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Creative Assumption

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Creative assumptions

  1. 1. Creative Assumptions:Transforming Insufficient Sleep to Restful Slumber Created by Laketra Calloway
  2. 2. Have you ever been so tired that you just CAN’T stay awake?
  3. 3. Tired of keeping up with the flock? Run For Your Lives!!!
  4. 4. Don’t Fret Because this Countdown willhelp you get the rest you sorely need…
  5. 5. Top 100 Best Practices forGetting Sleep…1. You don’t have to get everything done at once…cut off the computer and go to bed.2. Turn off the TV and radios, the less white noise the better.3. Cut the amount of natural light entering the room.4. Establish a Cut-Off time for work. Cut- off time = Sleepy time5. Soothing noises are helpful to relax the mind.6. Toss your old mattress (Memory Foam is our friend).7. Get pets their own bed (Down Rover)8. Get new neighbors (Loud neighbors can and will inhibit sleep)9. Do brain tiring puzzles to clear mind: Sudoku, kakuro10. Track sleep patterns.
  6. 6. 11. No Games before Bedtime!!! The more engaging an activity is, the less sleep you will receive.12. Drink a glass of wine: 21 and over only.13. Deep breathing exercises.14. Melatonin is not always the best by itself: Valerian Root tea and Chamomile are great relaxing herbs.15. No caffeinated beverages before bedtime; this include hot chocolate and regular hot tea.16. Eat foods with L-Tryptophan such as Turkey.17. Reduce your sugar intake in the evening hours.18. No Chinese take-out before bedtime: MSG is not our friend.19. Reduce the phone conversations before laying down.20. Burn incense such as Sage and Lavender (Before laying down, put it out)
  7. 7. 21. Eat fruits that are natural sources of melatonin such as cherries and Ways to Combat blueberries. the Lack of Sleep22. Stay away from greasy foods: No its not a heart attack, its heartburn.23. Clean up all of the clutter around you.24. Relocate your laptop and phone so that they are not constant annoyances.25. Create a calm a cool environment to relax your mind, a cool body can easily rest.26. Do less in bed like reading and phone conversations.27. Take a soaking bath before laying down.28. Take a walk around the block to expend unused energy.29. Ingore the zombies, movies before bedtime will only keep the mind engaged.30. Get the kids in bed at a set time, not when they get ready.
  8. 8. Still Talking about SLEEPhere….31. Steep some lemon balm to create a relaxing mood.32. Speaking of moods, set the proper mood with your spouse or partner to reduce stress and tension.33. Lower calorie snacks before bedtime also contain less sugars to give you energy rather than fill you up.34. Quit smoking to reduce nicotine-fits at night.35. Envision a peaceful place, somewhere easy to sleep.36. Progressive muscle relaxation such as stretching and muscle rub.37. Leave the work at work.38. Try to normalize your work and sleep patterns.39. Try not to drink anything heavy that will wake you unexpectedly.40. If a radio is a must, try classical or easy listening, not Coast-to-Coast AM.
  9. 9. 41. Stay out of your head, thinking about the problems of tomorrow will not help you tonight.42. Make sleep a priority and not an after- thought.43. No heavy drinking before bedtime.44. Take frequent breaks to get your bearing, then when you get home shutdown.45. Cover your eyes with a mask or cool towel.46. Change you pillows regularly.47. Remove creepy crawlies, bed bugs, dust mites and spiders from the equations.48. Be more active when you are going about your day, then when you are done you can relax.49. ml50. Take smarter naps during the non- essential hours, not too long or short.
  10. 10. Still talking about sleephere…51. TOO MANY PILLOWS: avoid piling up pillows on your bed. To many pillows actually reduces your relaxation.52. Try laying down with an incline in the head of the bed. Promoted better circulation.53. Pick the right prop: Orthopedic pillows and mattress toppers54. Get checked for sleep apnea, this is a serious problem.55. Choose the right sheets, the softer may not always be better.56. Use the appropriate lighting in the room. Try a blue light to calm, a green light for creativity, and a red light for well you know.57. Turn off the phone if you are not “On- Call”.58. Reduce the amount of pressure put on you lower back.59. Make the home allergy proof from dust, pollen and ozone.60. Try counting sheep (Yes it’s a cliché but it may work).
  11. 11. 61. Ensure that you are in good health at all times. The lower the immune system is, the more likely you will wake up with a cold.62. Focus on a mantra: I am going to sleep tonight (100 times).63. Think positive thoughts, the happier you are the better you can relax.64. Find a position you love, if you are unhappy at work, you may not be able to relax knowing you have to go back.65. Track you sleep patterns.66. Remove any stressors from your atmosphere.67. Meditate.68. Schedule some alone time where you can be with the person who needs rest the most, yourself.69. If you are stressed during the day, take a walk during the day to clear your mind.70. Separate your work life from your home life.
  12. 12. 71. Go Green, reducing the amount of refuse in the home can also create a Zen like atmosphere.72. Take care of all items for the morning before dinner, that way you can relax with the family.73. If you are spiritual or religious, prayer may be the answer.74. Do not strive for perfection when perfection is never possible.75. Don’t allow negativity to ruin your day.76. Don’t go to bed angry.77. Make the spouse/partner happy, this is always a stress reliever.78. Do something for yourself that brings you joy.79. Ensure the pets are all out before trying to relax.80. If you have a teenager, establish the rules and hold them to them.
  13. 13. Almost there…81. Finish all school work as early as possible, try not to cram before bed.82. Limit the conversations as bedtime approaches.83. Ensure that your bed has enough space for the both of you.84. Try to make your bedtime EVERYONE’s bedtime.85. Don’t bring food into the bedroom.86. Try drinking a non-caffeinated tea.87. Do not get took worked up before bedtime, the new workout can wait until morning.88. Ensure that everything you need for the morning is set out for everyone.89. Use the bathroom before bed.90. Wake snoring partner, you can sleep better with them aware.
  14. 14. Last one91. Get hearing checked. Tinnitus can keep you up with ringing.92. Ensure that you use snoring remedies appropriately.93. Do not overuse OTC medications.94. Do not hit the snooze button.95. Turn on the ceiling fan to circulate air.96. Eat a very light non sugary snack.97. Put out fires before bed.98. Drink a little water a possible.99. Finish all projects early100.Seek Medical assistance.
  15. 15. You get the picture
  16. 16. You aresleepy yet? That’s baaad!
  17. 17. Give the Sheep an Early Retirement