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Kings Of Israel & Judah   Manasseh (Slideshare) Kings Of Israel & Judah Manasseh (Slideshare) Presentation Transcript

  • Laindon Bible Class 22 April 2009
    • Humble repentance
    • [only mentioned in Chronicles]
    • Abhorrent wickedness
    • [Judah’s most evil king?]
    • Born to King Hezekiah during the 15 year extension to his life
    • Perhaps this is reflected in Manasseh’s name (“causing to forget”, “to cause to forget”), Hezekiah’s illness having been put away
    • Manasseh came to the throne at just 12 years of age*
    • He had the longest reign of any King of Israel or Judah (yet the scriptural account of him is short)
    • First King of Judah** to experience entire reign with no northern Kingdom of Israel (which came to an end during the reign of Hezekiah, around 709 BC)
    ** i.e. After division of Kingdom into two parts: southern kingdom of Judah and northern kingdom of Israel * Was probably a period of co-regency at end of Hezekiah’s life and prior to Manasseh’s 12 th year (to fit with years up to accession of Jehoiachin)
    • Manasseh and the Lord Jesus Christ
    • Manasseh actually undid his Father’s acts...
  • No less than 12 specific acts of wrongdoing / sin mentioned, a horrific catalogue (note: “my name”) As per one commentator ’The Nero of Palestine’
  • No vestige to remain, dish to be emptied fully out
    • The next verses in the 2 Kings account cover the death of King Manasseh (and the accession of his son Amon)...
    • Is there anything else to say about our subject?
  • According to Jewish tradition Manasseh taken captive in the 22 nd year of reign “ Among the thorns” is in NKJV “with hooks” “ King of Assyria” but “Babylon” (?) Esarhaddon (681 – 669 BC) rebuilt and elevated this city, having put down the Chaldeans
    • Deferral of punishment (Divine longsuffering)
    • Compare with God’s longsuffering in our own day and age... ()
    • Not buried alongside the pre-eminent kings:
    • A lower form of burial, perhaps linking with his former acts
    • Son Amon the 5 th shortest of the reigns of a King of Judah (just 2 years)
    • Faithfulness is not by blood line ( Hezekiah > Mana sseh > Amon > Josiah )
    • When acts of idolatry are performed these are against God’s own name
    • If not differentiating one’s self from the heathen then will be punished like them
    • Some seeming asymmetries in scripture can in themselves contain patterns (Kings vs. Chron.)
    • God is very merciful and provides ample time