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  1. 1. Pediatric Nurse Career By: Britney Crumity Junior Project 11 -30-11
  2. 2. Thesis Statement• In this PowerPoint I will be talking about Pediatric Nursing that which takes care of Newborns and Teenagers, which consider their education, their work experience, their Salary and the difficulties.
  3. 3. Rationale• The reason I choose this topic is because, when I grow up I want to become a Pediatric Nurse so that I can help people who are sick and who need the special care.
  4. 4. Pediatric Nurses Working With Children
  5. 5. Are you Interested Becoming a Pediatric Nurse• Are you interested in becoming a pediatric nurse? If you are interested becoming a pediatric nurse, you have to faced a lot of hard work and it can be difficult by learning the different tasks of being a pediatric nurse.
  6. 6. Difficulties of Finding a Job• Choosing a job that is going to fulfill your personal goals in life is not only complicated and confusing, but with today’s economy can leave you struggling to find a career.• The demand for excellent nurses is always high, as very few nurses will actually make it through their first three years of practice.• Pediatric nursing is one of the growing branches of nursing because of the increased amount of children being born in the United States.
  7. 7. Georgia Nursing SchoolsLarge Cities: and ProgramsAlbany, Americus, Athens, Atlanta,Augusta, Brunswick, Carrollton,Columbus, Forest Park, Gainesville, ProgramsMacon, Marietta, Roswell, • Acute Care, Adult Care,Savannah, Warner Robins Anatomy, BSN-RN, Family Care, Health Care Administrator, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN), Manager, Nurse Practitioner (NP), Nursing, Nutrition, Pediatric Care, Physiology, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Registered Nurse (RN)...
  8. 8. Becoming a PediatricNurse• The significance ofpediatric nurses applies toeveryone they encounter.They provide a greatamount of help to thedoctors and physiciansthey encounter everyday.They assist in procedures,testing, and diagnosing thepatient. They also help toaid families in understandthe symptoms anddiagnoses of their child.
  9. 9. What is a PediatricNurse?Pediatric nursing is anexcellent career forthose who love kidsand don’t mind hardwork. The day of apediatric nurse can behectic, working withpatients that rangefrom newborns toteenagers.
  10. 10. Becoming a pediatric nurse continue:• Earn your certification as registered nurse.• (2-4 year) Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.• Pass the certification exam• Associate degree( 2 years)• Enroll in a 1 year long internship program
  11. 11. Pediatric nurse training• Training to become a pediatric nurse is hard work. You must be a registered nurse(RN),intern at a children`s hospital or other pediatric setting and take many continuing education classes.• Spend several weeks in different pediatric departments: 1.Emerengcy rooms 2.Neonatal intensive care unit 3.Pediatric Oncology 4. Surgery
  12. 12. Work experience• You can become a pediatric nurse without an internship, according to the Society of Pediatric Nursing. Simply get a job in a pediatric setting, which includes 1,800 ( 24 hours) of patient care in a hospital or home health care setting. This will enable you to sit for the CPN exam.• Hospitals• Clinics• Doctors Offices• Surgical centers
  13. 13. Vital Statistics• Their duties will include running blood tests, checking vital signs, administering some medications, urine and solid waste output.
  14. 14. Annually Salary• Pediatric nurses with 1-4 years of work experience made $39,100-65,800 a year.• $39,700 to $50,400 annually.
  15. 15. Facts about apediatricnurseEvery nurse whospecializes in pediatriconcology inevitably isasked: How can you do it?How can you face everyday the ordeal of seeingchildren suffering withcancer? But for thesenurses nothing is morerewarding than making adifference in the lives ofkids and their families atsuch a critical time.
  16. 16. More Facts About A Pediatric Nurse• Pediatric nurse practitioners should have strong interpersonal skills and be able to manage stress well. Most importantly, they must love caring for children. They must be sympathetic and personable and also must pay strong attention to detail. Pediatric nurse practitioners must be willing to face young children with life-threatening illnesses and have emotional stability to handle difficult situations. They also must work well under pressure and be able to make responsible decisions quickly.
  17. 17. Females Pediatric Nurses
  18. 18. Pediatric Nurse Facts• If you feel that pediatric nursing is right for you, what are your choices of working environments? There are many children’s hospitals across the United States. These hospitals can provide advanced care to children who have chronic illnesses, major trauma and other life-threatening diseases.
  19. 19. Male Pediatric Nurses
  20. 20. Conclusion• You have to understand that when you are working with sick children, sometimes the outcome will be poor. The passing of a child is very difficult and you must be able to handle your own grief. It is your job to give comfort to the remaining family members. The pediatric nurse is special because she/he can grieve with the family, but still remain a strong support for them to lean on.
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