ReTechSouth '11: Jump Start Your Video Production: For the Camera Shy


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A "just tell me what I need to do" guide to getting started with real estate video. We won't spend any time making the case for video. All time will be spent on practical, step by steps of how to do it, then type of content to use. This will be a workshop for those who have been convinced to try video, but need more hands on help. All attendees will come away with a gear list and a guide to the "baby steps" of real estate video to help you progress from the bare bones to the highly produced. How far will you take it? It is up to you. If the class is small, great, we will go person to person asking what gear they have now, and help them come up with 10 topics each that are hyper local to their market, to their neighborhoods, to their strengths. The emphasis will be help that is specific for each agent, even if we need to help you write the headlines for the videos / blog posts and help you plan how to tape it. If we have a large class, then we will take an example agent and walk through the process. Since it's for the camera shy, all the ideas will start with agents being off camera. We will give you the basics you need to get past the "now what?" moment so you will actually do it when they get back to the office. Go ahead and sign up for a YouTube account before you come to the class.

John has produced over 200 real estate videos, has over 54,000 views on YouTube, and gets about 90% of his real estate leads through his blogging, videos, and online efforts.

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ReTechSouth '11: Jump Start Your Video Production: For the Camera Shy

  1. 1. Video for the Camera Shy John Coley @LakeMartinVoice use hashtag #RETSO
  2. 2. Itʼs simple...Phone or video camera + YouTube Real Estate Videos
  3. 3. Everyone needs aYouTube account.
  4. 4. 4 Baby Steps (Letʼs start where you are)• Baby Step 1: your basic phone• Baby Step 2: your smart phone or Flip video camera• Baby Step 3: video camera w/ tripod, lapel mic, basic editing software• Baby Step 4: upgraded video camera, lenses, microphone, tripod, etc.
  5. 5. Baby Step 1:Use your phone to film a video clip.
  6. 6. Baby Step 1:How to upload and edit your video• Set up a YouTube account• Email your video clip to YouTube• The subject line = title of your video• Make the title obvious: “Video Tour of 123 Merry Street in Atlanta”• Date it, locate it on the map, describe it, add your contact info
  7. 7. Baby Step 1: Filmed with phone
  8. 8. Baby Step 1: Filmed with phone
  9. 9. Baby Step 2: Use your smart phone orFlip video camera to film a video clip
  10. 10. Baby Step 2:How to edit and upload your video: • Use your app that uploads video to YouTube • Use Flipshare software on your computer to upload and edit the video • Use iMovie apps to edit your video
  11. 11. FlipShare software editing
  12. 12. Baby Step 2: Filmed with iPhone.Uploaded to YouTube. No editing software.
  13. 13. Baby Step 3:Use a basic video camera and a tripod to film your video clip.
  14. 14. Baby Step 3:How to upload and edit your video• Upload video to your computer• Edit video with basic computer editing software: Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (.wmv or .mov)• Splice clips together, add a logo• Voiceover with a desktop microphone ($20)
  15. 15. Baby Step 3: Filmed with video camera.Splicing, logo and title added using iMovie.
  16. 16. Baby Step 3: Filmed with video camera.iMovie for editing. Logo and title added. Voiceover with desktop mike.
  17. 17. Baby Step 4: Use an HD video camerawith wide angle lens, lapelmike, and tripod to film your video clip.
  18. 18. Baby Step 4:How to upload and edit your video: • Same as STEP 3, but with better equipment • Video camera that records in HD • USB Condenser microphone • Wide angle lens (not fish eye lens) • Tripod - use for stabilization • Lapel microphone
  19. 19. Write a video script that sells the property• Why waste this 3 minutes? Be descriptive with narration• Counter objections• Make selling points clear• Be creative - find a story to tell• “The Flip Flop House”
  20. 20. Baby Step 4: Filmed with video camera, tripod for stability. iMovie for editing. Added maps, title, logo, condenser mike for voiceover.
  21. 21. Baby Step 4: Filmed with video camera, added pictures, title, logo, condenser mike for voiceover, tripod for stability
  22. 22. Baby Step 4: Filmed with videocamera, added pictures, title and logo, lapel mike, tripod for stability.
  23. 23. How to PROMOTE your videos (put them to work)
  24. 24. You have no blog orwebsite that can be easily updated• Email a link to your video from YouTube to your client.• For example: If a buyer asks about a nearby school, email a YouTube link of your video about that school.
  25. 25. • Get a account.• It will “Autopost” (aka send) your video to places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  26. 26. You DO have a blogor website that can be easily updated:• Make a blog post for every video.• Use descriptive text in the title and body of the post so Google can find it.
  27. 27. What can I video?
  28. 28. Home Tours• Listing Videos• “Cool Feature” of a listing• “Sneak Peek” of a listing under construction• Open Houses -other Realtorsʼ listings (with their permission)• Price drop alert
  29. 29. Neighborhood Tour (hyper-local, not zip codes, but neighborhoods)• Typical homes/architectural styles• Amenities of a particular neighborhood• Market Report: “X homes are currently for sale, Y sold last month.”• For sellers: Introduce yourself, “Iʼve sold X homes in your neighborhood.”• Neighborhood testimonials from current residents
  30. 30. Community Tours (several neighborhoods = a community)• Schools, schools, schools• Shopping• Parks and playgrounds• Access to interstates• Churches
  31. 31. Local Events (whatʼs important to buyers)• School events• Holidays - 4th of July, Turkey Burner 10K• Athletic events• Donʼt try and cover everything. Think about what motivates your buyers.• Tie it back to the neighborhood.
  32. 32. Testimonials• Sellers - after the closing.• Buyers - after the closing.• Buyers, on their first visit before you look at anything.• Buyers - they liked a special service or tool that you offer.• Sellers - you did a CMA for them, and they decided not to sell.
  33. 33. This presentation is available on SlideShare.