Kyoto protocol
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Kyoto protocol Kyoto protocol Presentation Transcript

  • Environment
    Resource Use and Development
    Viability of Liberalism
    Viability of Liberalism
    Competition– Companies start to get sloppy with their pollution control while they are trying to compete with other factories. They are focusing on making more money that they put pollution on the back burner.
    Competition– Different companies such as gasoline companies or paper mills have to compete in order to best provide for the consumers. Since the fossil fuels are running low they are contently trying to find a better way to fuel our machinery.
    Private Property– People have to take care of the environment on their private property. Not personally causing any unnecessary pollution on their property.
    Private Property– People are able to use the resources that are on their own property. For example people are able to harvest their own garden of its resources.
    Individual Rights and Freedoms– People don't have the right to do whatever they want with their garbage. People need to be responsible for their carbon footprint.
    Rule of Law– Everyone's equal to use and develop resources and when the resources are mistreated everyone is entitled to be prosecuted under the same rules and regulations that everyone else is.
    Self Interest– People have the right to use resources within limits. People tend to be irresponsible with the environment by not replacing the resources they take away from it. Such as cutting down a tree and not planting another.
    Self Interest– Individuals need to be wary of the pollution they could be emitting while pursuing their self interest. Such as big factories and other companies that produce high emissions.
    The Kyoto Protocol ensures that nations treat the environment with the respect that it needs to continue to produce natural resources for the world. It also regulates and enforces the amount of green house gases that a country is able to produce, so that the future generations can survive and thrive off the fruits of the earth.
    Kyoto Protocol
    Kendra, Teresa, Lacey, Krysta