Assistive technology for the disabled


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Different types of adaptive computer technology for the disabled

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Assistive technology for the disabled

  1. 1. Assistive Technology for the Disabled
  2. 2. Motorized Wheelchairs Experience the freedom and independence a motorized wheel chair could give you. Explore outside in a brand new way.
  3. 3. Other Wheelchairs
  4. 4. Self-Care Adaptive Utensils Adding Cylindrical Foam Tubing to an item's handle is a great way for people with Parkinson's disease, arthritis or limited hand strength to comfortably grip items that are otherwise hard or painful to grasp. Cylindrical Foam Tubing
  5. 5. Other Useful Items for Self-Care Special toilet seats and hand bars to assist those with special needs
  6. 6. Human Computer Interfaces International Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons 1994 Human Computer Interfaces, I/O Devices II M. S. Hawley, M. Freeman, P. A. Cudd: Human-Computer Interfacing for the Severely Physically Disabled.
  7. 7. More Human Computer Interfaces Digital illustration of an eye scan as concept for secure digital identity Business woman pushing a button on screen interface
  8. 8. Adjustable Beds Homecare adjustable backrest and leg rest beds The Electric Motorized Bed comes with a wired hand wand, allowing you to easily position yourself as you can read, study, watch television and do so many things in a position you feel the most comfortable.
  9. 9. Different Beds and Accessories The four-winged folding sliding door, the barred sides and the flexible height and inclination adjustment possibilities, this bed provides very good therapeutic support. Accessories are attached to the beds simply by dropping them into or hanging them from integrated sockets, holders or rails
  10. 10. Van Accessories An optional power remote control, internal swing door operator and sliding door operator are available for even greater convenience All Q'Straint systems include 4 tie-downs. When securing a wheelchair passenger, be sure to follow the safety procedures outlined in the user's manual for the Q'Straint system you purchased.
  11. 11. More Van Accessories
  12. 12. Driving and Hand Controls Sure Grip supplies many of the spinner knob models currently available at MobilityWorks. In addition to the spinner knob shown here, other options include an amputee ring, tri- pin hand control grip and v- grip. With the use of hand controls and electronic driving aids, many people can assume the responsibility of driving for themselves again.
  13. 13. Stair Lift Chairs Indoor Stair Lifts The most common type of stair lifts used in private dwellings with straight stairs and have a straight rail. Straight stair lifts have a shorter installation time because it requires fewer customizations. Outdoor Stair Lifts They come with seats, perches, footplates or platforms. They are similar to indoor stair lifts but with improved weatherproofing.
  14. 14. More Stair Lifts Most of the stair lifts are supplied with DC power to reduce the risk of shock as there are no trailing wires embedded This wheelchair lift can be designed for straight, turning or radiating stairways with or without intermediate landings
  15. 15. Computer Hardware for the Disabled All factory setup as accessible communication devices. Switch Access: The type of interface needed to connect a switch to a computer is dependant on the type of disability.
  16. 16. More Computer Hardware for the Disabled The type of interface needed to connect a switch to a computer is dependant on the requirements of the software you intend to use. Drive you computer with a head switch
  17. 17. Computer Access for Disabled Students or Non-Students Does the internet open up opportunities for disabled people? Disabled Internet users who needed assistive devices to use a computer and the Internet found fewer websites that were easy to use and navigate than did a person with non-assistive devices.
  18. 18. Wheelchair Mounting Systems Lockable Rear Folding Mount DRFM8 Locking Swing-Away Mount DLSA7
  19. 19. Assistive Technology: Enabling Dreams Video on You Tube
  20. 20. The End Chantal Miller Information Technology and the Business Student