Dutchess County Executive race forum questions


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Questions for the candidates for the upcoming 2011 Dutchess County Executive race.

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Dutchess County Executive race forum questions

  1. 1. Dutchess County executive forum Oct. 11, 2011
  2. 2. Overcrowding at the Dutchess County Jail has been a decades-long problem with no solution and over that time the patience of the Commission on Corrections has grown thin. What specific plans do you have to solve the overcrowding problem?
  3. 3. Are there any services now provided by county government that you believe could/should be eliminated or privatized?
  4. 4. County taxpayers spend millions of dollars every year to subsidize the operations of the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency. Is that an inevitable expense? What specifically would you do to address the growing subsidy?
  5. 5. Do you believe there should be more cooperation between the executive and legislative branches of government? Why or why not?
  6. 6. What kind of initiatives will you propose to foster economic development in the county?
  7. 7. You have both said you will lobby Albany to repeal the MTA payroll tax. Why do you think you will succeed where the state’s Hudson Valley legislative contingent couldn’t?
  8. 8. What steps will you take to keep county property taxes down?
  9. 9. What makes you qualified to oversee a $404 million budget.
  10. 10. What changes would you make to the existing county government structure? Would you consolidate/create new departments?
  11. 11. Could you please give me your assessment of the county’s current financial condition?
  12. 12. How will you keep political differences from creating gridlock in county government?
  13. 13. What steps should county government take to protect the environment?
  14. 14. Would you support new fees to help the county balance its budget?
  15. 15. In the past, the county executive has proposed making towns pay for road patrol services. What is your opinion of that proposal and others like it that pass along new costs to municipalities (e.g. elections costs)?
  16. 16. In the past the county has given thousands of dollars to organizations like Cornell Cooperative Extension, the libraries, and literacy programs. What are your thoughts about continued funding for those and other groups?
  17. 17. Given the economic climate in the county, should taxpayers continue to pay for open space initiatives? Please explain.
  18. 18. The current county executive drives a taxpayer-funded vehicle. Will you continue that practice? Explain.
  19. 19. Why does the county pay to have police in schools?
  20. 20. Both candidates have said they will lobby Albany to reduce the mandates placed on counties. Why do you think you’ll be successful where so many others have failed?
  21. 21. What makes you different from your opponent?