Twitter API's par Pascal Alberty, CTO de TweetWallPro


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Conférence FeWeb - 04/06/2013
Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

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Twitter API's par Pascal Alberty, CTO de TweetWallPro

  1. 1. Twitter APIKeys for creating an awesome application !
  2. 2. Pascal Alberty@zorrobiwanCTO Managing Partner
  3. 3. Twitter Dev Ecosystem● Twitter success○ Thanks Dev Community !● API○ September 2006○ Very complete○ Open○ Free
  4. 4. The APIs● APIs○ Search API○ REST API○ Streaming API○● Versions○ API version 1 (almost deprecated)○ API version 1.1
  5. 5. Resources )
  6. 6. Authentication● OAuth○ Each API request must be authorized○ Access token on behalf of a Twitter user● Obtaining access token○ Sign in with Twitter○ 3-legged OAuth○ Pin based OAuth○○ ...
  7. 7. Declare your application
  8. 8. Rate limiting● Rate limit window duration○ 15 minutes● Requests allotted○ per user○ via application-only auth● Example○ GET statuses/user_timeline○ per user: 150 requests per 15 minutes○ via app: 300 requests per 15 minutes
  9. 9. Other technical limits● Direct messages○ 250 per day● Tweets○ 1,000 per day○ Retweets are counted as Tweets.● Changes to account email○ Four per hour● Following○ 1,000 per day● Following (account-based)○ up to following 2,000 other users
  10. 10. Platform objects● Tweets can be found alone, within user objects, butmost often within timelines● Users can be found tweeting, following, andfavoriting on Twitter● Entities are most often found within Tweets● Places can be found throughout the natural universe,but typically only appear attached to Tweets on Twitter
  11. 11. Objects type● JSON !● XML output will be dropped soon○ Only JSON output with API 1.1● Be careful with ids (64 bits)○ use String version (especially if using Javascript)○ Twitpocalypse■○ Idpocalypse■
  12. 12. Tweet Example
  13. 13. User example
  14. 14. Entities / Entity Example● Hashtags, Medias, URLs, User mentions,Symbols● No need to parse● Data used for display also (ex: display_url)
  15. 15. Place example
  16. 16. Libraries● PHP○ Twitter-async (○ tmhOAuth (○ Zend Framework (● Java○ Twitter4J (
  17. 17. Tools● Twurl○○ "curl" for Twitter API○ Manage access tokens (authentication)● Apigee Console○○ Free console to execute APIs
  18. 18. Search API● Similar to● Criteria○ terms○ geocode○ language ("Language detection is best-effort")○ count, until, since-id, max-id○ result type: mixed, recent, popular○ include entities● Paginated !○ you have to manage this by yourself
  19. 19. REST API● Timelines● Tweets● Direct Messages● Friends & Followers● Users● Suggested Users● Favorites● Lists● Saved Searches● Places & Geo● Trends● Spam Reporting● OAuth● Help
  20. 20. Streaming API● Persistent HTTP connection○ until you decide to close it● Could be reeeeaaaaaaally huge !○ Think about you architecture (hard and soft) !○ Separate storage and consumption● Only one stream opened at a time● Could be tricky to managed○ Use a library
  21. 21. Streaming API endpoints groups● Public Streams○ GET statuses/sample○ POST statuses/filter○ GET statuses/firehose (limited access)● User Streams○ Data and events for a specific user● Site Streams (beta and limited access)○ Real time update for large number of users
  22. 22. Twitter APIKeys for creating an awesome application !