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LabGarage is the first open space gallery in Kiev. Its a descroption of our activity.

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Lab Garage Presentation Eng Off

  1. 1. LabGarage Gallery Kiev
  2. 2. How it started… LabGarage gallery was formed early in 2009 as a result of the collaboration of young artists who work on contemporary art projects , music , performance , lectures, cinema and literature. Collaboration process took place in a garage community located on Velyka Zhytomyrska street in downtown Kiev, Ukraine. As a result of planned building process on the place of garages, LabGarage was forced to find another place.
  3. 3. Concept The mission of LabGarage Gallery is to be an avantgarde, ad hoc art and social hub: Crisis gallery There are no illusions . Gallery is a supermarket of art . Art -c ounter . During the crisis a stall or a safe is enough . The logical evolution of a crisis trend is black market, barter, selling from underneath the counter . Non-stop gallery Being located comfortably in the recreational and historical part of the capital , the gallery gives a possibility of around- the - clock visitors’ contemplation of art objects . In order to keep the balance between permanent access to the expositions and ensuring safety to the exposed art pieces when the gallery is not open, the works can be seen and admired through the optical device in the door – the LabGarage peep-hole.. . Garage For today “garage” is a trend . LabGarage gallery is a new step in the evolution of gallery space that aims to create a dialogue with artists and cultural institutions all over the world.
  4. 4. Concept Gallery of openings The ergonomic principle of the gallery’s work, with the main accent on the opening of a project / exhibition, triggers emphasis on the other important element of our activities – “ opening” and discovering of new names , establishing new projects , dialogues and searching for new forms of expression. Association LabGarage is a minimal area for a maximum of cultural exchange, practice and collaboration. We initiate partnership with the widest range of representatives of art-world, from living legends to those who are making their first steps. Lectures, seminars, workshops, video-shows, literature evenings and other activities are an important part of our educational and reformative mission – Art to be.
  5. 5. Activities Labgarge Gallery maintains and develops such types of activities: Exhibitions – the Gallery offers room for contemporary art: collages, graphics, paintings, installations etc. “ Next step” – is a program of exhibitions for young artists, who are making their first steps in art creativity and searching their way. Music/performance – is a natural and constant activity of the gallery that accompanies almost every opening. Educational – lectures, master-classes and seminars of the “Evening School of Contemporary Art”. Film shows – entertaining and educational activity. Poetry evenings – reading of poetic compositions by authors and discussions with the auditory. This is not the final list of activities – it is very flexible and is being augmented all the time.
  6. 6. Accomplished projects “ Member of the society” – opening exhibition by Kashapov Boris also known as Andrusha Kremov (Ukraine). 13.03.2009 A blog project that is distributed by the artists in different spaces and includes street art, publications, fashion design, graphics. On the opening Andrusha Kremov presented some of the works from this project. Opening ended with a musical performance “T haw . Don Pedros Attacks” from punk - pani c eletroni c band “Penoplast”. Andrusha Kremov is a talented young artist, curator, author of publications about art, performance artist, participant of “Penoplast” performance and theatrical band, “icon of style”. More info about the artist – www.
  7. 7. Accomplished projects Andrusha Kremov
  8. 8. Accomplished projects “ A quatrain of blank verse ” by Viktor Kharkevich (Ukraine). 01.04.2009 Viktor is a young talented artist with his own perception of creativity and style reflected in his paintings. Viktor Kharkevich
  9. 9. Accomplished projects “ On the wall” by Zhanna Kadyrova – successful young artist (Ukraine) and Maya&Most (Russia). 25.04.2009 The theme of exhibition played with the perception of the notion “graffiti”. Zhanna Kadyrova’s work presented graffiti made from facing tile – the material on which graffiti is usually placed on, and Maya&Most painted graffiti work on the canvas and neglected the spontaneous nature of graffiti. Opening was accompanied with live guitar performance of the musicians – Dima Hardtennis, Dima Moiseev and others. More info about Zhanna Kadyrova: More info about Maya&Most: ,
  10. 10. Accomplished projects Zhanna Kadyrova
  11. 11. Accomplished projects Music performance
  12. 12. Accomplished projects “ Burzhuische, Burzhuj ische” by Artur Belozjorov (actor, performance artist, leader of “Penoplast” musical/theatrical project, LabGarage gallery’s founder), (Ukraine). 09.05.2009 Artur made an art tuning for an ordinary trash can. That gesture resists the overwhelming glamour materialistic phenomenon of Ukrainian society. Opening was accompanied with live performance of the musicians – “TopOrchestra”. Artur Belozjorov
  13. 13. Accomplished projects “ Burzhuische, Burzhuj ische”
  14. 14. Accomplished projects “ TopOrchestra”
  15. 15. Accomplished projects “ In Contact” by young artist Maria Pavlenko (Ukraine). 22.05.2009 Project is a graphical works that represent mostly police are telling about controlling system/network that we (Ukrainians) are in touch with. Thought it is not so obvious as being inside a social Internet network. More info about the artist - http:// / Maria Pavlenko
  16. 16. Accomplished projects “ In Contact”
  17. 17. Accomplished projects “ Return of Dima “The Pain” by performance artist and director Dima Moiseev (Ukraine). 01.06.2009 Project aims to restore the sexuality of an ordinary Ukrainian man. “Ukrainian man is Beautiful. Ukrainian man is Hot” – this is what seductive photos and risky live performance show are trying to say. Maria Pavlenko Dima Moiseev
  18. 18. Accomplished projects “ Pedestrian” by Ch & P: Sasha Chichkan, Alina Pivnenko (Ukraine). 22.07. 20 09 Labgarage presented " Pedestrian " project from Ch & Р junior. Young ladies showed the bright, gloss surr o undings that attracts driver's att e ntion and threatens unprotected pedestrian s on the zebra crossing. The o pening ended with Artur Belozjorov’s show - gloss and glamour rude destr u ction. Electric saw against the stack of fashion magazines .
  19. 19. Accomplished projects “ Pedestrian”
  20. 20. Accomplished projects Chainsaw: rude destr u ction of gloss and glamour
  21. 21. Accomplished projects “ TrolleyTram&Transp ” by Max Roganov, Nastya Ryabova (Russia). 06 .0 8 . 20 09 Everyday trips from point A to point B by public transport have become absolutely mundane activities , that evoke boredom or even hate to its attributes: sounds, colors and forms. In a private car, on the contrary, the owner is in charge of all interior details and look. These details are carefully considered, most of the effort is put into them. Obviously, this is the fetishization of means of transport. «TrolleyTram&Transp» is not an attempt to start the décor machine on the rotten institution of public transport. We are interested in working with the left-over material of the present, coloring it with the fantasies of the feasible. The interactive installation by Max Roganov covers the wall with the musical-synthetic labyrinth. The cacophony of sounds produced by the viewers themselves will flow out of the installation pipes. The graphics by Nastya Ryabova, burning with socialistic dreams, will provide the unstoppable nutrition of the space with dots and lines. Opening was accompanied with a musical performance by EnergyaddicktionTeam that t oo k place on the roof .
  22. 22. Accomplished projects “ TrolleyTram&Transp ”
  23. 23. Accomplished projects “ In the garage” by Ivars Gravlejs ( Latvia ), Camille Laurelli (France), Alisa Nikitinova (Chech Republic). 18 .0 8 . 20 09 All three of the artists live in different countries, and make decisions via text messaging. Every idea for some reasons turned out to be unattainable. The artists have decided to make an exhibition about their dreams of an exhibition, and to open the process of its creation to the viewer. After the opening visitors were entertained with music by DJ Mobilephone More about artists: Ivars Gravlejs - Camille Laurelli - Alisa Nikitinova – On 17 .0 8 . 20 09 artists sp o k e out before their exhibition opening
  24. 24. Gogolfest residention Gogolfest festifal took place on September 11- 27 in festival center “Mystetskiy Arsenal” (Kyiv). LabGarage gallery get resident status on this festival for the entire period. Visual works of the authors was located on the 2 nd flour, next to the concert stage. Musical part, poetic evenings and performances were held in the courtyard of the festival in non-stop regime. ( ). LabGarage on Gogolfest keep the concept of the gallery of openings and held the openings of young artists every day. The music program was scheduled in the same way. Also LabGarage keep the status of public space, installed to the Gogolfest and proposed to all talented artists freedom of presentation of their projects. Thanks to the open and democratic policy of collaborationism during the festival on the LabGarage territory a lot of new names, interesting projects and musical performances were presented.
  25. 25. Visual projects on Gogolfest « Breath of death » by А natoliy Slojko (Based On Air). Death became a good . But another thing is interesting . Author plays with visual semantic of the death, that connected with cigarette packs’ design. That play is to write something beautiful that this irreversible moment has in health warning frames of the cigarette’ packs. « Scalps » by А nn Frolova . Now there are not so many scalps that were clock ed up to the author. But in the nearest future, collection would be enriched. Occasionally, author switches to the exploration of coupling, partitioning and doing of different manipulations with shapes of things.
  26. 26. « There is no search cause everything wa found already » by Svatlana Shpachenko . All works are performed in a very simple manner – oil, Все работы, просты в своем исполнении - масло, canvas and total expressionism. “I never think of a painting before I finish it. I’s an affective state. I see something. Start to draw and that appears in the end impossible to foresee”. Visual projects on Gogolfest « That is life » by Mariana Delasa Different factors influencing on the society development now. Gradually such stereotypes like « tender woman », « manly man » and « monogamy love » are being demolished now . People value nature less, youth disregard their health and scientific progress eats moral values. Author wanted to depict something « good » and « warm », but didn’t find an inspiration for that .
  27. 27. « Because I want that way » by А rtem К repkij . А uthor presented series of graphic works. Artem is the member of united illustrators «ЦЕХ» ( Russia ). He illustrates «ШО» magazine . Visual projects on Gogolfest Photo-project "NEWSPEOPLE". Project was created during tattoo festival "TATTOO COLLECTION 2009". People-newspapers , humans body as informational space, that keeps information about surrounding. Reflection of time, that printed on the humans’ skin. Paricipants of the project: О lga Babich , Ма x Dunaevskiy , Dasha Lav .
  28. 28. « Together . Not . Sad .» by Viktoriya and Dmitry Ко rol . Main idea of the project — difficulty of communication . difficulty and discrepancy of the union of woman and man. Each of them say a phrase, that has at least two meanings. But, each of them is empty and has only pain of loneliness. . Visual projects on Gogolfest « Small voice of truth » by Gosha Vin Project addresses people, who zombing themselves day by day. Who don’t recognize the reality as it is, to those people, who think that they control themselves, but in reality, they live inertially.
  29. 29. Alina Kopitsa presented her youth stinging and a little bit naive work - “ C rossing". This work was made by her in 2000, when she was 16. Size 2х1.5, technique - collage . The work author made for two summer months, each night and evening till the morning. She has no friends, infatuation and she didn’t know what future will propose to her. This was the time for silence and work. Visual projects on Gogolfest Sewing of the carpet from roses with Alina Kopitsa из роз от Алины Копицы. А lina sewing carpet from roses – sounds like the plot of some fairy tale. During summer 2009 on the squares, streets, gardens, parks, pavements of the Kiev. She gathers ordinary passersby, punks, hippies, hackers, nationalists, employees, old aged and young people. The main idea of the project – creation of the shared field/space for communication of different people, that are united with creativity and work.
  30. 30. Show room of t-shirts by Sekta . Every month 1 0 artists create products according to the order of the Sekta . Sekta transforms art to the cult objects. For example – t-shirts, bags, accessories. Each product manufactures in limited edition and never repeats. Limited edition and authors authority determinate the future value of the products. Visual projects on Gogolfest « Siluets » by Musienko Eugene From Wikipedia « Siluete » - this is a measured with a cutout picture of something. Project « Siluets » in front – widens measures of stereotypes . In a word , bouquet can consist not only from flowers but also from objects (« Bouquet of Sirens »), hunger – not only of living beings (« Hunger of conscience»), а nd kisses – not obviously with lips (« Kisses of the torsos »). http ://
  31. 31. «Trip for gogol» by Sasha Smirnova All works are presented as a trip for Gogol , assuming his possible interest with the new age through the modern fine art. Visual projects on Gogolfest «ARS OBSCURA» by А nton Shmargovich Shapes that generated with the consciousness of the author can be described with such definitions as : а gnostic , chimeric pop -а rt ; deep subjectivism ; polychromic existential hedonism ; cyclic reincarnation of the personal happiness etc . While creating his works author feels himself like a demiurge in that original action of creation – that is his unique dimension .
  32. 32. Works by Eugenia Chajkovskaya The aim of the author – to involve the contemplator person to the play . It is the play of self contemplation and self-reflection. The game of thinking and creation. Visual projects on Gogolfest “ Pseudo-freedom " by Ко stya Ropaev Pseudo : prefix , that means которая означает un truthfulness and fake. Example : pseudoscience , pseudoscientist ( Based on that the author sees the pseudoworld that is not real and people in that world, that are lost and searching the real themselves. http :// / img_aa / large /1211/19/12111910.jpg
  33. 33. “ Recycled” by M.A.R.C.O In a playful , childish and naïve manner the author asks serious and nonchildish questions. Questions of the triptych that was presented in Labgarage on Gogolfest – where is the line between good and bad ? Where is the beginning of the transformation, transfer from one state to another ? Visual projects on Gogolfest « Constructions » by Ма ksym К rushevskiy Works are made in unusual manner with the great quantity of details. Each detail in this work is nonfiction but the working mechanism. “ Constructions " can be not only a graphic works but a really existed devises. This is dedicated to the technological maniacs.
  34. 34. Project by Ulanovskiy Stanislav One of the most famous characters of the author – this is man : character , habits , thoughts , mood . Uniqueness of the moment he living. The most special feature of the author – desire to watch deeper and study the model and to show its real essence to the spectator. Visual projects on Gogolfest « In his head » by Marina Chizh and Maja Zingel Works from 3 projects : « In his head » ( common project by Marina and Maja ), « Vajamba » and « Virginal sun » ( projects by Marina ). http :// / photo /3
  35. 35. Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest « Empty place » by А lexandr К islitsyn – djing , Ivanna Tsebenko – vocal . Music – minimal chill and minimal lounge, text improvisations – some words or sentences, that repeat. Creation of hypnotic effect, when worlds loose their habitual meaning. Audio-visual show by Based On Air (А natoliy Sloyko ) “Just a perfect day”. ( http :// / ) Musical - choreograph ic lecture by Anatoliy Sloyko « Evolution of the consciousness ». «Romchai» – guitar master-class . Dub trance «Sunshine constructors». К araoke by Serge God Brother and Volodya Makar .
  36. 36. Leo Melofon. Age : 26 Gender : man Main activity : cinema Mаn, melo Man. Collect author's cinema and experimantal animation . More info : http :// / leomelofon Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest Tape Dealers bj-performance quartet ( Kiev, Ukraine ), participants are – master of brain-crushing recitative voice commander - Ras Detective, free experimental artist and crazy performan c er – Elf and Jupiter , musician and tapes manipulator — Mr. Morozis and vj digitalist — К. Т. Ljiubomirovich .
  37. 37. "The Agnostic faces [Anthony JUNKOID&Trash Your Self] N ew, obscure, atmosphere, cosmic disco, dark disco. Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest Serge Kamelin aka DJ Housemaster Dub/Trip hop Professional musician , dj , soundman from 1997. Main conception – harmonic synthesis of electronic and acoustic sound . More info http :// .
  38. 38. dj T ima K alashnikov: Nu jazz/Balkan beat. Real meloman and jazz hooligan, main and train/ In the list of achievements of this dj can be included – participation in Jazz Koktebel festival 2008, own program on “ Renaissance “ radio , residence in “Cinema " club and non of alcoholic drinks in the bar to the end of the parties in different clubs of the country. Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest Timur Basha - dj set The Man & The Plant - live set / Структура т.о.р. & Ras Detective Midi8 - live set Natalia Bogachkova - sculpture live Lera Tarasenko – fine art live Ballet Т ema 3 – moves of life live
  39. 39. Dunaewsky Jam Session Very productive musician , multi - instrumentalist and bright performer А lexander Gladun , that stands behind nick Dunaewsky69, is one of the biggest names of the Ukrainian electronic stage . Со founder and participant of the International festival of the experimental music “ Detali zvuka ". http :// http :// /dunaewsky69 Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest "То pOrchestra " – is wide known in Kiev musical phenomenon. It consists mainly from Moldavian gypsies and Odessa Jewish. Also there are Turkish people and even Ukrainians. Bessarabia, Turkish and klezmer styles mixed here with kolomyiki and this soup goes the Russian pop-music and Odessa chanson – music of our childhood. http :// / toporkestra
  40. 40. DJ Binghi was founder of Good Vibez for organization of trance parties with a unique chill-out zone, where inst е ad of habitual electronic pop good quality dub and ethnical electronic with live percussionists, vargan, djrida was played . This moment he promotes new Banda Arkan, smoky mix of gutsul dub, balkan music, gypsi and klezmer and other folk music. http :// / djbinghi Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest BlackLazer it’s a group of people, who’s musical instruments became : KORG composers , realized on Nintendo DS platform . They write their tracks independently and when they play together they create the one and whole.
  41. 41. Jah Rap League – rep group from Dnepropetrovsk , that exists from 1998. Style consists of word к ung-fu and the range of spontaneous associations , abstract form of the verse and transformed music, « black » humor , parental advisory, old-shcool rap_9195, raggamuffina, and local courtyard folk . Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest National project “ RYTMY ZHYTTYA ” – aimed to popularize the drum culture in Ukraine and to gain attention of the society to a new methods of problem solving and healthy life-style. http :// / rhythms_life / http :// / site / rhythmslife /
  42. 42. Bikfordov band they were organized in 2005. Founders - Мi k а Chuev and I гор Duganets . Sympathies of the musicians : britbands of 60 s , Miyazaki animation , eastern theosophy , contrast shower with further going out to the open air etc . http :// / bikfordov Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest Dalibuddha – band experiments and creates interesting live sound with compiling of different styles and trends – from lounge with ethno motives and jazz improvization to electropop with fank and even funeral boogie of 70 s . Paricipants : Jura Bonifadze - bass, acoustic guitar, back-vocals, arrangements; Illya Klimov - arrangements, sound production, keyboard; Dzhelsomino - electric guitar, back vocals; А ida Shine - vocal, lyrics". http :// / dallibuddha
  43. 43. Music / inetractive projects on Gogolfest Lo-Fi Kitchen Unsynchronized – improvizational trio , that explore musical space on the edge of different styles . From conservative minimalism to fountainous emotions of free-jazz , from asceticism of early electronic to a от аскетизма ранней электроники до fanciful constructions, inspirated with prog-rock . Membership LFKU: Stanislav "beaver" Bobritsky [ keyboard ], Та ras Jakobchuk [ guitar ]. Bojko А ndrew [ vocal ]. http ://
  44. 44. Poetic projects on Gogolfest « Songs of the whale s ». Poet alike whale – both they singing incomprehensible , but beautiful songs . In a similar way as whale’s extinction happens, the extinction of poets as a cultural strata happening. We are talking not about total dying, but the weights of the poetry as a social instruments decrease significantly. LabGarage ’s territory on the Gogolfest became the conservation area for a free exploration of the poets in their natural environment. « Publicator » by Е ugene German , Kiev SPAM Publicator is a literature site that counts near 5 000 of a constant readers . Site has its own style and character of comments. Site published its own anthology – SPAM and presented it .
  45. 45. Summery of LabGarage work on Gogolfest LabGarge is known with its implacably seething activity on Gogolfest 2009. Thus , for the whole period of the festival, gallery presented quality and interesting visual and interactive projects of 20 artists , that were unknown to the wide auditory in Ukraine . And also , 19 musical - performance projects were presented and 2 poetic projects with participation of 21 poets. In total – 41 cultural projects were presented . LabGarage‘s activity was distinguished with diversity, openness and wide coverage of presented styles and trends as of artists so of musicians . Positive moment is the high level of response of creative personalities to present their best projects on the festival on LabGarage’s territory. This fact tells about existence of the wide strata of unknown today creative activity of young people and opens a great space for future activity. Among presented projects especially were noted such components of creativeness as: experiment, search, exploration, compilation of different styles and trends to born something new, play, improvisation. Also artists performed readiness to interpret their creative activity and share it with others.
  46. 46. Education LabGarage proposes extra important for Ukrainian culture educational programm “Evening school of contemporary art ” coordinated by Nikita Kadan. 10.07.09 – lecture # 1 by Nikita Kadan. Topic – “Critic of the System/Being the part of the System”. Questions to discuss – Does art realise its critical potential within the institutional system? Can art exist out of the System? Is art an institutional phenomenon? Are there diffrent systems of art? 24.07.09 – lecture # 2 by Nikita Kadan about the communality in art. Speaker talked about art groups and communities. Local schools, interdisciplinary art communities, marginal groups, international networks with a common basis, groups that create a “collective author” or those being an instrument for individual practice. 26.08.09 - lecture # 3 by Vladyslav Goldakovskiy “ Architectural utopias and the city of the future “ - the excursus to the history of architectural utopias and discussion of the possible ways of the development of the cities.
  47. 47. Education, coordinator of the program Nikita Kadan – artist, participant of R.E.P. group, participant in many exhibition projects, co-curator of exhibitions. Publications about art: « Khudozhestvennyj zhurnal » ( Moscow ), Framework (Helsinki), Prostory ( Kyiv ) . Founder and editor of an online newspaper “ZOMBI” ( in collaboration with Inga Zimprich and Zonke Halmann) .
  48. 48. Film shows “ That Man: Peter Berlin ” documentary by Jim Tushinski, portrays the photographer, filmmaker, model, and gay sex icon Peter Berlin (USA, 2005). “ Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! ” Exploitation film directed by Russ Meyer . The film features gratuitous violence , sexuality , provocative gender roles , and campy dialogue. It has become a cult film favorite and has been widely referred to in pop culture . Entertainment Weekly ranked the film #15 on their list of "The Top 50 Cult Films". ( USA , 1965 )
  49. 49. Film shows “ The Girl on the Bridge ”, directed by Patrice Leconte , starring Daniel Auteuil and Vanessa Paradis . The love story of two lonely souls which have together managed to reach unknown heights . (France, 1999) “ Oleg Kulik: Challenge And Provocation ” i s the first film in Evgeny Mitta ’s and Alexander Shein's big film project "Anthology of Modern Art ”. Film tells about the creative activity of Oleg Kulik, who is one of the most popular russian artist on the world art scene. (Russia, 2008).
  50. 50. Concerts “ Stinx” band concert gathered near 150 visitors
  51. 51. Concerts
  52. 52. Art Sales On 28.08.09 - 30.08.09 the first art-sale in LabGarage took place. It was garage sale of all the treasures we have collected. You c ould buy unique objects for almost nothing or trade your own things – a flea market is not for income’s sake, it is a communication act, a chance to have a good time, and to feel like an antiquarian. Anyone could c ome and bring their friends .
  53. 53. LabGarage is broadly supported <ul><li>Journalists (Dasha Shapovalova, Olga Klinkinberg, Alisa Lozhkina, Irena Karpa Mariya Khruschak) </li></ul><ul><li>Artists, Writers (Zhanna Kadyrova, Nikita Kadan, Aleksandr Rojtburd, Ilja Chichkan) </li></ul><ul><li>Art Critics, gallerists (Eugene Bereznitsky, Ljudmila Bereznitskaya, Tatiana Filevska, Lucy Komarnitskaya, Viktoriya Burlaka ) </li></ul><ul><li>Journals, Newspapers, Websites, Bloggers (TOP 10, Afisha, Kyiv Art Academy, creatifff ) </li></ul><ul><li>Diplomats, politicians (Je rzy Onu c h , Aleksa Godska) </li></ul><ul><li>Financial world ( Edoardo Dubini ) </li></ul><ul><li>Socialites, celebrities, TV actors, directors (Kazbek Bektursunov, Vasilisa Frolova, Aleksandr Shapiro, Aurora Ogorodnyk) </li></ul><ul><li>Premises provided by Aleksa & Bas Godska </li></ul><ul><li>We proud to have 600 friends in Facebook and 250 in LiveJournal constantly growing communities. </li></ul>
  54. 54. Planed activities in LabGarage <ul><li>LabGarage plans to make 2 openings per month and 2 additional events that can be presentations, lectures, master-classes, film shows, concerts etc. </li></ul><ul><li>LabGarage will organize several big openings with famous foreign artists in the nearest future. </li></ul>
  55. 55. LabGarage team <ul><li>Artur Belozerov </li></ul><ul><li>Aleksa Godska </li></ul><ul><li>Viktoriya Prokopchuk </li></ul><ul><li>Boris Ка shapov </li></ul><ul><li>Nikita Kadan </li></ul><ul><li>Denis Nikitenko </li></ul><ul><li>Zhanna Ка dyrova </li></ul><ul><li>Eugene Jukhimovich </li></ul><ul><li>Т imofei Ка lashnikov </li></ul><ul><li>Ко stya Ка lachikov </li></ul>
  56. 56. Publications in Internet http:// /catalog/?id=249;jsessionid=4DB54EE3C1BC537B1B1FF9BC6EEF24BE?mustWords=%D0%B7%D0%BC%D1%96&searchPublishing=1 http:// = com_content&task = view&id =1025&Itemid=1 =57768976&c=1 http:// = com_content&view = article&id =459:a-short-guide-to-contemporary-art-in-ukraine&catid=111:articles&Itemid=68
  57. 57. Контакты галереи LabGarage K иев , ул. Ивана Мазепы, 17 . [email_address] LabGarage Garage Labgarage Labgarage