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Presentation on Software Release Management

Presentation on Software Release Management

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  • 1. Software Release Management
  • 2. What is a Software Release? • Software Code • Documentation • Support Materials (e.g. CD / Web Download)
  • 3. Typical Software Release Cycle • Pre-Alpha –all activities prior to α testing. • Alpha – code tested by developers and testers β • Beta – feature complete, tested by developers, testers and specific customers (open beta). • Release candidate – version R? viewed as final product for general release.
  • 4. Typical Software Release Cycle • Release – version confirmed as OK to be released to the world • General availability – product with deployment, documentation and support completed • Support release – e.g. Windows Service Packs • End of Life – software no longer supported
  • 5. Software Testing checks that it: • Meets the business & technical requirements • Works as expected • Can be implemented
  • 6. Software Verification / Validation • Have we built the software correctly – does it match the specification? • Have we built the right software – does it do what the customer is asking for?
  • 7. Release Management • Release Management is a recent and rapidly growing discipline • Process of ensuring releases can be reliably planned, scheduled and deployed to the mass market • In the past Project Managers have performed some of this function with the bias being on the high-level aspects of the projects
  • 8. Development Release Test Software products typically have ongoing cycle of development, testing and release
  • 9. Bugs can Software be reported Development at many stages from many SW Release Software Team Test places Release Coordinator Field Sales & Application Marketing Engineering Require dedicated resource to oversee the integration and flow of the development, testing, deployment and support of the software and systems
  • 10. Challenges • Software Defects (bugs) • Software Change Requests • New Features & Functions • Risks (various – e.g. Part testing)
  • 11. More challenges! • Deployment – to multiple software and hardware platforms, systems, environments (e.g. Mac / Linux / WinXP / Vista / Win7, service packs, PC, Laptops, Netbooks, Mobile) • Release to global community – millions of users • New Product Lines – new environments to test (e.g.Mobile), new features, new complexity.
  • 12. Need to know? • What is new in this release • What is the new code • Where did it go • Why did it go there • How to deal with this release when bugs are reported • Business requirements from engineering, sales, marketing, FAEs • Customers’ priorities (will conflict!)
  • 13. What is a Release Manager? Businessman/woman
  • 14. Facilitator
  • 15. Gatekeeper
  • 16. Architect
  • 17. Diplomat
  • 18. Coordinator
  • 19. The ‘go to’ person
  • 20. Questions? Software Development SW Release Software Team Test Release Coordinator Field Sales & Application Marketing Engineering Lewis Turner, Technical Manager Lewis.Turner@displaylink.com