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  1. 1. Stretch marks are white or red colored parallel fine lines which can be formed forthe thighs, hips, breast arms, etc. Medically theyre known as striae. Theyre formed because of over stretching of the skin.Pregnancy and striae go hand in hand. But with some simple precautions and home remedies it is possible to avoid at least minimize these unwanted lines on your body. Here are some tips to eliminate the postpartum stretch to get rid of stretch marks
  2. 2. How to treat & prevent postpartum stretch marks how to get rid ofstretch marks naturally? Massage: It is utmost helpful in preventingstretch marks Actually these marks occur if the skin is expandedbeyond its elasticity Gently rubbing the vulnerable areas with naturalelements that compensate the lost collagen (natural protein thatforms new skin tissues) makes the skin we have more elastic
  3. 3. This cuts down on the likelihood of having these red coloredwrinkles in your belly or perhaps the breasts For that massage youare able to apply certainly one of those items given below: - OliveOil - Almond Oil - E vitamin - Aloe Gel - Cocoa Butter - SheaButter - Wheat Germ Oil - Jojoba Extracts Drink lots of water: Youneed a minimum of 8-10 portions of water daily
  4. 4. This may maintain the body hydrated and look after the smoothnessof your skin Bathe with trouble: It opens the pores of the skin andallows it to breath
  5. 5. It can help in avoiding a great many other health problems at thesame time Castor oil: Apply a thick layer of castor oil on the areaslike upper arms, buttocks, lower belly, etc
  6. 6. and pay for it with a plastic sheet Now mildly heat it with hot waterbottle or a heating pad for 25 to 45 minutes
  7. 7. It allows the oil to seep to the skin and develop the essential elastinand collagen Have a balanced diet: Have diet that may be full ofzinc, vit a, C & E, proteins etc
  8. 8. It will help the body repair the damaged skin tissue and form aUse stretch mark creams: You might tend to massage the mandatoryareas and among the most efficient anti stretch marks cream calledCaptiva
  9. 9. It consists of all the previously discussed ingredients plus somepatented peptides If this type of ointment can be used regularly foryour nine months of being pregnant, youd surely have little or nostretch marks
  10. 10. Captiva can also be effective in treatment of postpartum stretchmarks
  11. 11. how to get rid of stretch marks