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  • 1. Twet ProjectLiviu Pavelescu – MISS1, gr 2Florin Asavei – MISS2, gr 1
  • 2. What is Twet?• Twet is a project surrounding each users point of interest• A point of interest can be anything, from object, animal, people to even ideas• The project facilitates people’s need to always be updated with what everyone is saying
  • 3. Components• The process of developing this application consists of the following: ▫ Working with WordNet’s database ▫ Connecting results taken from Web services ▫ Creating the GUI using Silverlight
  • 4. WordNet’s Database• WordNet offers besides an extensive downloadable database, a desktop application and even a web service for the user• Queries the data was made using sqarql and a library for C#
  • 5. RDF example• <rdf:RDF• xmlns:rdf="&rdf;"• xmlns:rdfs="&rdfs;"• xmlns:wn20instances="&wn20instances;"• xmlns:wn20schema="&wn20schema;"• xml:lang="en-US">• <rdf:Description rdf:about="&wn20instances;synset-aborning-adjective-1">• <wn20schema:similarTo rdf:resource="&wn20instances;synset-emergent- adjectivesatellite-1"/>• <wn20schema:similarTo rdf:resource="&wn20instances;synset-parturient- adjectivesatellite-2"/>• </rdf:Description>• <rdf:Description rdf:about="&wn20instances;synset-dying_a_-adjective-1">• <wn20schema:similarTo rdf:resource="&wn20instances;synset-last- adjectivesatellite-6"/>• <wn20schema:similarTo rdf:resource="&wn20instances;synset-moribund- adjectivesatellite-2"/>• </rdf:Description>
  • 6. Collecting data from the Internet• In order to always stay in touch with the latest news, we chose Twitter as the main project’s web service, but also GeoCode (from Google Maps) and Flickr API to improve the search parameters• Connecting to each REST-API was made using WebClient C# class
  • 7. Twitter API page
  • 8. Creating the interface• For creating an interesting GUI, Silverlight was chosen as the platform• Silverlight is a platform developed by Microsoft to create web applications offering a great pallette of components and an easy to use IDE.
  • 9. Graphical User Interface
  • 10. How to use the application• 1. Enter what you want to search• 2. Press search• 3. Refine your search using the advance properties