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  • 1. Automated System of Administration of Suburban Passenger Company
  • 2. Adoption of ASA SPC1 ZAO “Group of companies ISKANDER”LLC “Group of companies ISKANDER” is a supplier of program-technical complex “ASASPC” and is responsible for integration and technical support of this system on provinggrounds of railways all over Russian Federation. It is planned to cover proving grounds ofrailways of CIS and the near abroad.Program-technical complex “ASA SPC” allows to automatizing the process of control ofsuburban passenger companies. Beginning from sale of tickets and control of passage andfinishing with complex analytical reports in graphics and tables for the management ofsuburban passenger companies.At the present moment the complex is the only one of its kind on the territory of CIS.“ASA SPC” due to concept “Complex control of quality (ISO 9000)” allows suburbanpassenger companies to go to a higher level in passenger services quality.
  • 3. 2 Functions and advantages of ASA SPCASA SPC is a complex analytical system of a suburban passenger company. The main functions• Issuing of travel documents for suburban trains to all groups of people through client devices (terminals of self-service,stationary ticket-offices, internet service of sale, portable cash-registers);• Automated, exact and full control of transportation (per station, personalized) in one database on-line;• Getting of any kinds of reports on transportation and sales, including detailed review;• Storage of full statistics and reference data in one database;• Distant centralized management and automated update of software of client devices of the system. Advantages for passengers Advantages for carriers• Quick and comfortable purchase of a ticket • Optimization of expenditure of SPC• Elimination of queues to the ticket-offices • Collection of sale data on-line• Optimization of train schedule • Quick management solutions• Generally accessible and actual schedule • Compatibility with social maps of regions• Multifunctional payment terminals (tickets, housing • Additional income from service payment and communal services, communications service) • Compatibility with ASA “Express”• On-line registration through internet • Compatibility with all bar codes, used by OAO “Russian• 24-hour service RailWays” • Short-term payback period
  • 4. 3 The structure of the systemautomated work automated work automated work automated work automated work automated work automated work place of a place of financial place of a group place of issuing place of primary place of database place of system manager reporting of reporting transport cards data input administrator administrator communication medium server ASA SPC Internet internet-service of tickets sales communication medium automated work place of a cashier / self-service terminals information screens portable cash register automated work place of primary data
  • 5. 4 Self-service terminals Hardware-software complex, allowing to effect the sale of paid and issuing of reduced price or corporate suburban train tickets, as well as payment for different services (mobile connection, Internet, TV etc) without a cashier via self-service. For the present moment many Iskander terminals have been already put into successful operation on the stations and stops of the Sverdlovsk suburban trains company, Chernozemye suburban trains company, North-Caucasus suburban trains company, Volgo- Viatskaya trains company. Other companies are working on installing the terminals on their routes too. We plan to place the terminals in the malls, shops, universities, underground stations and other public places.
  • 6. 5 Self-service terminal “I102”• Metallic anti-shock body• Modern platform: - High capacity 2-core processor; - Industrial mother card.• Acceptance of banknotes and coins, change distribution in coins• High capacity, resistant to refusals device of change distribution Hopper System Shelf• High security module – alarm with autonomous consumption, sensors of door opening of terminal and safe• Maximum capacity of device to distribute change (for terminals of the same class) – up to 10 000 coins• Built-in fiscal registrar or form of strict accounting printer• Possibility to use different payment systems: Cyberplat, E-port, UFS, ICOIN, РУКАРД, Compass+, ASSIST, etc.
  • 7. Hardware-software complex6 “Automated work place of a cashier”• simple and friendly interface• compatibility with different cash-registers• reader of contactless smart-cards (CSC)• possibility to reserve the connection channel Main functions• Complex issuing of impersonalized and personalized travel documents for all groups of people for suburban trains (including for comfortable trains of 7000 numeration with specification of seats), in compliance with chosen itinerary, date, discount and other criteria of the ticket type;• Identification of employees of JSC “Russian Railways” and privileged groups of people by contactless smart-cards.• Automated formation of full complex of cash reporting at the end of the month• Control of consumption of cash-register paper roll• Possibility to receive telephone messages both personally and impersonally• Input of primary data
  • 8. 7 Sale of tickets via internet It is possible to connect the service for trains of 7000 numeration to the system with options set chosen by the client. Internet-service allows passengers online• To purchase personalized train tickets (for trains of 7000 numeration), with the seats being specified, for noncash payment: bank cards: VISA, Master Card, etc e-wallets: Web-Money, Яндекс.Деньги; “Mobile payments”• To reserve train tickets (for trains of 7000 numeration) with the following purchase in the ticket-office or self-service terminals.• Sale statistics and analysis on-line. Advantages for passengers• There is no need in going to the ticket-office and standing in queues;• It is possible to purchase tickets 10 days before the trip;• The interface is quite easy to use;• Receipt of the travel document while boarding the train;• It is possible to purchase the tickets in self-service terminals using the reservationnumber.
  • 9. 8 Mobile services Advantages for passengersMobile services allow to get via sending of a text message the following information onthe mobile telephone:• Information on the requested number of the train, which is available at the board of arailway-station• Information on the route of the given train through the requested station for thepresent date with specification of schedule changes• Information on the schedule changes of the requested train for the requested date. Ifyou do not specify the date while sending a text message, the answer will be accordingwith the present date.
  • 10. 9 Automated system of access control• highly reliable portable built-in industrial computer under control of real-time operating system Windows Embedded• recognition of all types of bar codes, accepted in JSC “Russian RailWays”• autonomy of hardware-software validation logics• part of ASA SPC (client module of software) Main functions• Organization of pass-through using travel documents for suburban trains, issued byclient devices of the system, and passes at the basis of contactless smart-cards• Validation of a travel document within turnstile UT-2000 (without using any offsitedevices in terms of turnstiles).• Centralized reporting of information and pass control reporting• Alarm in case of unauthorized pass-through• Centralized system of turnstiles, situated in one pavilion.
  • 11. 10 System monitoring • Every component of the system passes to the central server latest update of condition of the system and offsite devices. • Monitoring of the condition of the most critical parameters of the system is supported by quick sending out text notifications. • On-line monitoring gives the full information on the actual condition of automated update of software of every system component. • Monitoring allows reacting quickly and influencing the system behavior by transferring tasks. • Monitoring system provides with detailed information on the actual condition of the sever: resources distribution, processor occupancy, capacity, time of execution of inside logics elements.
  • 12. 11 Automated work place of higher level (ASA SPC) Description:• Application is intended for system operation control, actualization of operation of ASA SPC. Main functions• User’s authorization by login and password with relative regulation of shared access rights and full functional of automated work place• Actualization and administration of reference data, which secures the operation of ASA SPC in general• Providing with analytical and statistical reports on sales and transportation with specified frequency, division on certain categories and necessary granularity• Activation, registration and administration of contactless smart-cards• System security control, certification administration• Monitoring of technical devices operation (database server, automated work place of a cashier, self-service terminals, network equipment and data transfer channels)• Providing with technical reports in specified forms• Control of working schedule of ticket-offices and efficiency control• Management of primary data input• Monitoring and control of automated procedure of data transfer to ASA “Express-3” (subject to agreement with JSC “Russian RailWays”
  • 13. 12 On-line reporting Report for direction for the period 01.06.2011 – 14.06.2011 Average income, RUB Ekaterinburg-Passenger – Bazhenovo Ekaterinburg-Passenger – Shalya Ekaterinburg-Passenger – Nizhny Tagil Ekaterinburg-Passenger – Verkhny UfaleiEkaterinburg-Passenger – Egorshino Ekaterinburg-Passenger – Druzhinino Ekaterinburg-Passenger – Kamensk-Uralsky
  • 14. 13 Train occupancy report Train occupancy report for a chosen direction for the period 01.06.2011 – 14.06.2011
  • 15. 14 Report on passenger flow Report on passenger flow for a chosen direction for the period 01.06.2011 – 14.06.2011
  • 16. 15 Report on distribution of ticket-offices working capacity Report on daily distribution of working capacity
  • 17. 16 Contactless smart-cards• advanced variant of ETT• actual restrictions on open forms of transport requirements• Possibility to reissue, prolong, update• possibility to block when losing Main functions• Issuing of a personalized free of charge travel document for suburban trains in stationary ticket-offices and self-service terminals in terms of routes (forms) of trains, specified in the card, during its operation period.• Personalized and station calculation of trips JSC “Russian Railways” workers, and automated generation of reports on transportation for settlement payments with JSC “Russian Railways”
  • 18. 17 Development of functional modules of the system• Module of centralized service for several agencies on sale of travel documents.• Module of reporting of supplies, allowing to consider supplies flow, including blanks of strict-reporting, equipment, consumables.• Module of control of suburban trains schedule. Module will allow to set up algorithms and partly automate of the route net, considering occupancy of certain routes and number of compartments.• Module of control of operating time of travelling cashiers and controllers. This module will allow to automate the process of making up cashiers’ routes during the work shift.• Module of reporting and analysis of operation of a train. This module will allow to consider the actual indices of operation in terms of compartments and kilometers, number of compartments, time of repairing and other factors, determining company’s expenditure, as well as to use them in settlement payments with JSC ”Russian Railways”• Module of information uploading from portable cash-registers• Module of video monitoring in suburban trains.
  • 19. 18 Development of the system ASA SPC ASA “Sokol” System BioSmart Automated system of Automated system of calculation of queues, biometrics identification which informs responsible and operating time authorities in case of control. critical length of a queue.  The system is compatible with unified regional social cards, including Universal Electronic Card.  The system is easily integrated with any complexes, which are used by the client.
  • 20. 19 Users support All products of LLC “Group of companies ISKANDER” are accompanied with 24- hours technical support.  A user can always contact the company’s specialists and get the competent assistance.  System devices are monitored on-line constantly. Emergency incidents are controlled and eliminated by regional service centers. System users are constantly trained. Training accompanies tutorial prospects edition, user guides and other materials in compliance with actual versions of ASA SPC.
  • 21. 20 Prospects for further development Integration of ASA SPC will allow to unite suburban companies in one information field, which will help: Passengers to effect trips to far distances using resources of different suburban companies. SPC - to optimize data exchange within information limits and cut costs connected with maintaining of its own information resources. This approach will allow SPC to standardize quality of service and providing with travel services to all groups of people and in compliance with TQM requirements.
  • 22. 21 LLC “Group of companies “ISKANDER”LLC “Group of companies “ISKANDER” was created in 2010. The main branch of company activities isautomation of passenger railway transportation. It cooperates with JSC “Russian Railways” andsuburban passenger companies.LLC “Group of companies “ISKANDER” presents the following unique hardware-software products:ASA SPC (Automated system of administration of suburban passenger company)ASA “Sokol” (Automated system of administration “Sokol”)CSAC “Biosmart” (Control system and access control “Biosmart”)Hardware-software complexes, supplied by the company, allow to improve quality of servicespassengers are provided with, and bring suburban transportation to the new quality level . Competitive advantages of LLC “Group of companies “ISKANDER” are:• Qualified personnel• Responsible approach to project realization• Quality of offered services is the main criteria of work• High level of comfortable work with system both for the passenger company and for the passenger• Ergonomic and modern equipment, offered to clients• Quick reaction to the clients’ requests
  • 23. LLC “Group of companies “ISKANDER”Bld.14, Raushskaya naberezhnaya, Moscow, 115035 Tel.: 8(495) 979-00-73 Fax: 8(495) 685-95-76 E-mail: info@gciskander.ru www.gciskander.ru