is important • Oracle Retail In-Store Operations solutions enable true multi-channel retailing by delivering a consistent shopping experience across all retail channels — in your stores, on your Web site, and through your catalog or call centre • The SAP Point-of-Sale (SAP POS)application offers unprecedented flexibility that empowers retailers to quickly and easily configure the application, thanks to its powerful configuration tool and business-rules engine.16 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  17. 17. Payments • Ongoing advancements in mobile payments technologies, such as RFID, Near Field Communications (NFC) and Short Message Service (SMS) have helped spark the growth of contactless payments. MasterCards PayPass® is an example of one company exploring the use of NFC technology, while PayPal Mobile, a text-topay company, employs SMS. • Contactless Payments – Barclaycard • Online Payment Fraud • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance – Set of security standards that were created by the major credit card companies (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa International) to protect their customers from increasing identity theft and security breaches. Any company that accepts, processes, or stores credit card information is required to comply with the PCI security standards.17 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  18. 18. Digital Signage • Enhancing the customer experience • Kiosks, TVs, promotions, marketing, etc • Not just specific to retail industry only • SaaS model based solutions available18 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  19. 19. Vendors – Solutions and Services Business and technology change is enabled and influenced by solutions and services offered by key vendors in the marketplace • Solution and services vendors are a key component in the retail business eco-system • Vendors are adopting new technologies and embedding them into their solution offerings • Vendors continue to update their solutions to enable enterprises effectively respond to the business trends as well19 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  20. 20. Oracle Retail SolutionsOracle a dominant retail solutions vendor has offerings covering most of the retailfunctions. It has incorporated technology trends like SOA and SaaS into its offeringsand continues to invest in them. Oracle Retail In-Store Operations Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management Oracle Human Resources Management Oracle Retail Allocation Oracle Retail Back Office Oracle Retail Category Management Oracle Retail Invoice Matching Oracle Retail Central Office Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting Oracle Retail Merchandising System Oracle Retail Labels-and-Tags Oracle Retail Item Planning Oracle Retail Price Management Oracle Retail Mobile-Point-of-Service Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning Oracle Retail Sales Audit Oracle Retail Point-of-Service Oracle Retail Space Optimization Oracle Retail Trade Management Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration Oracle Retail Supply Chain Planning and Execution Oracle Retail Profit Optimization Business Intelligence Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning Oracle Retail Assortment Execution Oracle Active Retail Intelligence Oracle Retail Replenishment Optimization Oracle Retail Price Optimization Oracle Database Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration Oracle Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System Oracle Retail Data Warehouse Corporate Administration Oracle Retail Extract, Transform, & Load Oracle Retail Integration Bus Oracle Asset Management Oracle Retail Integrator Product Acquisitions Oracle Corporate Performance Management Oracle Retail Workspace Oracle Financials Oracle Human Resources Management ProfitLogic (optimization) Oracle Real Estate Management G-Log (supply chain) Temposoft (workforce management), Agile (PLM) 360Commerce (store systems).20 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  21. 21. SAP Retail SolutionsSAP another dominant vendor has a product strategy that embeds new technologytrends as SOA, SaaS and Cloud Services into its offerings. Vendor Planning Merchandising Buying Distribution Sales Customer Category /Seasonality Management/ Category/Merchandise Business Planning Assortment Management Retail Price and Revenue Management Promotion Planning and Management Supply Chain Planning Supply Network Planning Replenishment & Allocation Transportation Planning Purchasing Vendor Relationship Management Purchase Order Management Foreign Trade Supply Chain Execution Inventory Management Legend Warehouse Management Scenario fully covered w. Transportation Execution ERP * Supply Chain Visibility and Tracking Elementary coverage w. ERP Multi Channel Retailing Scenario not covered w. ERP Store Operations * Full coverage with Retail Engines Customer Loyalty Management (SAP MAP, SAP F&R, SAP POS DM) Enterprise Management & Support Master Data Management Analytics Financials Human Capital Management Corporate Services Operations Support21 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  22. 22. Cap Gemini Retail OfferingCap Gemini a player in retail consulting services has offerings covering the trends asSOA, RFID, Green Supply Chain and Business Intelligence. •Gaining Advantage by Deploying Innovative Technology •Creating Efficiency through Business Process •Build a technology strategy and reliable technology Improvement solutions — with the emphasis on speed, predictability, •Understand the changing business environment, agility and reduced risk. Offerings include: define your business goals and achieve sustainable •IT Transformation results. Offerings include: •Retail Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) •Supply Chain Management •ERP Integration •Store Operations Improvement •Store Technology •Integrated Planning & Execution •In-Store Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) •Retail Merchandising •Agent Technology •Consumer-Driven Replenishment •Global Data Synchronization •Finance & Employee Transformation22 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  23. 23. Accenture Retail OfferingAccenture places high importance on decision making capabilities enabled throughcustomer analytics and synergies through right partnerships. Identifying your most important customers and prospects—and integrating customer insights and powerful analytics into retail decision-making can drive high performance throughout your business. Accenture can help your organization thrive in todays competitive landscape. What does it take to achieve high performance in the retail industry? As a sector that faces risks of limited growth and value creation potential, there are several attributes that retailers should strive toward to guarantee success and outperform their peers. After defining your organizations strategic intent, its all about excelling in the following areas: • Obsessive customer focus: How do I best gain insight into my customers needs and clearly articulate a differentiated value proposition? • Operational excellence: How can I improve productivity and functional excellence through process innovation? How can I leverage IT to continue to streamline operations? How can I focus resources on the areas of highest skill and value? • Innovation and execution to value: What can be done to create an agile organization that fosters investment through innovation and execution in the future? • Alliance and collaboration capabilities: How can I develop expertise to capture internal synergies and manage strategic alliances where appropriate? • Leadership and talent management: How is a performance-oriented culture established and nurtured through leadership and talent management?23 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  24. 24. IBM Retail Offering – Performance ManagerIBM has retail focussed solutions in enterprise performance management thatincludes business intelligence. • Find out how The Performance Manager for Retail Book will help you find the sweet spot of information in your department: • Finance (298KB) Trusted advisor or compliance enforcer? • Marketing (286KB) Investment advisor to the business • Stores and Channels (267KB) Your business accelerator • Customer Service (320KB) The risk/reward barometer of the retail value proposition • Merchandising (218KB) Merchandising the right product, the right place, at the right time. • Supply chain, sourcing & distribution Winning at the margins. • Human Resources (267KB) Management or administration of human capital? • Information Technology (357KB) A pathfinder to better performance • Executive Management (345KB) Chief balancing officers24 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  25. 25. Other VendorsOther leading vendors continue to innovate and invest in emerging trends like SaaSto deliver flexible and cost effective solutions to various small and medium size retailenterprises25 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  26. 26. Wipro Retail Footprint In-store Technology In-Store OperationsIn-store Operations Applications POS Sales Processing In-store customer mgmt In-store WF mgmt In-store Central Office – Channel Ops Ret Processing •T&A Mdse/ Inv Kiosks In-store analytics •Labor scheduling mgmt Mobile Devices BackOffice – Store Ops Payments •Event/ task mgmt Store Infrastructure Merchandise Management Merchandise PlanningCore Merchandising Mdse Fin Plng Price Optimzn. Inventory mgmt Price mgmt Allocation and Replenishment Allocation Assort Planning Promo Optim PO mgmt Promo mgmt Replenishment Space Planning Markdown Optim Markdown mgmt Supply Chain Management Sales and Marketing Sales Planning Execution Sourcing Demand Plng Transport Mgmt E-Procurement E Commerce Sell Side Partner Relation Mgmt Inventory Plng VMI Warehouse Mgmt Strat Sourcing E Commerce site operations Distri Plng RFID Hubs/ Portals Marketing Analytics for CRM Campaign Mgmt Human Resources Corporate Administration Promotions Mgmt Mktg Resource Mgmt T&A Financial Mgmt Enterprise M Workforce Mgmt Man Core Financials Customer service and Support Asset D Ed and Training Ops Performance Mgmt Mgmt M Contact center cust svc Customer self Contact center tech support service and support Infrastructure Contact center WF optim Communication Data Centers Security Printers/ copiers Servers Laptops EAI26 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  27. 27. Current State Architecture27 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  28. 28. Current State Architecture Mapping Plan Buy Move Sell Corporate Warehouse Merchandize Planning Partner Relationship Marketing Management Finance Management (Oracle, SAP, JDA, (Oracle, (Manhattan, Red Praire, (Oracle, SAP) Tomax) (SAP, Oracle) Salesforce,com) SAP, Oracle) Purchase Order Transportation Selling Financial Planning HR Management Management (Oracle, (Oracle, SAP) (Oracle, SAP, Kronos) (Sterling, SAP) (SAP, RedPrairie) Supply Chain Planning Product Lifecycle Replenishment & Order Management Real Estate Management Allocations (Manugistics, SAP, (Sterling, SAP, Oracle) (Oracle) Oracle, i2, Epicor) (Oracle, SAP) (Oracle, JDA, i2) Inventory Management Store Operations IT Business Intelligence (Oracle, SAP, Transfers (Oracle, SAP, IBM, (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, (Oracle, SAP, Raymark) RedPrairie) Epicor, Tomax) Cisco) In house Return to Vendor Returns Outsourcing Partial OutsourcingDelivery Model of these solutions can be both On-Premise or On-Demand (Cloud Computing/SaaS)28 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  29. 29. Key Functions to Products Mapping Functional area Product vendors Online Retailing ATG, Escalate Retail, IBM, Comergent Content Management Fatwire, Tridion, Interwoven Warehouse Management Manhattan Associates, Red Prairie Order Management Sterling Commerce (Yantra), SAP Online marketing Unica Corporate and Store Business Intelligence Storebench Store Replenishments Demantra In-Store Devices/Kiosks/Wireless NCR, IBM, Fujitsu Store task execution Store Perform, Tomax Retail Enterprise Oracle Retail, SAP IS Retail Pricing & Promotions Oracle Retail (ProfitLogic), SAP (Khimetrics) Merchandising Oracle Retail, JDA, DemandTec, SAP IS Retail CRM Siebel, Oracle CRM, POS Oracle Retail (360Commerce), NCR, Fujitsu, Retailix Demand planning Manugistics, SAP, I2 Labor Management Kronos, Workbrain Planograming, Space Planning Galleria Source: Wipro Retail29 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  30. 30. State of Critical Retail Technologies Source: Wipro Retail30 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  31. 31. Retail Architecture Framework Retail Device Interfaces Web Kiosk Mobile POS Pocket PC E-Mail Fax Retail Channels Online Stores Catalog / Phone Online Catalog Content In-Store Signage Store Personalized Promotional Catalog Content Attract Promotions Management Management Promotions (Digital) Catalog Promotions Catalogs Management Management Product WishList Personalizati POS Kiosk Catalog Transact Advisor ESL Call Center Mgmt on Systems Services Management Order Fulfill Applications Pricing Order Checkout Shopping Barcode Capture Pricing Item Locator Pricing Service Capture Management Buddy Scanners StoreLocator Shipping Inventory StoreLocator Shipping Inventory Inventory Cross Layaway Load Services Services Management Infrastructure Services Services Management Management Channel Svc Management Balancing Order Status Order Reviews & Labor Store Other Store Returns Order Status Order Reviews & &Notification Management Feedback Management Dashboard Systems Management &Notification Management Feedback Special Technical Infrastructure orders Central Retail Functions Service Merchandising Logistics & Distribution Payment Authorization Inventory Warranty & Services Management Management delivery Subscription Systems Pricing Delivery Systems Marketing Procurement Systems 3rd party Invoice management Order Management Returns Loyalty Programs Promotions partners Technical Infrastructure Central Office Functions HR Systems Finance Systems E-learning Systems Labor Distribution Systems Information Systems Management Source: Wipro Retail31 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  32. 32. Future State Architecture32 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  33. 33. Impact of Changes on Architecture (1-3 years) Plan Buy Move Sell Corporate Globalization Customer & Competition Partner Merchandize Warehouse Relationship Marketing Finance Planning Management Management Green Business Financial Purchase Order Transportation Selling HR Planning Management Management Globalization Product Supply Chain Replenishment Order Lifecycle Real Estate Planning & Allocations Management Management Business Inventory Store Transfers IT Intelligence Management Operations Customer & Competition Return to Returns Vendor Impact Level High Medium Low33 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  34. 34. Future State Architecture Themes • Customer centric • Real time and agile • Green Business • Service Oriented Business • Global partners • Outsourcing • Innovation • Diversification34 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  35. 35. Future State Architecture - View1 Changing Customers Segmentation Tech Savvy Global Real time Demanding Unified Brand Image via Responsive Services Customer Core Competency Services Adaptive and Innovative Retailer Outsourced Outsourced Services Services Extended Retailer Partnerships Global Adaptive Green35 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  36. 36. Future State Architecture – View 2 Customers (Global, Time strained) Changing Characteristics Demographics Needs & Wants Choice Retailer (Agile, Service Oriented) Core Competency Services Customer Brand Partner Innovation Management Management Management Retailer Partners (Responsive, Global, Trusted) Outsourced Services Product Corporate Supply Chain Management Services36 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  37. 37. Future State Architecture – View 3 Customers (Global, Time strained) Changing Characteristics Demographics Needs & Wants Choice Retailer (Agile, Service Oriented) Core Competency Services Private Customer Brand Partner Cloud Innovation Management Management Management Candidates Retailer Partners (Responsive, Global, Trusted) Outsourced Services Public Product Corporate Cloud Supply Chain Management Services Candidates SOA Cloud BPM BI RFID Web 3.037 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  38. 38. Future State Architecture – View 4 Retail Device Interfaces Web Kiosk Mobile POS Pocket PC E-Mail Fax Retail Channels Online Stores Catalog / Phone Online Catalog Content In-Store Signage Store Personalized Promotional Catalog Content Promotions Management Management Promotions (Digital) Catalog Promotions Catalogs Management Management Product WishList Personalizati ESL POS Kiosk Catalog Attract Advisor Mgmt on Systems Services Management Call Center Order Applications Pricing Transact Order Checkout Shopping Barcode Capture Pricing Item Locator Pricing Capture Management Buddy Scanners Fulfill StoreLocator Shipping Inventory StoreLocator Shipping Inventory Inventory Cross Layaway Load Services Services Management Services Services Management Management Channel Svc Management Balancing Service Order Status Order Reviews & Labor Store Other Store Returns Order Status Order Reviews & Infrastructure &Notification Management Feedback Management Dashboard Systems Management &Notification Management Feedback Technical Infrastructure Central Retail Functions Merchandising Logistics & Distribution Payment Authorization Inventory Warranty & Services Management Management SOA Marketing Procurement Systems Subscription Systems Pricing Delivery Systems BI BPM Invoice management Order Management Returns Loyalty Programs Promotions Cloud Technical Infrastructure RFID Central Office Functions Web 3.0 HR Systems Finance Systems E-learning Systems Labor Distribution Systems Information Systems Management Source: Wipro Retail38 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  39. 39. Architecture Strategies (1-3 years) • Analytics (BI, Real-time Analytics) Customer focused growth • Web 3.0 including Social Networking • Customer Data Security • APR Efficiency driven cost • Cloud • SaaS/SOA reduction • BPM, Legacy Remediation, Next-gen Portals (Web 3.0) • Capture and standardize internal processes and Globalize scale of frameworks (core EA) operations • Offshore IT services and global delivery model • Internationalization in the COTS products • Green Initiatives The emerging technology themes like Cloud, SaaS, Web 3.0 are more inclined to be adopted and introduced by the technology/packages solution vendors39 © 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  40. 40. Thank You Lakshmana Kattula +44-7766691197© 2009 Wipro Ltd - Confidential