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  1. 1. LONDON 6èC
  2. 2. The Tower of London was built in 1066 by William the conquerer.He built to protect himself from the angry English, they were not happy that a French man ruled England.Years later king Richard built another stone wall around the white Tower and dug a moat. Albert Manzanares Frederic Oliva Tower bridge crosses the river Thames. It took two years to build, and it is 800 feet long. It was designed by the architect Horace Jones. Feature of the bridge is that it can be opened so that big ships can go down the river. Tower bridge opens 500 times a year. London Bridge The Tower of London
  3. 3. The Big Ben was built in 1856 by John Warmer and Sons. It's 96,3 meters high and 15 meters wide. It weights 13 tons. It's in Bridge street. Also called the Big Bell Westminster. This clock is a symbol representing London. BIG BEN By Alba and Laia Remember!! You can also say Big Bell Westminster
  4. 4. London Zoo <ul><li>London zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo founded over 180 years ago.It's in Regent's park. In fact there are more than 12.000 animals: elephants, hippos, giraffes, koalas, penguins, snakes, gorillas, dolphins...
  5. 5. The charge of the ticket of a kid is 13,70 pounds and for an adult is 17,20 pounds. </li></ul>By Yasmina and Tania
  6. 6. The Buckingham palace is the official London residence of the British queen.In the palace lived lots of Kings and Queens. The Buckingham palace is the most visited in London. It was built in 1703 and finished in 1826. It is 30m. high. In Buckingham place there are guards that change every day. By Eduard and Jordi
  7. 7. <ul><li>People in London like the shops. In Oxford Street there are more than 200 shops. Many shops in London are Westfield London. The oldest shop is The Little Green Shop in Cornhill. The biggest shoe shop is the Shoe Galleries. The cheapest shop is the ''Meridiano 180''. </li></ul>The Little Green Shop The Shoe Galleries By: Paula and Marina SHOPS The Oxford Street
  8. 8. The British Museum is a museum of human and culture in London The British Museum was established in 1759. It´s the most important museum in the UK and this is a museum Of interesting things: egipcian objects, roman ruins... Gerard and Marc The British Museum
  9. 9. <ul><li>It's a very famous wheel. In summer 8,5 milions of people visit it.
  10. 10. By: Júlia Fornos and Megan Leno </li></ul><ul><li>It's 135 metres high.
  11. 11. The tickets cost 22,00 for adults and kids 12,00, private capsule 557,00.
  12. 12. It takes 30 minuts to make a full turn. </li></ul>London Eye
  13. 13. -In London the buses are red and have two floors. -The taxis are black. -The tube is the most important transport in London and today There are more than 200 stations and It's the longest tube in the world. -There's a submarine train that connects the UK with France. The journey lasts 35 minutes. It's the second longest submarine train in the world and it's 50,5Km long, 39Km are underwater. You can buy the tickets in a machine. BY: Bastian and Miriam. Transports of London
  14. 14. LON DON PARKS <ul><li>The Royal parks of London are lands originally.
  15. 15. The Royal Parks is an organisation within UK Government that manages the eight Royal Parks and certain other areas of garden and parkland in London. Omayma and Hajhra </li></ul>