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Laboni Media Solutions - educational solutions for Schools and individuals.

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Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Profile
  2. 2. We believe Chase excel…Success will FOLLOW
  3. 3. Out MottoBig Ideas + ConsecutiveDevelopment + Practice = Mastery
  4. 4. We Create:21st-century educational tools for 21st-century students.
  5. 5. Whos Behind the CurtainLaboni Media Solutions established in 2005 partnered withMaverick Software and Marketing Solutions, set a mission toprovide every child access to exceptional curriculum and toolsthat enable them to maximize their success in life, regardlessof geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance.
  6. 6. Why weWe are here to offer curriculum that is rich, challenging, andengaging content.The entire content is carefully sequenced so that, from one grade tothe next, students build new knowledge on the strong foundations ofwhat they‘ve already learned. We‘ve been careful to ensure thatstudents of our curriculum won‘t suffer from the repetitions and gapsthat afflict many classrooms - our students wont get the samelesson, year after year, on the rainforest or photosynthesis.Our curriculum is designed to make sure that kids get the coreknowledge they need - that they learn what they need to know tosucceed and thrive.
  7. 7. We Offer
  8. 8. School eLearning Solutions
  9. 9. Development Process
  10. 10. Features:K 10 curriculums - based on CBSE pattern.Covers Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English Grammar.Enables a student to MASTER each & every topic.Developing Childs interest and simplifying learning object subject.Gradewise content based on CBSE curriculums and covers each &every topic.
  11. 11. How it works? Regular updating School ServerAuthentic Access Class Login Screen Access to All subjects (in classroom or labs)
  12. 12. Exclusive Content designed for KindergartenFeatures:Exclusive, Grade wise , elaborated, practice oriented, activity basedcontent.Easy to use for teachers & students.Printable worksheets alphabets, cursive writing, numbers, drawings, etc.Ready to use content available on the server at school.Regular updates of content.Interactive Content involves Childrens complete participation.Random activities, Not monotonous.Content based on play way model design to stir curiosity ,encouragelogical thinking & inculcate the right values among children.
  13. 13. How it works? Regular updating School ServerAuthentic Access Class Login Screen Access to All subjects (in classroom or labs)
  14. 14. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) SystemContinuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which has been recentlyintroduced by CBSE is getting popular across all streams of SchoolEducation, and CCE covers all aspects of student‘s development with bothFormative and Summative Assessment. CCE System for Mathematics(SmartMathLab) enables Teachers to track and analyze student‘sperformance and conduct real-time assessments with Advanced GradingSystem as per the guidelines issued by CBSE. This system will help Schoolsto generate CCE Report Cards dynamically for every student.
  15. 15. Smart Math Lab features skills to go along with every lesson you teach.From arithmetic to algebra, fractions to measurement, we offer the mostcomplete math coverage .A huge pool of math problems await each student who signs in to MathLabs, to test their topics learned.Smart Math Lab approaches each math topic in every way possible — weoffer an unmatched abundance of word problems, visual representations,interactive activities, and more.Students encounter everything from typed responses and multiple-choicequestions to our innovative draw-your-own graphing problems.Our multi-dimensional approach to learning keeps students excited aboutmath and, more importantly, ensure that students retain all of the skillsthey master throughout the year.
  16. 16. Functionality• School Admin Creates Class Teacher Id‘s.• Class Teachers creates student rosters for the class followed by student‘s login id‘s and passwords.• Student login by their respective Id‘s to practice assigned skills.• The records of each session are stored – number of questions taken, total correct answers, total time taken, and percentage scored.
  17. 17. How it works? Regular updating School Server Admin LoginAuthenticating Access Teacher’s login Student access and take assignments
  18. 18. Smart Math Lab‘s are also available in Franchise model for Local Tuition or Coaching institutions.
  19. 19. SmartLOLA is animated, knowledge based content that supportseducators and engages students in exploring new things / subjects,in addition to the topics that are not covered in the curriculums arealso covered in here.Ideal for both group and one-on-one settings, SmartLola can beused in numerous ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic toillustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before a test.
  20. 20. Animated content covered in various categories:• Ancient History • Invention• Animal Kingdom • Mathematics• Arts & Music • Modern History• Civilization • Plant Kingdom• Earth & Space • Prehistoric• English • Religion• Environment • Science• General Knowledge • Social Studies• Health • Sports• How it began • Things are made of• Geography • Technology• Human Body • Weather & Climate
  21. 21. Setting Multimedia Labs: • Best Hardware at best price • Complete Networking • Set up of Projectors • After Sale support
  22. 22. Brand in CD-ROM segment.
  23. 23. Wide range of interactive CD ROM products for children.
  24. 24. Cocoon Right place to growFranchise kindergarten and day care schools
  25. 25. Cocoon Right place to grow Franchise Kindergarten and day care SchoolsChoosing a kindergarten is an important decision for parents, onethat sets the foundation for their childs education. Many factors,including curriculum, quality daycare and more, influence where aparent decides to send their child. As we are focus in our goal toprepare children for the future.
  26. 26. Differentiators Awaken the possibilities through nurturing, learning and fun. By blending these things together, we ensure that our students are constantly stimulated, constantly interested and constantly growing. The school that follows ‖NO BLACK BOARD‖ method of teaching. Cocoon believes in practical teaching and learning environment Lessons are designed that they can move from the classroom seats to outdoor fun and learn environment. Online Content that can be access from home. Wide range of CD-ROMs . Multimedia Class room powered by Kids Edu Club.
  27. 27. We propose:• Stable venture irrespective of economic cycles (as people do not compromise on education of their children).• The school structure developed from ‗International Best Practices‘.• Curriculum designed by the expert educationists of the R&D division.• Continuous monitoring & upgrading of the system as per the changing requirements.• Personalized support resulting in highest success rates in the franchise sector in India.• Increased awareness of parents about the importance to provide the best education to their children in the best schools.• Dynamic Portal maintained for each school branch at .
  28. 28. Support: Ensuring your success Our multi-step development process supports you through the steps of securing financing, site selection, construction, licensing, training, pre- launch and ramp-up.• Guidance in school design, incorporating best practices to build schools of tomorrow.• Assistance in procuring materials like equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardized specifications.• Advice on installation, maintenance and upgrading of IT hardware, software and systems.• Assistance by Franchisee Supervisors who will be the contact point for day-to- day queries.• Help to identify and recruit qualified staff for your school.• Regular training of the facilitators to ensure high standards of education.• Uniquely designed, ―Learning Modules‖.• Guidelines for launching the school, including publicity material and low-cost effective promotion schemes.• Advise on preparation and implementation of an Annual Marketing Plan.• Unique Parental Involvement Programs resulting in healthy community relations.• Comprehensive curriculum, which will be continuously researched and updated to give it a cutting edge.
  29. 29. Along with • 24/7 Telephone consultations with our franchisee support team. • Scheduled visits from Field Support Representatives. • Meetings, teleconferences and workshops designed to keep you informed and ahead of market needs.
  30. 30. Transition is a process…...NOT an Event!
  31. 31. With a vision to be India’s complete Educational Solution provider we have already working on new products and solutions.
  32. 32. Enterprise School ManagementThis Enterprise School Management Software is designedfor better interaction between students, teachers, parents &management. This management software very gracefullyhandles all the requirements for easy school management.The school management system being web based can beaccessed from anywhere in the world, which enables thestudents, teachers, parents & the management be in touchwith each other at all times.
  33. 33. Enterprise School Management (ESM) integrates School TeachersAdministration SMS Parents Students
  34. 34. Advantages:Right School Management Software can provide a great relief to the Schoolowners, principals, teachers, students, and parents to enhance theirperformance exponentially.ESM has been developed by the teachers and for the teachers, in order toease their day to day activities. It also provides greater visibility of all thefunctions, such as grading and attendance, and evaluation of reports at anypoint of the school year. At present, attendance, grading, lesson planning andother key activities are very tedious and time consuming and need to be donerepetitively. Moreover, Enterprise School Management (ESM) will prevent alloverheads, repetitive work, and provide you more time to focus on teaching orconstructive activities. This also helps to ensure that you have all the toolsneeded to effectively build a solid overall growth path for your students whilealso focusing on your own career.
  35. 35. Key differentiations from other EMS • Online Enterprise School Management (ESM) system which has all the possible functionalities to develop Strategy, tactical and Operational activities for key Stake holders from Enterprise level to local level. • Complete online access to all possible stakeholders (i.e. student, teacher, parent, administrator, etc). • Access to ESM from anywhere, at anytime, and through any infrastructure (Mac or Windows or any operating systems). • One database fully integrated with all possible functions within the complete Enterprise school system. • Extensive customizable alert messages for all stakeholders. • Parents can track all of their childrens activities including attendance, grading, special clubs, and achievement. • Online integration of academic curriculum and social calendars among the stakeholders (i.e. teacher, student, parent, administrator etc.) • Full customization to suit the needs of each school. • Multiple Schools and Multiple Session Management through single database.
  36. 36. Main Features/Modules• View/Take Attendance • School/Class Notices• Online Fee Submission/details • Online Group Chat• School time-table generator • Transport Management• Assignments• Lesson Planning• Report Cards• Homework• Alert Monitor• Disciplinary management• Tutorials (Integrated SmartEduClub)• Online Quiz• Calendar/Events• Appointments• Lesson Planning• Users Management• Discussion Forum• Internal Messaging System
  37. 37. Thank You for your time.