2013 RTD Action Plan Citizens Academy


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2013 RTD Action Plan Citizens Academy

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2013 RTD Action Plan Citizens Academy

  1. 1. Citizens’ Academy – 2013‐01    Individual Action Plan Development Worksheet    Please be as specific as possible in the development of your Action Plan as this will help ensure your success!      Be prepared to present your action plan in class on April 10 or April 17.  To receive your Academy Certificate of Completion, you must e‐mail your  completed Action Plan (this document) to Kathleen at kosher@transitalliance.org by no later than April 17, 2013.       NAME: ____Lisa Amidon__________  Overall Action Plan Goal   (What am I going to do?)  Tactics   (How am I going to implement my Action Plan Goal?)  Timeline   (When will I accomplish my tactics?)    My overall goal is to assist RTD with  developing lifelong transit system riders.  Learning to rely on public transit to get  around at an early age sets the stage for  continued lifelong use.     Youth in their teens are heavily  dependent on public transport in cities  with established mass transit systems. I  would like to assist RTD in cultivating  their future ridership by proactively  providing positive transit experiences to  youth.    My aim is to get kids familiar with using  public transportation to connect with  their community.    Present to RTD & Work with RTD to assist/facilitate in the  establishment of the following:   Station & Place of Interest List    Strategic Partnerships    Strategic Sponsorships  12‐24 Months    Set‐up a meeting with Director Larry Hoy as my  representative for District J on the RTD Board of Directors to  obtain his “buy‐in”.  Within Three (3) Months (By August 2013)  720‐295‐4696  larry.hoy@rtd‐denver.com  Touch base with RTD Director Bill James –  I am an active  member of his James Real Estate Services, Inc. LinkedIn  group—Real Estate and Transportation. I would like to  obtain his “buy‐in” and influence.  Within Three (3) Months (By August 2013)  Bill James – RTD District A Director  303‐316‐6768    Set‐up a meeting with Pauletta Tonilas  RTD FasTracks Public Information Manager  303‐299‐2469 (office)  Following the meeting with Larry Hoy, I  will set‐up a meeting with Pauletta  Tonilas .   303‐299‐2469  pauletta.tonilas@rtd‐fastracks.com 
  2. 2.   Action Plan Outcome(s)  Measure(s) of Success (How will I know if I am successful?)  Meetings  Getting the meetings set up and held would be the first measure of success.  DPSD Meeting  Getting a meeting with the appropriate person would be the first measure of success.  Getting their “buy‐in” to assist in the approach with RTD would be the second measure of  success.  Organic Growth within RTD  I would view any influence on RTD in regard to my action plan as a positive measure of  success.  This may be a slow‐going process; however, it may also take on a life of its own.  Many other cities have ongoing programs with youth, schools, etc. and I am going to utilize  this information as a part in the influence for my action plan.    BENEFITS  RIDERS:  Positive youth ridership experience which may lead to developing a “lifer”  RTD:  A mindset of fiscal and community responsibility with a focus on cultivating future  revenues through youth ridership programs  DENVER:  Awareness of Destination Spots, promotion for the city and businesses        NOTE:  Please save the file with your first and last name followed by 2013‐01.    Example:  KathleenOsher2013‐01.doc    Denver Public Schools  In the process of finding out who is the  correct contact to approach at the school  district. It may be best to approach  toward the end of the school year as  they are starting planning for the next  year.    
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  4. 4. Individual Action Plan - Amidon Overall Goal GOAL My overall goal is to assist RTD with developing lifelong transit system riders. Learning to rely on public transit to get around at an early age sets the stage for continued lifelong use. My aim is to get kids familiar with using public transportation to connect with their community. ♦♦ Educate young riders on how to use public transportation within the City and County of Denver and the connections to the greater metropolitan area. ♦♦ Fixed-route bus system ♦♦ Light Rail System ♦♦ Circulator Bus CULTURE EXPERIENCE INGENUITY CONVENIENCE CREATIVITY FLEXIBILITY
  5. 5. Individual Action Plan - Amidon PROGRAM STRATEGY “Easy Rider” Program ♦♦ Present transit for what it is, a way to easily get around the city from Point A to Point B. It is just part of the day out to the museum, park, etc, Transit is an easy an convenient way to move, not the destination. Education on how to use is just part of the day to the museum, zoo, Capitol Building, etc. The aim is to illustrate the ease of transit – the simplicity public transit provides you in getting to where you are going. Urban Race Scavenger Hunt ♦♦ Participatory involvement in a scavenger hunt to places of interest where teams use public transit to solve clues leading them to their next destination. Teams compete for prizes. Registration similar to an Urban Race where all participants receive a day transit pass, a t-shirt, etc. Denver’s New City The association between driving a car and being independent is fairly common. However, youth in their teens are heavily dependent on public transport in cities with established mass transit systems. It is often their only way to reach school, working places, sports facilities and other loca- tions. Transit provides youth that freedom to get to where the fun exists. Want to go to the new skate park? There’s a bus stop across the street. Want to spend the day watching the Colorado Rockies? A kid could get most anywhere in the area in an hour by bus, light rail, or shuttle.
  6. 6. Individual Action Plan - Amidon Tactics SET INITIAL RTD MEETING ♦♦ Present to RTD & Work with RTD ♦♦ Station & Place of Interest List ♦♦ Strategic Partnerships ♦♦ Strategic Sponsorships STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS ♦♦ Partnerships: ♦♦ Denver County Public Schools: Partner with local school districts and supporting organizations to utilize transit to reach significant cultural and historical destinations ♦♦ Community Organizations (Transit & Youth): Possibly establish partnerships allowing Discounted fare cost refund for school activities (i.e. Field Trips). Partner opportunities through youth transit associations, grants, etc. ♦♦ Sponsorships: ♦♦ Local, Regional, and National Businesses: Sponsor and/or participate in events, field trips, etc.
  7. 7. Individual Action Plan - Amidon Program Components PRESENT TO RTD ♦♦ Proactive “How To Use Transit” Educational Program For Teachers & Schools: ♦♦ Educational modules (available on-line) which would possible include: ♦♦ Safety ♦♦ How to Ride ♦♦ Paying a Fare ♦♦ Navigating the urban landscape ♦♦ Code of Conduct ♦♦ Station & Place of Interest List ♦♦ Field Trip Incentive ♦♦ Strategic Sponsorships PRESENT TO DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT ♦♦ Utilize transit to reach significant cultural and historical destinations ♦♦ Facilitate RTD and DPS meeting
  8. 8. Individual Action Plan - Amidon TIMELINE CULTURE EXPERIENCE INGENUITY CONVENIENCE CREATIVITY FLEXIBILITY PROCESS Market Evaluation Initial Meeting (RTD) Dialogue & Partnerships Engagement DECISON The timeline illustrates how I aim to obtain tangible results. Given the scope of the project, the project’s timing is based on a 12-24 month period to allow for my plan to organically take on a life of its own. Decision Execution Strategic Planning
  9. 9. Individual Action Plan - Amidon WHY PUBLIC TRANSIT? BENEFITS ♦♦ RIDERS: Positive youth ridership experience which may lead to developing a “lifer” ♦♦ RTD: a mindset of fiscal and community responsibility with a focus on the future ♦♦ DENVER: Awareness of Destination Spots, promotion for the city and businesses