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  • 1. How To Market YourToastmasters Club
  • 2. Does your club have a BRAND? • Website • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • LinkedIn • Blogging • Email Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 3. Your Club Website• Update with member photos• Meeting photos• Upcoming Meetings• Social Media for the club and members• Videos & Articles• Paper.li – content creation• Press Releases Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 4. Facebook• Create a Fan Page• Use your logo• Post Quotes, Meetings, Events• Post Photos & Video• Complete all sections and use links• Update all information & keep it current• Use address & phone # Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 5. Facebook Stats Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 6. Facebook Sharing Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 7. Twitter• Use Consistent Name• Follow relevant people• Link to your other media outlets• #Hashtags to create a campaign Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 8. Twitter Sharing •Images •Articles •Videos •Products •Websites •Status Updates •Reviews •Recipes •Games •Locations •Profiles •Discussions •Events •Music Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 9. Pinterest• Use Consistent Name• Share your pictures• Link back to your site• Integrate into Facebook• Ask for followers Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 10. Pinterest Sharing •97% of Users are Women •10.4 Million Unique Visitors monthly •Over 9 million users are on Facebook •More than 2 million Pinterest users are on Facebook DAILY Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 11. Blogging• Use Consistent Name• Develop a Story• Develop a Voice for your Club• Integrate the other tools for your blog• Networked Blogs – Facebook (App)• Use Tags with Club & Member Names Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 12. Blogs to Use• Wordpress.com• Blogger.com• Tumblr.com• Blog.com• Typepad.com Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 13. Email• Use campaigns to stay in touch with your visitors and members• Share your message• Share new speeches• Create & Complete Surveys• Share accomplishments Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 14. Free Email Sites to Use• Mailchimp• Constant Contact• Mad Mimi• Icontact Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 15. Any Questions? Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 16. PreSale of my 1st Book Buy online at LadyBizness.com Book Available Sat. March 23 Lady Bizness, Inc.
  • 17. Thank You!• Contact – Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA – Lady Bizness, Inc. – 336-809-8851 – Info@LadyBizness.com Lady Bizness, Inc.