Labyring - Financial Business Network


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Labyring is a Business Network dedicated to professionals in the world of banking and finance.

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Labyring - Financial Business Network

  1. 1. the Financial Business Network
  2. 2. On Labyring you can find the responses to your professional needs in the financial sector. If you work in the world of finance, have direct or indirect relationships with it, are studying to enter into it or are just simply attracted to the industry, Labyring has many ways to satisfy your needs.
  3. 3. Labyring serves professionals in the world of banking and finance. Labyring is a freely browseable Financial Business Network.
  4. 4. contacts
  5. 5. You can use the Contacts section to check and manage your contact network. Increasing the quantity and quality of your network boosts your visibility. You can have direct or indirect contacts. The latter are the contacts of your direct contacts.
  6. 6. Build a network of relationships Labyring enables you to increase your business or career opportunities exponentially. Hello, I would like you to join my Labyring Business Network.
  7. 7. Invite work and university colleagues and friends interested in finance. If you wish, you can also import your address book
  8. 8. rating
  9. 9. Rating is a method used in the financial world to classify bonds and companies based on their level of risk. Labyring uses Rating to classify users in an original manner. As users move up the rating chart, available services increase and premium services become free.
  10. 10. Rating levels increase from D to A and are assigned according to 4 criteria = your Rating level Size of network + Completeness of the profile + Quality of contacts + Accreditations from colleagues
  11. 11. By improving your Rating you can access new network functions. Higher Ratings have free usage of all the services and advantages offered by Labyring.
  12. 12. questions
  13. 13. The Questions section enables you to begin a virtual dialogue with all network users. You can pose a question, obtain answers, express your opinion and reply to questions inserted by others. Once they have been composed, questions are visible to the entire network. The user who asked the question may award the best reply by assigning it with the title of Expert.
  14. 14. Get a reply to your queries on the world of banking and finance The entire You ask a network question responds ?
  15. 15. Become an expert by providing the best reply Qualified and I found an well-written reply ? expert
  16. 16. groups
  17. 17. In the Groups section you can join the user community that shares interests, companies, study and work experience, projects and opinions. It is an easy way to make new contacts, maintain existing relationships, express opinions and acquire visibility within Labyring.
  18. 18. Join an interest group Start a discussion and comment on other member’s posts.
  19. 19. Create a group and administrate it Manage discussions and memberships and spread your opinions, holding a privileged position in the group.
  20. 20. content
  21. 21. Content can be viewed freely by all Labyring users. It is divided up into articles, theses, discussions and presentations, and can be leafed through like a book. Labyring protects copyright through the Creative Commons license. The possibility to download the text is decided by the author; Flash prevents copy and paste.
  22. 22. Search for the most interesting content Are you looking for content and discussions on the world of Finance? Consult the Labyring database! Find what interests you in theses, discussions, presentations and Information articles is always new and of significant quality.
  23. 23. Publish content in the shared library.. Presentations recognition Discussions sharing Articles discussion Theses visibility awards ..add a + sign to your Rating
  24. 24. jobs
  25. 25. The Jobs section is created in collaboration with eFinancialCareers, the global jobs website specialized in careers in finance. Here you can find the best job postings for the world of banking and finance.
  26. 26. Contact us Website: E-mail: